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by Brocade
Product Line: Brocade Switches
Product Type: NICES2048FAC Switch
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Product Description

The NI-CES-2048F-AC Brocade features a 48x1G Hybrid Fiber (HF) SFP configuration with a 500W AC power supply, designed to support high-density networking with a port density of 48 100/1000 SFP ports, but lacks 10G uplinks and combination ports. This device delivers a forwarding performance of 96 Gbps and a packet forwarding performance of 71 Mpps, backed by 128 MB of buffering. It offers flexibility in power supply with options for internal AC or DC, supports 1+1 power supply redundancy, and features M+N fan redundancy, ensuring reliable operation with a maximum power consumption of 245 Watts and an air flow direction from front to back.

Key Feature for the NICES2048FAC

  • What are the port density and the types of ports available on the 48x1G Hybrid Fiber (HF) SFP configuration?
    The configuration offers a port density of 48 100/1000 SFP ports.
  • Does the device support 10G uplinks?
    No, 10G uplinks are not supported.
  • Can you use combination (Combo) ports with this device?
    No, combination (Combo) ports are not available.
  • What is the forwarding performance of the device?
    The device has a forwarding performance of 96 Gbps.
  • How is the packet forwarding performance rated?
    The packet forwarding performance is rated at 71 Mpps.
  • What are the buffering capabilities?
    The device is equipped with 128 MB of buffering.
  • What power supply options are available?
    Both internal AC and DC power supply options are available.
  • Is there power supply redundancy?
    Yes, the device supports 1+1 power supply redundancy.
  • What is the maximum AC power consumption?
    The maximum AC power consumption is 245 watts.
  • What are the operating temperature limits?
    The operating temperature can range from 0° C to 40° C.

Product Review

The Brocade NI-CES-2048F-AC offers a notable port density with 48x1G SFP ports, yet lacks 10G uplink capabilities, limiting its use in high-speed network environments. Its forwarding performance is solid at 96 Gbps with a packet forwarding rate of 71 Mpps, supported by a reasonable 128 MB buffer. However, the device's reliance on a single 500W AC power supply, despite the option for internal AC or DC with 1+1 redundancy, may raise concerns about power flexibility and redundancy in critical network setups.


The Brocade NI-CES-2048F-AC is a networking switch designed for efficiency and high performance in data transmission. This device offers a 48x1G Hybrid Fiber (HF) SFP configuration, providing flexibility for various network demands. The switch is equipped with a 500W AC power supply, ensuring reliable operation under diverse power conditions. With a port density of 48 100/1000 SFP ports, the Brocade NI-CES-2048F-AC can handle significant network traffic, making it suitable for enterprises that require high bandwidth and connectivity. Despite not having 10G uplinks or combination ports, this switch delivers a forwarding performance of 96 Gbps and a packet forwarding performance of 71 Mpps, which ensures efficient data processing and transmission across the network. The switch's buffering capacity is 128 MB, which helps in managing data flow and reducing packet loss, enhancing the overall network performance. The device supports both internal AC or DC power supply options, with a 1+1 power supply redundancy and M+N fan redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted operation and system reliability. The air flow from front to back aids in maintaining optimal operating temperatures, contributing to the device's durability.
  • Maximum AC and DC power consumption is 245 Watts, with a maximum thermal output of 836 BTU/hour, indicating an efficient power usage relative to its performance capabilities.
  • Dimensions of the switch are 17.44”w x 1.7”h x 17.25”d (44.3w x 4.4h x 43.9d cm), allowing for efficient use of rack space without compromising on port density or functionality.
  • Support for jumbo frames up to 9,216 bytes enables the handling of large data packets, reducing the overhead and increasing the efficiency of data transmission across the network.
The operating temperature range is between 0° C and 40° C, with a relative humidity tolerance of 5% to 90% at 40° C (104° F), non-condensing. This ensures the switch can perform reliably in a variety of environments. The operating altitude limit is 10,000 ft (3,048 m), offering flexibility for installation in various geographical locations. For storage, the temperature range is from -25º C to 70º C (-13º F to 158° F), with a maximum storage humidity of 95%, non-condensing, ensuring the device remains protected when not in use. The Brocade NI-CES-2048F-AC is designed for organizations that demand reliable, high-capacity network infrastructure. Its comprehensive features, including high port density, significant forwarding and packet performance, and support for power and fan redundancy, make it a suitable choice for businesses looking to maintain a high-performing network environment.


Part NumberNI-CES-2048F-AC
Configuration48x1G SFP Hybrid Fiber (HF) Ports
Power Supply Capacity500W AC
SFP Port Count48 ports at 100/1000 Mbps
10 Gigabit Ethernet UplinksUnavailable
Combo PortsUnavailable
Throughput Capacity96 Gbps
Rate of Packet Processing71 Million packets per second
Memory Buffer128 Megabytes
Power Supply TypesInternal AC or DC options
Power Supply Backup1+1 Redundancy
Cooling Fan RedundancyM+N Configuration
Cooling Airflow DirectionFront to Back
AC Power Maximum Draw245 Watts
DC Power Maximum Draw245 Watts
Heat Dissipation Max836 BTU/hr
Unit Dimensions17.44w x 1.7h x 17.25d inches / 44.3w x 4.4h x 43.9d cm
Minimum Operating Temperature0° Celsius
Maximum Operating Temperature40° Celsius
Humidity Range for Operation5% to 90% at 40° C, non-condensing
Maximum Operating Elevation10,000 feet / 3,048 meters
Storage Temperature Range-25° C to 70° C / -13° F to 158° F
Support for Large FramesUp to 9,216 bytes
Maximum Humidity during Storage95%, non-condensing

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