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by Arista
Product Line: Cisco DCS-7050QX2-32S-R
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The DCS-7050QX2-32S-R Arista is equipped with a PWR-500AC power supply, supporting an input voltage range of 100-240VAC and an efficiency rating of 93% Platinum. It operates effectively within a temperature range of 0˚C (32˚F) to 40˚C (104˚F) and a relative humidity range of 5% to 95%. Designed for flexibility, it can be deployed at altitudes from 0 ft (0m) to 10,000 ft (3,000m), accommodating a wide variety of data center environments.

Key Feature for the DCS-7050QX2-32S-R

  • What is the input voltage range for the PWR-500AC power supply?
    The input voltage range is 100-240VAC.
  • How efficient is the PWR-500AC?
    It has a typical efficiency of 93% Platinum.
  • What type of input connector does the PWR-500AC use?
    It uses an IEC 320-C13 input connector.
  • What is the typical input current for this power supply?
    The typical input current for the PWR-500AC ranges from 6.3 to 2.2A.
  • What are the operating temperature limits for the PWR-500AC?
    The operating temperature ranges from 0 ˚C (32 ˚F) to 40˚C (104˚F).
  • Can the PWR-500AC operate efficiently at high altitudes?
    Yes, it can operate up to 10,000 ft, (3,000m) above sea level.
  • What is the minimum storage temperature for the PWR-500AC?
    The minimum storage temperature is -40 ˚C (-40 ˚F).
  • What humidity levels can the PWR-500AC withstand during operation?
    It can operate in humidity levels ranging from 5% to 95%.
  • What is the input frequency range for the PWR-500AC?
    The input frequency range is 50/60Hz.
  • What are the storage temperature limits for the PWR-500AC?
    Storage temperature ranges from -40 ˚C (-40 ˚F) to 70˚C (158 ˚F).

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7050QX2-32S-R supports a wide range of input voltages and frequencies, making it adaptable to various power supplies worldwide, with an impressive 93% efficiency rating under typical conditions. However, its operational temperature range is limited to 0-40˚C, potentially restricting deployment in environments with extreme temperatures. Additionally, the device's performance is guaranteed at altitudes up to 10,000 feet, accommodating a broad spectrum of installation scenarios.


The Arista DCS-7050QX2-32S-R is a high-performance switch designed to meet the demands of modern data centers, providing high density and low latency in a compact 1U form factor. This switch is ideal for environments where space and power efficiency are critical, offering a powerful combination of features to support complex applications, including high-frequency trading, large data center deployments, and cloud networking. At the core of the Arista DCS-7050QX2-32S-R are its hardware specifications, which include: - 32 QSFP+ ports, supporting up to 40GbE each, providing a total switching capacity of up to 2.56 Tbps. This capacity enables high bandwidth connectivity for servers and storage, ensuring efficient data flow across the network. - A power supply model PWR-500AC, which operates within an input voltage range of 100-240VAC. This wide range allows the switch to be deployed in various geographical locations without the need for additional power converters. - The switch operates efficiently with a typical power consumption that varies between 6.3 - 2.2A depending on the load, benefiting from a 93% Platinum efficiency rating. This high efficiency reduces operational costs and contributes to a lower total cost of ownership. In terms of environmental specifications, the Arista DCS-7050QX2-32S-R is built to withstand a wide range of conditions: - Operating temperatures range from 0 ˚C (32 ˚F) to 40˚C (104˚F), and storage temperatures from -40 ˚C (-40 ˚F) to 70˚C (158˚F), ensuring reliability in various climates and conditions. - The switch can operate in environments with relative humidity ranging from 5% to 95%, accommodating most data center environments without the need for additional humidity control. - It is designed to function at altitudes from sea level up to 10,000 ft (3,000m), offering flexibility for deployment in different geographical locations. Key Features:
  • 32 QSFP+ ports for scalable high-density network connections.
  • Power efficiency with 93% Platinum-rated power supply.
  • Durable design capable of operating across a wide range of temperatures, humidity levels, and altitudes.
With these specifications, the Arista DCS-7050QX2-32S-R is not just a network switch but a strategic asset for any data center, providing the scalability, efficiency, and reliability required to support the most demanding data and storage networking tasks. Whether the goal is to optimize the performance of high-frequency trading platforms or to ensure seamless connectivity in large-scale cloud deployments, this switch delivers the necessary capabilities to enhance network performance and support business objectives.


Item Model Arista DCS-7050QX2-32S-R
Power Unit Model PWR-500AC
Voltage Requirement 100-240VAC
Current Consumption Range 2.2A - 6.3A
Frequency of Input 50/60Hz
Power Input Type IEC 320-C13
Energy Efficiency Rating 93% Platinum
Lowest Operating Temperature 0˚C (32˚F)
Highest Operating Temperature 40˚C (104˚F)
Lowest Storage Temperature -40˚C (-40˚F)
Highest Storage Temperature 70˚C (158˚F)
Operating Humidity Range 5% - 95%
Lowest Altitude for Operation 0 ft (0m)
Highest Altitude for Operation 10,000 ft (3,000m)

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