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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASA5585-S10P10-K9
Product Type: Firewall
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Product Description

The Cisco ASA5585-S10P10-K9 is a high-performance firewall that provides security for large enterprise networks. It is equipped with advanced features such as application visibility and control, intrusion prevention, and VPN capabilities to protect against sophisticated threats.

Key Feature for the ASA5585-S10P10-K9

1. 10 Gbps firewall throughput 
2. 2.5 Gbps IPS throughput 
3. 1 million maximum connections per second 
4. Supports up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces 
5. Redundant power supplies 
6. 1 TB solid-state drive

Product Review

The Cisco ASA5585-S10P10-K9 is a unique product, featuring an advanced hardware architecture that enables high performance, scalability, and resiliency. It has 10 expansion slots that can be utilized with a wide range of security solutions, while its 2.5 terabits per second processing power provides users with greater visibility and protection. These features provide users with greater throughput and improved performance, ensuring stable and secure connections. Furthermore, its experience of working in both public and private cloud environments makes it a great choice for modern data centers.


The Cisco ASA 5585-S10P10-K9 is an advanced security appliance from Cisco, specifically designed for large scale enterprise security needs. It comes equipped with a range of features to help protect and monitor the network from both external and internal threats. At its core, the Cisco ASA 5585-S10P10-K9 utilizes an 8-core 4 core CISC 64-bit processor with 2GB of RAM, giving it the performance it needs to keep up with high-capacity networks. The device also includes 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 8 Fast Ethernet ports, 8 gigabit Ethernet ports, and 8 Fiber Channel ports, giving it ample I/O throughput capabilities. The Cisco ASA 5585-S10P10-K9 also comes with a range of power redundancy and scalability options. To handle potential power fluctuations or outages, the hardware has built-in alternating current line conditioning and Power over Ethernet protection. For those looking to increase their hardware configuration down the line, the hardware can accommodate today’s modularity and scalability needs by allowing users to easily add additional cards and chassis options. This means that customers are not necessarily locked into a particular capacity as they can easily expand their setup as needed. In addition to its many other useful features, the Cisco ASA 5585-S10P10-K9 is also capable of functioning as a core router for large network deployments. Its routing capabilities have been vastly improved compared to earlier models, and it now supports IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols as well as packet classification. This makes it possible to further segment the network and provides granular control over traffic flow. As an added bonus, the device comes preloaded with a wide selection of VPN profiles for quicker deployment in larger networks. Finally, the hardware also includes support for a variety of security features such as flexible encryption algorithms, stateful firewall protection, IPS/IDS capabilities and web URL filtering measures. This makes it much easier to monitor network security status and mitigate potential threats before they become too serious. All in all, the Cisco ASA 5585-S10P10-K9 is an excellent security hardware choice when it comes to deploying reliable and robust enterprise networks.

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