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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Aironet
Product Type: Access Point Cover
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Product Description

The AIR-ACC1530-CVR is designed for compatibility with the AP1530 Outdoor Access Point, enhancing its durability for outdoor use. It includes 4 screws for mounting, specified at a screw size of 8-32, with a recommended screw tightening torque of 10 lb-in to ensure secure installation. This cover is specifically engineered for outdoor environments, offering protection against various external conditions.

Key Feature for the AIR-ACC1530-CVR

  • What is the intended use for the mounting kit?
    The mounting kit is designed for outdoor use with the AP1530 Outdoor Access Point.
  • How many screws are required for installing the AP1530 mounting kit?
    Installation requires 4 screws.
  • What size screws does the mounting kit use?
    The kit uses 8-32 size screws.
  • What is the recommended screw tightening torque for the AP1530 mounting kit?
    The recommended screw tightening torque is 10 lb-in.
  • Can the mounting kit be used indoors?
    No, the mounting kit is specifically designed for outdoor applications.
  • Is the AP1530 mounting kit compatible with other access points?
    The kit is designed specifically for use with the AP1530 Outdoor Access Point.
  • What is the part number for the screws needed for the mounting kit installation?
    Screws with the size 8-32 are required for installation, but a specific part number is not provided. Use standard 8-32 screws.
  • How do I ensure the mounting kit is securely installed?
    Ensure screws are tightened to the recommended torque of 10 lb-in to secure the kit properly.
  • Are additional tools required for the installation of the AP1530 mounting kit?
    Installation may require tools to measure and apply the recommended screw tightening torque.
  • Can the mounting kit withstand harsh outdoor conditions?
    Yes, the mounting kit is designed for outdoor use and is capable of withstanding various outdoor conditions.

Product Review

The Cisco AIR-ACC1530-CVR is designed for outdoor use with the AP1530 Access Point, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation in external environments. It requires four 8-32 screws for secure mounting, with a recommended tightening torque of 10 lb-in to maintain stability. However, the specificity of screw size and torque might limit flexibility in installation scenarios where alternative mounting hardware is preferred or required.


The Cisco AIR-ACC1530-CVR is a specialized cover designed to protect and enhance the functionality of the AP1530 Outdoor Access Point. This accessory is pivotal for users seeking to maintain the integrity and performance of their wireless network equipment in outdoor environments. Engineered for durability and ease of installation, the AIR-ACC1530-CVR meets the demands of a wide range of outdoor settings, ensuring that the AP1530 Access Point is shielded from the elements while maintaining optimal connectivity. Crafted specifically for outdoor use, this cover is an essential component for any network utilizing the AP1530 Outdoor Access Point. Its design and construction materials are chosen to withstand various outdoor conditions, providing a reliable safeguard against weather-related damage. The cover's compatibility with outdoor environments makes it an indispensable part of maintaining a high-performing, uninterrupted wireless network in any external setting. Installation of the AIR-ACC1530-CVR is straightforward, requiring only four screws. The specifics of the installation hardware are crucial for ensuring a secure fit and optimal performance: - <>
  • Number of Screws for Installation: 4
- <>
  • Screw Size: 8-32
- <>
  • Screw Tightening Torque: 10 lb-in
These details highlight the simplicity of installing the cover while emphasizing the importance of adhering to the specified hardware requirements. The correct number and type of screws, combined with the specified tightening torque, ensure that the cover is securely attached to the AP1530 Access Point, providing robust protection without compromising the device's performance. The AIR-ACC1530-CVR is designed for outdoor use, encompassing a broad spectrum of external conditions. Whether it's deployed in a light industrial setting or a more exposed outdoor location, the cover's design ensures that the AP1530 Access Point is shielded from environmental factors that could potentially impact its functionality. This includes protection from rain, dust, and other particulate matter, ensuring that the access point remains operational regardless of the outdoor conditions. In summary, the Cisco AIR-ACC1530-CVR is a critical accessory for the AP1530 Outdoor Access Point, designed to ensure the device's longevity and reliability in outdoor environments. Its specific design for outdoor use, combined with the straightforward installation process and the emphasis on using the correct installation hardware, makes it an essential component for any network relying on the AP1530 for outdoor wireless connectivity. The cover not only protects the access point from the elements but also ensures that it continues to provide a stable, reliable network connection in a variety of outdoor settings.


Item Code Cisco AIR-ACC1530-CVR
Compatibility AP1530 Series Outdoor Access Point
Installation Screws Quantity 4
Screw Dimension 8-32
Required Torque for Screws 10 pound-force inches
Environment Exterior Applications

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