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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco NCS
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The NCS2K-16-AD-CCOFS is a Cisco networking component designed with 16 ports, supporting a typical power consumption of 40 W and a maximum power of 50 W. It features an insertion loss of 16.5 dB, optical port isolation of 40 dB minimum, and add and drop section isolation of 60 dB minimum, with a polarization dependent loss of 0.65 dB maximum. Compatible with Cisco NCS 2000 Single Module ROADM Line Cards, it incorporates an Erbium-Doped Fiber integrated amplifier, supports flexible spectrum allocation, and is capable of scalable mesh nodes, emphasizing its utility in complex networking architectures like nLight ROADM.

Key Feature for the NCS2K-16-AD-CCOFS

  • What is the number of ports available on this device?
    The device has 16 ports.
  • How does the typical power consumption of the device compare to its maximum power?
    Typical power consumption is 40 W, while the maximum power is 50 W.
  • What is the insertion loss value for the device?
    Insertion loss is measured at 16.5 dB.
  • Can you detail the optical port isolation?
    Optical port isolation is a minimum of 40 dB.
  • What level of add and drop section isolation does the device offer?
    The device offers a minimum of 60 dB isolation in the add and drop sections.
  • What is the maximum polarization dependent loss?
    Maximum polarization dependent loss is 0.65 dB.
  • Describe the nominal gain and its impact on noise figure.
    Nominal gain is -2 dB, resulting in a maximum noise figure of 20.5 dB at nominal gain.
  • What are the temperature ranges for operating this device?
    Operates between -5 °C and 55 °C.
  • How does humidity affect the device's operation?
    Operational between 5% and 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.
  • What integrated features does the device include?
    Features include a 4 x 16 multicast integrated switch and an Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier.

Product Review

The Cisco NCS2K-16-AD-CCOFS offers a balanced performance for network engineers, with 16 ports and an integrated 4x16 multicast switch enhancing network flexibility and scalability. However, the insertion loss of 16.5 dB and a maximum noise figure of 20.5 dB at nominal gain could impact signal quality in certain scenarios. Its compatibility with Cisco NCS 2000 Single Module ROADM Line Cards and support for flexible spectrum allocation make it a valuable component for modern optical networks, despite the potential for signal degradation.


The Cisco NCS2K-16-AD-CCOFS is a high-capacity, single-slot module designed for advanced optical networking, leveraging the nLight ROADM architecture for flexible spectrum allocation and scalable mesh nodes. This module is compatible with Cisco NCS 2000 Single Module ROADM Line Cards, offering a seamless upgrade path and integration within existing network infrastructures. Key hardware specifications include 16 ports, supporting a broad range of networking requirements. The typical power consumption is 40 W, with a maximum of 50 W, ensuring efficient operation. The module's insertion loss is rated at 16.5 dB, with an optical port isolation of 40 dB minimum, ensuring signal integrity and reducing interference. The add and drop section isolation is even higher, at a minimum of 60 dB, further enhancing signal quality. Polarization Dependent Loss is kept to a maximum of 0.65 dB, with a nominal gain of -2 dB. The noise figure at nominal gain does not exceed 20.5 dB, ensuring a clear signal transmission. The module is designed to fit in a single slot, making it a compact solution for network expansions or upgrades. It features three card LEDs indicating Failure, Active/Standby, and Signal Fail, providing immediate visual feedback on the module's status. The operating temperature range is from -5 °C to 55 °C, with a relative humidity range from 5% to 95%, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions. The integrated switch supports 4 x 16 multicast configurations, and the integrated amplifier is based on Erbium-Doped Fiber technology, offering high performance and reliability. The upgrade path loss is minimal, at 1.75 dB, ensuring that signal strength is maintained even as the network is expanded or reconfigured. The module supports flexible spectrum allocation, allowing for efficient use of optical bandwidth and facilitating the deployment of scalable mesh nodes, which are crucial for building resilient, high-capacity networks. - Maximum total output power is 17.2 dBm for both the Add Path EDFA Array and Drop Path EDFA Array, ensuring ample signal strength across the network. - The module is specifically designed for use with Cisco NCS 2000 Single Module ROADM Line Cards, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration. - It embodies the nLight ROADM architecture, enabling flexible spectrum allocation and the deployment of scalable mesh nodes, enhancing network efficiency and reliability. In summary, the Cisco NCS2K-16-AD-CCOFS is a sophisticated, single-slot optical networking module that offers a blend of performance, efficiency, and flexibility. Its compatibility with Cisco NCS 2000 Single Module ROADM Line Cards, along with its support for flexible spectrum allocation and scalable mesh nodes, makes it a versatile solution for expanding or upgrading optical networks.


Item NumberCisco NCS2K-16-AD-CCOFS
Port Count16
Standard Power Consumption40 W
Peak Power Consumption50 W
Typical Insertion Loss16.5 dB
Minimum Optical Port Isolation40 dB
Add/Drop Isolation Minimum60 dB
Maximum Polarization Dependent Loss0.65 dB
Gain (Typical)-2 dB
Max Noise Figure at Typical Gain20.5 dB
Form Factor1 Slot
Indicator LED Count3
Indicator LED TypesFailure, Active/Standby, Signal Fail
Lowest Operating Temperature-5 °C
Highest Operating Temperature55 °C
Operating Humidity Range Minimum5%
Operating Humidity Range Maximum95%
Built-In Switch Configuration4 x 16 Multicast
Incorporated Amplifier TypeErbium-Doped Fiber
Path Upgrade Loss1.75 dB
Compatible WithCisco NCS 2000 Single Module ROADM Line Cards
Design PrinciplenLight ROADM
Dynamic Spectrum Allocation CapabilityYes
Max Output Power (Add Path EDFA Array)17.2 dBm
Max Output Power (Drop Path EDFA Array)17.2 dBm
Node Scalability FeatureYes

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