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by Brocade
Product Line: Brocade ICX 6610 Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The ICX6610-48-E Brocade switch features 48-port 1 GbE RJ45 and 8×1 GbE SFPP uplink ports, with an option to upgrade to 10 GbE. It offers 4×40 GbE stacking ports with an aggregated stacking bandwidth of 1,230 Gbps and supports up to 8 units per stack over a maximum distance of 150 m. With a switching capacity of 576 Gbps and a forwarding capacity of 432 Mpps at wire speed, this switch is designed to handle demanding network environments efficiently.

Key Feature for the ICX6610-48-E

  • What is the total switching capacity of the switch?
    The switching capacity is 576 Gbps.
  • How many 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ-45 ports does the switch include?
    It includes 48 ports.
  • Can the 1 GbE SFPP uplink ports be upgraded?
    Yes, the 8×1 GbE SFPP uplink ports can be upgraded to 10 GbE.
  • What is the maximum stacking distance supported between two switches?
    The maximum distance is 150 meters.
  • What are the power supply specifications?
    The switch has a 250 W power supply, with an option for a second, providing redundancy and load sharing.
  • How many units can be stacked together?
    Up to 8 units can be stacked.
  • What is the forwarding capacity of the switch?
    The forwarding capacity is 432 Mpps.
  • How many QSFP stacking ports are available?
    There are 4 40 Gbps QSFP stacking ports.
  • What is the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for this switch?
    The MTBF is 408,144 hours.
  • What are the dimensions and weight of the switch?
    Dimensions are 429 mm W × 406.4 mm D × 44 mm H, and it weighs 6.78 kg.

Product Review

The Brocade ICX6610-48-E switch offers a high switching capacity of 576 Gbps and a forwarding capacity of 432 Mpps, ensuring efficient data processing and wire-speed performance. With support for up to 8 units per stack and an aggregated stacking bandwidth of 1,230 Gbps, it allows for flexible and scalable network configurations. However, the initial configuration includes only a single 250 W power supply, which may necessitate an additional purchase for environments requiring redundant power for higher availability.


The Brocade ICX6610-48-E switch is designed to meet the demands of modern network environments, providing a high-performance, scalable, and resilient networking solution. This switch features 48 1 GbE RJ45 ports and 8 dual-mode 1/10 GbE SFP/SFP+ uplink ports, which can be upgraded to 10 GbE, offering flexibility and high-speed connectivity options for various network designs. Additionally, it is equipped with 4 40 GbE QSFP stacking ports, enhancing its capability to function within a stacked configuration that supports up to 8 units, thereby significantly increasing network capacity and simplifying management. The switch boasts a switching capacity of 576 Gbps and a forwarding capacity of 432 Mpps (million packets per second), ensuring efficient handling of data at wire speed across all ports. It also features an impressive aggregated stacking bandwidth of 1,230 Gbps, which facilitates high-speed data transfer and redundancy across the stacked configuration. The long-distance stacking feature supports a maximum distance of 150 meters between two stacked switches, providing flexibility in data center and campus deployments. Key hardware specifications include: - Hot-swappable fan assembly and power supplies for uninterrupted operation and easy maintenance. - A single 250 W power supply, with the option to add a second for redundancy and load sharing, each providing a maximum output of 250 W. - A compact 1U form factor with dimensions of 429 mm in width, 406.4 mm in depth, and 44 mm in height, making it suitable for space-constrained environments. Additional notable specifications are:
  • A weight of 6.78 kg, making it lightweight yet durable for its capabilities.
  • An operational temperature range from 0°C to 55°C, ensuring reliability under various environmental conditions.
  • A high mean time between failures (MTBF) of 408,144 hours, illustrating the switch's reliability and longevity.
The switch supports up to 32,000 MAC addresses and 4,096 VLANs, offering ample capacity for large-scale deployments and complex network segmentation requirements. It operates efficiently across a wide range of input voltages (100 to 240 VAC) and frequencies (50 to 60 Hz), accommodating global power supply standards. In summary, the Brocade ICX6610-48-E provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to upgrade or expand their network infrastructure. With its high port density, upgradability to 10 GbE, extensive stacking capabilities, and reliable performance, it is well-suited for a variety of applications, including enterprise, data center, and campus networks. The switch's efficient design, combined with advanced features like hot-swappable components and support for a high number of MAC addresses and VLANs, makes it a versatile and dependable choice for modern networking needs.


Part Number ICX6610-48-E
Manufacturer Brocade
Ports 48 x 1GbE RJ45, 8 x 1GbE/10GbE SFP+ uplink ports
Stacking Ports 4 x 40GbE
Cooling Method Exhaust side power supply, replaceable fan unit
Power Supply Capacity 250W
Switching Capacity 576 Gbps, full duplex
Forwarding Rate 432 Mpps, full duplex
Total Stacking Bandwidth 1,230 Gbps
Maximum Stack Size 8 units
Max Stacking Distance 150 meters
BaseT RJ-45 Ports 48 x 10/100/1000 Mbps
SFP/SFP+ Uplink Ports 8, dual-mode 1GbE/10GbE, licensable upgrade for 10GbE
Stacking Port Speed 40 Gbps
Power Redundancy Supports redundancy, hot-swap capable, up to 2x250W
Weight 6.78 kg
Dimensions 429mm W x 406.4mm D x 44mm H (1U)
MTBF 408,144 hours at 25°C, CL: 60%
MAC Address Capacity 32,000
Maximum VLANs 4,096
Input Voltage Range 100 to 240 VAC
Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Operational Temperature Range 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F)
Storage Temperature Range −25°C to 70°C (−13°F to 158°F)

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