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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
Product Type: Server
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Product Description

Cisco APIC-SERVER-M1 is a high-performance server designed for the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) in Cisco ACI architecture. It is a compact and scalable server that enables centralized management and automation of data center networks. APIC-SERVER-M1 supports the latest server technology and provides a highly secure and reliable platform for the APIC software. With its advanced features, this server helps organizations simplify their data center operations and reduces operational expenses.

Key Feature for the APIC-SERVER-M1

1. Processor: Intel Xeon Processor
2. Memory: DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM with 8 DIMM slots
3. Storage: 2 x 2.5-inch SATA/SAS drives or 4 x NVMe drives
4. Network: 2 x 10GbE SFP+ LAN on motherboard (LOM)
5.Power Supply: 1+1 redundant 550W Platinum-level power supplies
6. Operating System: Cisco ACI software on top of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Product Review

The Cisco APIC-SERVER-M1 is a high-performance server designed for use with the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) system. It features an Intel Xeon processor, up to 384GB of RAM, and supports up to 32TB of storage, making it ideal for managing large-scale data center environments. Its unique features include support for Cisco Nexus switches, ACI fabric integration, and scalability for up to 100,000 endpoints, making it an excellent choice for organizations looking to manage complex network environments.


The Cisco APIC-SERVER-M1 Server is a comprehensive, high-end server that is optimized for I/O intensive and other workload-intensive applications. This state-of-the-art server offers superior performance and reliability, while giving administrators a single point of control to manage their data centers. The Cisco APIC-SERVER features two Intel Xeon Gold 6144 Processor Chips with a total of eighteen 3.6GHz core processors. These eighteen cores make the APIC-SERVER capable of executing over a trillion instructions per second. The server also has 1024GB DDR4 RAM and can be configured up to 2048GB. Additionally, the server has up to 8TB SAS Storage providing ample storage capacity for large scalable workloads and applications. For redundancy, the Cisco APIC-SERVER features dual redundant power supplies with integrated Power Distribution Units, as well as 2G Video RAM for added graphics capabilities. The server also has 10 GbE LAN connections to take advantage of high-speed networks, allowing administrators to maximize bandwidth. The server runs on the latest VMware hypervisor, offering advanced virtualization technology to help admins simplify and automate their data centers. Through VMs, admins have access to multiple Operating Systems and can run various applications on the same server in an isolated environment. To optimize performance and keep workloads secure, the Cisco APIC-SERVER also comes with optional virtualization technologies such as VMware NSX SDN, vMotion Live Migration, vCenter Server and more. Finally, the server's power consumption is efficient and low with an average power consumption of only 225W when idle and up to 650W when in full use. The Cisco APIC-SERVER is a reliable, efficient, and cutting edge server that provides superior performance and reliability. It’s designed for scalable I/O intensive workloads and offers multiple features that allow admins to control and optimize their data centers with ease.

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