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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco PVDM Series
Product Type: PVDM432
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Product Description

The Cisco PVDM4-32 is a digital signal processing module that provides high-density voice and video digital signal processing capabilities for various Cisco networking devices. It offers exceptional voice and video quality for communication solutions that require a high number of channels, making it ideal for medium to large-scale businesses. The PVDM4-32 module is easy to install and compatible with various Cisco routers and switches.

Key Feature for the PVDM432

1. High-density voice and video processing capabilities with up to 432 channels. 
2. Supports a variety of voice codecs, including G.711, G.729a, G.729ab, G.723.1, G.728, and more. 
3. Compatible with various Cisco routers and switches, including Cisco 2900, 3900, and 4400 Series. 
4. Offers hardware-based echo cancellation for enhanced audio quality. 
5. Can be installed in various configurations, including in-line with T1/E1 digital signal processors or on a separate module slot.1

Product Review

The Cisco PVDM432 is a high-density voice and video DSP module designed for use with Cisco's Integrated Services Routers (ISR) and voice gateways. Its key hardware features include support for up to 432 channels of voice and video conferencing, with flexible resource allocation and real-time resource management to ensure optimal voice and video quality. The module also features advanced voice and video codec support, including G.711, G.722, G.729, and H.264, as well as support for echo cancellation, noise reduction, and voice activity detection. Additionally, the PVDM432 provides advanced voice and video management and control features, including support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Border Element, and Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server. With its high-density voice and video support, advanced codec and management capabilities, and flexible resource allocation, the PVDM432 is a reliable and efficient choice for voice and video communication in enterprise and service provider networks.


The Cisco PVDM432 is a digital signal processor module designed to enhance the performance and functionality of Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR) and Cisco Voice Gateways. This product review will focus on the hardware specifications of the Cisco PVDM432. The PVDM432 module is equipped with four slots that support up to 432 voice channels in a single ISR or Voice Gateway platform. The module is designed to work with a range of Cisco routing and switching platforms, including the Cisco 3900, 2900, and 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers, as well as the Cisco ASR 1000 and 4000 Series Aggregation Services Routers. This module is optimized for voice and video applications, and it supports a range of voice codecs, including G.711, G.729a, G.729ab, and G.723.1. It also supports high-quality voice and video conferencing, voice transcoding, and voice quality monitoring. The PVDM432 module is designed to be easy to install and configure. It can be inserted directly into an ISR or Voice Gateway platform, and it can be configured using Cisco IOS Software or Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM). In terms of power consumption, the PVDM432 module has a maximum power rating of 15 watts. It operates at a temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius and a humidity range of 10 to 90 percent non-condensing. Overall, the Cisco PVDM432 is a high-performance digital signal processor module that delivers excellent voice and video quality in a range of applications. Its easy installation and configuration, as well as its compatibility with a range of Cisco routing and switching platforms, make it an excellent choice for organizations looking to enhance their voice and video capabilities.

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