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by Brocade
Product Line: Brocade Data Center Switching
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The ED-DCX8510-4B Brocade features an 8U chassis accommodating four horizontal switching blades and supports up to 256 Fibre Channel ports, offering a range of line speeds from 4.25 Gb/s to 16 Gb/s, full duplex, to accommodate evolving network demands. It boasts an impressive aggregate chassis bandwidth of 4.1 Tb/s, with 512 Gb/s bandwidth per slot, and maintains fibre latency as low as 700 ns for locally switched ports, ensuring efficient data transfer across the network. Designed for high availability, it includes 2N redundancy with hot swappable power supplies, cooling fans, control processors, port blades, and optics, alongside non-disruptive firmware upgrades, making it a reliable solution for critical network infrastructure.

Key Feature for the ED-DCX8510-4B

  • What is the maximum number of Fibre Channel ports supported by the chassis?
  • Up to 256 ports.

  • How does the 8U chassis accommodate switching blades?
  • The 8U chassis supports four horizontal switching blades.

  • What are the performance capabilities of the ports in terms of line speed?
  • Ports support 4.25 Gb/s, 8.50 Gb/s, 10.53 Gb/s, and 16Gb/s line speeds, all full duplex.

  • Can you detail the aggregate chassis bandwidth?
  • The aggregate chassis bandwidth is 4.1 Tb/s per chassis, including 192 ports x 16Gb/s data rate + 1.024 Tb/s ICL bandwidth.

  • What is the bandwidth available per slot?
  • Each slot has a bandwidth of 512 Gb/s.

  • What are the latency figures for locally switched ports and blade-to-blade communication?
  • Locally switched ports have a latency of 700 ns, while blade-to-blade latency is 2:1 microseconds.

  • What is the maximum frame size supported?
  • The maximum frame size is a 2,112-byte payload.

  • Discuss the hot swappable components of the system.
  • Components include 2N redundancy, power supplies, cooling fans, control processors, port blades, and optics, all hot swappable.

  • What optional features are available for this networking hardware?
  • Optional features include FCiP for SAN Extension, ICL Kit, and FIPS Compliance Kit.

  • How is management access provided for the system?
  • Management access is through Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition, 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ-45) per control processor, a serial port (RJ-45), and one USB per control processor module.

Product Review

The Brocade ED-DCX8510-4B offers a high-density design with an 8U chassis supporting up to 256 Fibre Channel ports, providing ample connectivity options for large-scale network environments. Its performance capabilities, ranging from 4.25 Gb/s to 16 Gb/s line speed, alongside an aggregate chassis bandwidth of 4.1 Tb/s, cater to demanding data throughput requirements. However, its considerable size and weight, coupled with the necessity for a controlled operating environment (0°C to 40°C and 20% to 80% RH non-condensing), may limit deployment flexibility in space-constrained or varied temperature settings.


The Brocade ED-DCX8510-4B is a high-performance networking hardware designed for extensive data center environments, offering advanced capabilities for managing large-scale storage area networks. This device comes in an 8U chassis capable of housing four horizontal switching blades, providing a compact yet powerful solution for data throughput and connectivity. One of the key features of the ED-DCX8510-4B is its support for up to 256 Fibre Channel ports, allowing for significant expansion and flexibility in network design. This device supports multiple line speeds including 4.25 Gb/s, 8.50 Gb/s, 10.53 Gb/s, and 16 Gb/s, all operating at full duplex to ensure optimal performance and data integrity. The aggregate chassis bandwidth can reach up to 4.1 Tb/s per chassis, combining 192 ports at a 16Gb/s data rate with an additional 1.024 Tb/s ICL bandwidth, making it suitable for the most demanding data environments.
  • Bandwidth per slot is rated at 512 Gb/s, ensuring high-speed data transfer across all ports.
  • Fabric latency is minimized with locally switched ports at 700 ns, and blade-to-blade latency at 2:1 microseconds, optimizing speed and efficiency in data communication.
  • Maximum frame size supported is a 2,112-byte payload, accommodating a wide range of data types and sizes for flexible network operations.
Hot swappable components are a critical aspect of the ED-DCX8510-4B design, featuring 2N redundancy with hot swappable power supplies and cooling fans, redundant (active/standy) control processors, hot swappable port blades, and optics. This ensures maximum uptime and reliability, allowing for maintenance or upgrades without disrupting network operations. Optional features available for the ED-DCX8510-4B include FCiP for SAN Extension, an ICL Kit for enhanced inter-chassis connectivity, and a FIPS Compliance Kit for secure data transmission, adding to the device's versatility in different network environments. Management access is streamlined through integration with Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition, providing robust control and monitoring capabilities. Each control processor is equipped with a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, a serial port, and one USB port for comprehensive management options. Firmware upgrades are designed to be non-disruptive, allowing for seamless updates without impacting network performance. Physically, the ED-DCX8510-4B measures 43.74 cm in width, 35.00 cm in height (plus an additional 4.37 cm exhaust shelf), and has a depth of 61.19 cm without the door (73.20 cm with the door). It supports a dynamic allocation of frame buffers, offering 8192 per 16-port group on 32-port blades and up to 8192 per 24-port group on 48-port blades. The operating temperature range is from 0°C to 40°C, with a non-operating temperature range from -25°C to 70°C. Relative humidity tolerance is from 20% to 80% RH non-condensing when operating, and from 10% to 93% at 70°C for non-operating and storage conditions. The weight of a fully populated 192 port configuration is approximately 68.04 kg, while the chassis alone weighs 25.76 kg. In summary, the Brocade ED-DCX8510-4B is engineered to meet the needs of complex, high-demand network environments, providing a scalable, high-speed, and reliable solution for data center networking.


ModelBrocade ED-DCX8510-4B
Size8U enclosure, accommodates four horizontal blades
Fibre Channel PortsMaximum of 256 ports
Speeds Supported4.25, 8.5, 10.53, and 16 Gb/s, all full duplex
Total System Bandwidth4.1 Terabits per second for each chassis, combining 192 ports at 16 Gb/s and an additional 1.024 Tb/s for ICL
Bandwidth Per Slot512 Gigabits per second
LatencyLocal port switch latency of 700 ns; inter-blade latency up to 2 microseconds
Maximum Frame Size2,112 bytes payload capacity
Component RedundancyDual redundant, replaceable power supplies and fans; active/standby control processors; exchangeable port blades and optics
Expansion OptionsSAN Extension over FCiP, ICL Enhancement Kit, Compliance with FIPS
Management InterfacesIntegrated call-home feature, 10/100/1000 Ethernet and serial (RJ-45), USB on control processor module
Firmware ManagementSeamless download and activation of updates
Dimensions (Width)43.74 cm
Dimensions (Height)35.00 cm plus 4.37 cm for exhaust
Dimensions (Depth) without door61.19 cm
Dimensions (Depth) with door73.20 cm
Frame BuffersUp to 8192 per 16 or 24 port groups, dynamically allocated
Operating Temperature (Min)0°C
Operating Temperature (Max)40°C
Supported Media TypesShortwave Lasers up to 500 meters
Weight (Fully Populated)68.04 kg
Weight (Chassis Only)25.76 kg
Storage Temperature Range-25°C to 70°C
Humidity (Operating)20% to 80% RH at 40°C, non-condensing
Humidity (Non-operating)10% to 93% RH at 70°C, non-condensing

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