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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Network Interface Modules (NIM)
Product Type: Interface Module
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Product Description

The NIM-4FXS module features 4 ports supporting FXS, FXS-E, and DID port types, designed for voice applications. Compatible with Cisco IOS releases XE3.13.4, XE3.14.3, XE3.15.1, XE3.16 and above, and operable on Cisco 4400 and 4300 ISR series, it adheres to multiple international standards including TIA-968-B, CS-03, AS/CA S003, and PTC220. It incorporates essential voice features such as echo cancellation, comfort noise generation, DTMF detection, and voice activity detection, alongside advanced functionalities like modem detection and pass-through, RFC 4733 digit relay, acoustic shock protection, and support for multiple voice applications.

Key Feature for the NIM-4FXS

  • What is the total number of ports available on this device?
    The device has 4 ports.
  • Which port types are supported by the part in question?
    It supports FXS, FXS-E, and DID port types.
  • Can this hardware operate with Cisco IOS Release XE3.16?
    Yes, it is compatible with Cisco IOS Release XE3.16 and above.
  • What ISR series are compatible with this product?
    The Cisco 4400 and 4300 series are supported.
  • Does the device meet international standards for telecommunications?
    Yes, it adheres to TIA-968-B, CS-03, AS/CA S003, and PTC220 standards.
  • What is the weight of the hardware?
    The hardware weighs 0.44 lbs.
  • Is echo cancellation a feature of this device?
    Yes, echo cancellation is included.
  • How does the part handle noise and voice activity?
    It features comfort noise generation and voice activity detection.
  • Can the device detect DTMF tones and provide acoustic shock protection?
    Yes, it supports DTMF detection and offers acoustic shock protection.
  • Does the hardware support off-premises DID connection?
    Yes, the DID port function allows for off-premises DID connection from the Central Office.

Product Review

The Cisco NIM-4FXS module offers four ports supporting FXS, FXS-E, and DID, making it versatile for direct connections to phones, fax machines, and key systems. Its compatibility with Cisco ISR 4400 and 4300 series, along with support for a wide range of Cisco IOS Releases and compliance with multiple international standards, ensures broad deployment options. However, its lack of support for Cisco 2900 and 3900 series ISRs limits its applicability in environments utilizing these older platforms.


The Cisco NIM-4FXS module is a versatile networking hardware component designed to enhance the capabilities of Cisco's Integrated Services Routers (ISR), specifically within the 4400 and 4300 series. This module is equipped with four ports that support FXS, FXS-E, and DID port types, making it a suitable option for businesses looking to connect phones, fax machines, and key systems directly or to facilitate off-premises DID connections from the central office. The device is compatible with Cisco IOS releases XE3.13.4, XE3.14.3, XE3.15.1, XE3.16, and above, ensuring it can operate with a range of software environments and configurations. Key hardware specifications include: - Total Number of Ports: 4 - Supported ISR Series: Cisco 4400 and 4300 - Weight: 0.44 lbs The NIM-4FXS module adheres to several international standards, including TIA-968-B (USA), CS-03 (Canada), AS/CA S003 (Australia), and PTC220 (New Zealand), ensuring compliance and reliability across various regions. Immunity standards are also met, with certifications from CISPR24: 2010, EN 300 386 V1.6.1, EN55024: 2010, KN24: 2011, and TCVN 7317: 2003, providing assurance against environmental electronic interference. Advanced features of the NIM-4FXS include echo cancellation, comfort noise generation, DTMF detection, voice activity detection, and modem detection and pass-through. These features are critical for maintaining high-quality voice communications, ensuring clarity and reliability in transmissions. RFC 4733 digit relay, acoustic shock protection, and support for multiple voice applications underscore the module's capacity for handling diverse telecommunications needs. The FXS features of the module offer flexibility in supporting either FXS or DID functionality, with configurable long loop ports, message waiting indicator, and cable detection enhancing its utility. The module's design allows for direct connections to analog devices using straight-through 2-wire cables, simplifying setup and integration into existing network architectures. SNMP traps generated in response to alarms provide real-time monitoring and management capabilities, crucial for maintaining system integrity and performance. The NIM-4FXS module is an analog interface, designed without jumpers, and supports online insertion and removal (OIR), allowing for easy installation and upgrades without system interruptions. Its compact size, weighing just 0.44 lbs, ensures it can be easily accommodated within compatible ISR units without significantly impacting space or power requirements. In summary, the Cisco NIM-4FXS is a highly functional module that extends the voice and fax capabilities of Cisco ISR 4400 and 4300 series routers. Its support for a range of standards and protocols, combined with advanced voice and detection features, make it a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to enhance their telecommunications infrastructure.


Item NumberCisco NIM-4FXS
Produced byCisco
Total Ports4
Port ClassificationFXS, FXS-E, DID
Compatible Cisco IOS VersionsXE3.13.4, XE3.14.3, XE3.15.1, XE3.16+
Applicable ISR ModelsCisco 4400, 4300
ComplianceTIA-968-B (USA), CS-03 (Canada), AS/CA S003 (Australia), PTC220 (New Zealand)
Electromagnetic CompatibilityCISPR24: 2010, EN 300 386 V1.6.1, EN55024: 2010, KN24: 2011, TCVN 7317: 2003
Mass0.44 lbs
Support for Echo ReductionYes
Generation of Comfort NoiseYes
Ability to Detect DTMFYes
Detection of Voice ActivityYes
Modem Recognition and ConnectivityYes
Support for RFC 4733 Digit SignalingYes
Protection Against Acoustic ShockYes
Capabilities of FXS PortsSupport for FXS/DID Modes, Configurable Extended Loops, Notification for Messages Waiting, Cable Integrity Check
Functionality of DID PortsRemote DID Access via Central Office
Connections via FXS PortsDirect Link to Telephones, Facsimile Machines, PBX Systems
Recommended Cable2-Wire, Straight Configuration
SNMP NotificationsAlert Generation upon Alarms
Use of JumpersNo
Compatibility with Cisco 2900, 3900 SeriesNo
Online Insertion and RemovalYes
Support for Multiple Voice ServicesYes
Support for Real-Time ProtocolsYes

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