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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco A80-17100
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The Cisco A80-17100 is a high-performance router designed for use in large enterprise networks. It offers advanced routing, switching, and security features, making it ideal for applications such as data center interconnect, service provider edge, and enterprise WAN aggregation. It supports high-density 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) and 40 GE interfaces, making it suitable for high-bandwidth applications.

Key Feature for the A80-17100

1. Up to 12 line-card slots with 100 GE or 400 GE interface support
2. Up to 115 Tbps system bandwidth
3. Cisco IOS XR Software operating system
4. Integrated hardware-based forwarding engine for low-latency forwarding
5. Advanced security features, including Network Address Translation (NAT), Access Control Lists (ACLs), and VPN support
6. Hot-swappable power supplies and fan trays for high availability

Product Review

The Cisco A80-17100 is a high-performance switch designed for data center environments. It boasts a 17.6 Tbps switching capacity and supports up to 512 40/100 GbE ports, making it ideal for large-scale data center deployments. Its unique feature is its ability to support advanced programmability and automation through its support for Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Cisco Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) software.


The Cisco A80-17100 is a high-performance application delivery controller (ADC) designed for use in large-scale enterprise networks. It has a range of hardware specifications that make it a powerful and efficient solution for handling large amounts of application traffic and ensuring optimal application performance. The A80-17100 comes with a quad-core 2.6 GHz processor and 64 GB of RAM, providing ample computing power and memory for running multiple applications and processing application traffic quickly and efficiently. It also has a 1.6 TB solid-state drive (SSD) for storing configuration data and providing fast access to frequently used resources. The ADC is designed to handle a wide range of application traffic, including HTTP, HTTPS, and SSL traffic. It has a maximum SSL transactions per second (TPS) throughput of up to 150,000 and supports up to 10 Gbps of throughput. It also comes with advanced application optimization features, including TCP optimization, compression, and caching, which improve application performance and reduce bandwidth usage. The A80-17100 is also designed for high availability and scalability. It supports redundant power supplies and network interfaces, ensuring that the ADC is always up and running. It also supports clustering, which enables users to scale application delivery services horizontally and provide high availability and load balancing. In addition to its impressive hardware specifications, the A80-17100 also comes with advanced management and configuration features. It can be easily managed using Cisco Application Networking Manager (ANM) or Cisco Prime Infrastructure, which provide a centralized platform for managing application delivery policies and configurations. It also supports integration with third-party management and orchestration tools, enabling users to automate deployment and management tasks. Overall, the Cisco A80-17100 is a powerful and scalable application delivery controller that is designed for use in large-scale enterprise networks. Its advanced application optimization features, impressive performance, and robust management and configuration capabilities make it a valuable addition to any network infrastructure.

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