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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The N9K-C9508-B2 is a modular Cisco networking device equipped with a N9K-SUP-A Supervisor Module, 3 AC power supplies, 2 N9K-SC-A system controllers, 3 fan trays, and 6 fabric modules, supporting Layer 3. It offers 18 expansion slots for Switch Fabric, Supervisor Engine, and Line Card, housed in a 13U rack-mount form factor with dimensions of 22.7 in. height, 17.5 in. width, and 30 in. depth. Network management is facilitated through VLAN, RMON, Syslog, SNMP v1, 2, 3, Telnet, and CLI, with connectivity options including a management port and USB, but lacking PoE, Token Ring, and LRE ports.

Key Feature for the N9K-C9508-B2

  • What is the type of Supervisor Module used in the system?
    The Supervisor Module type is N9K-SUP-A.
  • How many AC Power Supplies does the unit include?
    It includes 3 AC Power Supplies.
  • Can you specify the type of System Controllers present?
    The system utilizes two N9K-SC-A System Controllers.
  • What is the total number of Fan Trays in the setup?
    There are 3 Fan Trays in the setup.
  • How many Fabric Modules are integrated into the hardware?
    The hardware incorporates 6 Fabric Modules.
  • What Layer is supported by this hardware?
    Layer 3 is supported by this hardware.
  • Detail the expansion capabilities of the system.
    The system provides 18 Expansion Slots, accommodating Switch Fabric, Supervisor Engine, and Line Card types.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the hardware?
    The dimensions are 22.7 in. (Height) x 17.5 in. (Width) x 30 in. (Depth).
  • Does the device offer USB and Management Port features?
    Yes, the device is equipped with both USB and Management Port features.
  • What management features are available with this hardware?
    Management features include VLAN; RMON; Syslog; SNMP v1, 2, 3; Telnet; and CLI.

Product Review

The Cisco N9K-C9508-B2 excels in scalability and flexibility, offering a modular design that includes a Supervisor Module, Power Supplies, System Controllers, Fan Trays, and six Fabric Modules, catering to complex networking needs. However, its large form factor, requiring a 13U rack space, might be a drawback for environments with limited space. Additionally, while it supports Layer 3, the absence of PoE ports limits its application in environments requiring power over Ethernet for devices.


The Cisco N9K-C9508-B2 is a modular, rack-mountable networking device designed for high-performance computing environments. This unit is tailored for Layer 3 networking and fits in a 13U space in standard equipment racks, with dimensions of 22.7 inches in height, 17.5 inches in width, and 30 inches in depth. The design prioritizes scalability and reliability, making it suitable for data centers requiring efficient space utilization and high-speed data processing capabilities. At the heart of the N9K-C9508-B2 is the Supervisor Module, of which there is one, labeled as N9K-SUP-A. This module is critical for managing the overall operation of the device, including data traffic control and system management tasks. The unit is equipped with three AC power supplies ensuring redundancy and continuous operation even in the event of a power supply failure. The power supply type is AC, adhering to common data center power infrastructure standards. For enhanced system management and reliability, the device includes two system controllers of the N9K-SC-A type. These controllers work in tandem to facilitate system health monitoring, configuration management, and troubleshooting, thereby ensuring optimal performance and uptime. Cooling is managed by three fan trays that maintain operational temperatures within safe limits, crucial for the longevity and reliability of the device's components. The Cisco N9K-C9508-B2 is designed to support high-density networking with six fabric modules, enhancing its capability to handle vast amounts of data traffic seamlessly. This setup is pivotal for environments demanding high data throughput and minimal latency. The device boasts 18 expansion slots that accommodate a mix of Switch Fabric, Supervisor Engine, and Line Card modules, providing flexibility in configuration for varied networking requirements.
  • No PoE (RJ-45) Port
  • No Token Ring Port
  • No LRE Port
However, the device does come equipped with USB and management ports, facilitating easier device management and configuration updates. The inclusion of management features such as VLAN, RMON, Syslog, SNMP v1, 2, 3; Telnet; and CLI support enhances the manageability of the device, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and control over network operations. Rack mount brackets are included with the Cisco N9K-C9508-B2, ensuring easy installation in standard equipment racks. This modular device is engineered to meet the demands of modern data centers, offering scalability, reliability, and high performance. Its extensive support for network management protocols ensures that it can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of networking environments, providing administrators with the tools needed for efficient network management and monitoring.


Part Number and ManufacturerCisco N9K-C9508-B2
Supervisor Module Quantity1
Model of Supervisor ModuleN9K-SUP-A
Count of Power Units3 AC
Kind of Power SupplyAC
System Controllers Count2
System Controller ModelN9K-SC-A
Fan Trays Quantity3
Fabric Modules Number6
Supported Layer3
Expansion Slots Total18
Types of Expansion SlotsSwitch Fabric, Supervisor Engine, Line Card
Mounting FormatRack Mount
Compatible Rack Size13U
Vertical Size22.7 in.
Horizontal Size17.5 in.
Depth Measurement30 in.
Power over Ethernet (RJ-45) Port AvailabilityNo
Token Ring Port AvailabilityNo
LRE Port AvailabilityNo
USB SupportYes
Management Port PresenceYes
Included AccessoriesRack Mount Brackets
Management FeaturesManagement VLAN, RMON, Syslog, SNMP v1, 2, 3, Telnet, CLI

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