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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus 2000 Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The N2K-C2248TF-E-1GE Cisco offers 48x100/1000Base-T + 4x10GE ports with 8 Fabric Extender Transceivers and utilizes RJ-45 connectors for its 100BASE-T/1000BASE-T ports, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network infrastructures. It supports a fabric speed of 40 Gbps in each direction, totaling 80 Gbps full duplex, with an oversubscription ratio of 1.2:1, and achieves hardware forwarding at 176 Gbps or 131 mpps. Measuring 1.72 x 17.3 x 17.7 in and weighing 17.7 lb, it operates typically at 95W power, with a maximum of 110W, and complies with RoHS-6 standards, making it an efficient and compliant choice for expanding network capabilities.

Key Feature for the N2K-C2248TF-E-1GE

  • What is the total number of ports available on this device?
    The device has 48 100/1000Base-T ports and 4 10GE ports.
  • How do the fabric extender fabric interfaces connect?
    They utilize 8 Fabric Extender Transceivers for connectivity.
  • What type of connectors are used for the 100BASE-T/1000BASE-T ports?
    RJ-45 connectors are used for these ports.
  • What is the fabric speed of the device?
    The fabric speed is 40 Gbps in each direction, totaling 80 Gbps full duplex.
  • What is the oversubscription rate of the device?
    The oversubscription rate is 1.2:1.
  • How does the device perform in terms of forwarding?
    It has a hardware forwarding rate of 176 Gbps or 131 million packets per second (mpps).
  • What are the dimensions of this networking device?
    The dimensions are 1.72 x 17.3 x 17.7 inches (4.37 x 43.94 x 44.96 cm).
  • What is the weight of the device?
    The device weighs 17.7 lb (8.0 kg).
  • What is the typical input operating power and its maximum?
    The typical input operating power is 95W, with a maximum of 110W.
  • Is the device RoHS-6 compliant?
    Yes, the device is RoHS-6 compliant.

Product Review

The Cisco N2K-C2248TF-E-1GE offers a high-capacity solution with its 48x100/1000Base-T and 4x10GE ports, supported by 8 Fabric Extender Transceivers, ensuring versatile connectivity options for a variety of network requirements. However, its 1.2:1 oversubscription rate may limit performance in high-demand scenarios, potentially affecting data throughput during peak operations. With hardware forwarding at 176 Gbps or 131 mpps and a fabric speed of 40 Gbps in each direction, this device balances between substantial throughput capabilities and energy efficiency, consuming a maximum of 110W under full load.


The Cisco N2K-C2248TF-E-1GE is designed to streamline data center architecture and operations by serving as a fabric extender for the Cisco Nexus 5000, 6000, 7000 series switches, and Cisco Nexus 9000 Series in Fabric Extender Mode. This product enables a cost-effective, scalable server access platform with a simplified management framework. At its core, the Cisco N2K-C2248TF-E-1GE comprises 48 ports that support 100/1000Base-T connections, alongside 4 ports for 10GE uplinks, providing flexibility for either Gigabit Ethernet or 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. This range of connectivity options ensures that the fabric extender can accommodate varying networking demands, making it suitable for a wide array of data center environments. The unit also includes 8 Fabric Extender Transceivers, which are instrumental in maintaining high-speed data transmission between the fabric extender and parent Nexus switches. Key hardware specifications include: - 100BASE-T/1000BASE-T ports: These ports utilize RJ-45 connectors, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network cables and devices. - Fabric extender fabric interfaces: The device features 4 fabric interfaces, facilitating efficient data flow within the network architecture. - Fabric speed: The Cisco N2K-C2248TF-E-1GE boasts a fabric speed of 40 Gbps in each direction, amounting to 80 Gbps full duplex. This high-speed connectivity is essential for handling substantial data volumes without bottlenecks. In terms of performance, the fabric extender is capable of hardware forwarding at 176 Gbps or 131 million packets per second (mpps), showcasing its ability to manage extensive network traffic efficiently. However, it maintains an oversubscription ratio of 1.2:1, balancing bandwidth availability with cost-effectiveness. The physical dimensions of the Cisco N2K-C2248TF-E-1GE are 1.72 x 17.3 x 17.7 inches (4.37 x 43.94 x 44.96 cm), and it weighs 17.7 lb (8.0 kg), making it a compact yet powerful component within any data center rack. Despite its substantial processing capability, the fabric extender operates with a typical input power of 95W, peaking at 110W. It draws a typical input current of 1.0A, with a maximum of 1.2A, and outputs 8A/10A (typical/maximum). Heat dissipation is managed efficiently, with typical and maximum rates of 322 and 403 BTU/hour, respectively, ensuring that the unit maintains optimal operating temperatures. Furthermore, the Cisco N2K-C2248TF-E-1GE complies with RoHS-6 regulations, underscoring Cisco's commitment to environmental sustainability by restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic equipment. In summary, the Cisco N2K-C2248TF-E-1GE fabric extender offers a versatile and efficient solution for expanding data center networks. Its broad compatibility, high-speed connectivity, and efficient performance metrics make it an essential component for organizations looking to enhance their networking infrastructure while managing operational costs and complexity.


Model Number Cisco N2K-C2248TF-E-1GE
Manufacturer Cisco Systems
Port Configuration 48 ports of 100/1000Base-T and 4 ports of 10GE
Transceiver Slots 8 slots for Fabric Extender Transceivers
Port Type 100BASE-T/1000BASE-T ports utilize RJ-45 connectors
Fabric Interface Count 4
Bandwidth per Direction 40 Gbps with 80 Gbps bi-directional throughput
Oversubscription Ratio 1.2:1
Switching Capacity Switch fabric capable of forwarding at 176 Gbps or 131 million packets per second
Unit Dimensions 1.72 x 17.3 x 17.7 inches (4.37 x 43.94 x 44.96 cm)
Unit Weight 17.7 pounds (8.0 kg)
Power Consumption Typical power usage at 95W, with a maximum of 110W
Electrical Input Typical 1.0A, Maximum 1.2A
Electrical Output Typical 8A, Maximum 10A
Thermal Output 322 BTU/hour typical, 403 BTU/hour maximum
Environmental Standards Compliance Meets RoHS-6 requirements

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