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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco MDS 9500 Series
Product Type: Fibre Channel Switch
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Product Description

The DS-C50I-300AC= is equipped with a 300-W AC power supply for AC input and DC output, ensuring consistent power delivery. It also features a 300-W DC power supply for systems requiring DC input and output, providing versatile connectivity options. This Cisco model supports efficient power management across diverse network configurations.

Key Feature for the DS-C50I-300AC=

  • What type of input does the 300-W AC power supply support?
    The 300-W AC power supply supports AC input.
  • Can the 300-W DC power supply be used with devices that require DC input?
    Yes, the 300-W DC power supply is designed for devices that require DC input and provides DC output.
  • What is the output power rating of the 300-W AC power supply?
    The output power rating of the 300-W AC power supply is 300 watts.
  • Is the 300-W DC power supply suitable for outdoor applications?
    The suitability of the 300-W DC power supply for outdoor applications depends on its enclosure rating, which should be checked in the product specifications.
  • How does the efficiency of the 300-W AC power supply compare to other models?
    Efficiency can vary, so it's recommended to compare the efficiency rating of the 300-W AC power supply with other models directly in their specifications.
  • What type of protection does the 300-W DC power supply offer against power surges?
    The 300-W DC power supply includes protection against power surges, but specific protection features should be verified in the product documentation.
  • Can the 300-W AC power supply be used in a rack-mounted setup?
    Yes, the 300-W AC power supply is designed to be compatible with rack-mounted setups, though compatibility should be confirmed with the rack specifications.
  • How do I install the 300-W DC power supply in a server?
    Installation instructions for the 300-W DC power supply in a server can be found in the user manual or installation guide provided with the product.
  • What is the warranty period for the 300-W AC power supply?
    The warranty period for the 300-W AC power supply varies by manufacturer and region, so it is advised to check the warranty information provided with the product or on the manufacturer's website.
  • Are there any specific environmental conditions required for optimal operation of the 300-W DC power supply?
    The 300-W DC power supply should be operated within the environmental conditions stated in the product documentation to ensure optimal performance.

Product Review

The Cisco DS-C50I-300AC= power supply offers reliable performance for network hardware, with both AC and DC input/output capabilities, ensuring flexibility in various deployment scenarios. However, its 300-W capacity might limit expansion for systems requiring higher power consumption in future upgrades. Additionally, the product's compatibility with specific Cisco hardware models necessitates careful verification before integration into existing networks.


The Cisco DS-C50I-300AC= is a power supply module designed to ensure consistent and reliable power delivery for network infrastructures. This product is specifically engineered to support a wide range of networking devices, offering flexibility and efficiency in power management across various IT environments. The module is equipped with dual power configurations: a 300-Watt AC power supply that accepts AC input and delivers DC output, and a 300-Watt DC power supply that operates with DC input and output. This dual capability makes the Cisco DS-C50I-300AC= versatile, catering to both AC and DC power environments and providing uninterrupted service even in the most demanding situations. The AC power supply feature is optimized for environments where AC power is readily available, converting the alternating current into a direct current to power network devices without interruption. This conversion process is crucial for maintaining the stability and performance of the network infrastructure, ensuring that devices operate efficiently under varying electrical conditions. On the other hand, the DC power supply component is designed for scenarios where direct current is the primary power source. This is common in telecom facilities, data centers, and other specialized settings where DC power is favored for its efficiency and reliability in delivering uninterrupted power. The DC input and output functionality of this module underscores its adaptability, providing seamless integration into existing DC-powered environments without the need for additional converters. Key features of the Cisco DS-C50I-300AC= include:
  • Compatibility with a wide range of Cisco networking devices, ensuring a broad application scope.
  • High-efficiency power conversion, minimizing energy loss and optimizing power usage across network infrastructures.
  • Easy installation and maintenance, with a design that allows for quick integration into existing network setups without extensive downtime.
The design of the Cisco DS-C50I-300AC= focuses on operational efficiency and reliability. Its compact size allows for easy integration into network racks and cabinets, optimizing space without compromising performance. The power supply is also built with durability in mind, featuring a rugged construction that withstands the rigors of continuous operation in challenging environments. In terms of safety and compliance, the Cisco DS-C50I-300AC= meets stringent industry standards, ensuring that it operates safely under various electrical conditions. This adherence to compliance standards not only protects the hardware but also safeguards the network infrastructure from potential power-related issues. In conclusion, the Cisco DS-C50I-300AC= power supply module represents a critical component for maintaining uninterrupted power to network devices. Its dual AC and DC capability, combined with high efficiency, compatibility, and ease of installation, makes it an essential solution for businesses looking to optimize their network operations. Whether deployed in data centers, telecom facilities, or enterprise IT environments, this power supply module offers the reliability and performance needed to support complex network architectures and critical applications.


Item Number DS-C50I-300AC=
Maker Cisco
Power Supply Type AC 300-Watt (Input: AC, Output: DC)
Power Unit Type DC 300-Watt (Input: DC, Output: DC)

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