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by Arista
Product Line: Arista 7130 Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The DCS-7130-48KC-F is part of the Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect, featuring 48x100M/1GbE/10GbE ports for high-speed networking and nanosecond-level L1 forwarding to ensure non-blocking and deterministic performance. It supports dual redundant, hot swappable PSU and fans, with options for AC & DC power and configurable cooling directions, enhancing its reliability and flexibility in various deployments. Additionally, the platform offers advanced features such as media conversion, port mirroring, telemetry, dynamic patching/link management, and comprehensive Layer 1+ statistics on every link, managed through an X86-64 Linux environment for precise network control and monitoring.

FAQs for the DCS-7130-48KC-F

  • What are the available models in the Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect and their port configurations?
    The Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect includes three models: 7130-16G3 with 16x100M/1GbE/10GbE ports, 7130-48G3 with 48x100M/1GbE/10GbE ports, and 7130-96 with 96x100M/1GbE/10GbE ports.
  • How does the 7130-48G3 ensure high availability?
    The 7130-48G3 ensures high availability through dual redundant, hot swappable power supply units (PSUs) and fans.
  • What are the key features of the Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect Layer-1 Switch?
    Key features include non-blocking architecture, nanosecond-level Layer 1 forwarding, deterministic performance, media conversion, port mirroring, telemetry, dynamic patching/link management, and Layer 1+ statistics on every link.
  • Does the 7130-16G3 support DC power options?
    Yes, the 7130-16G3 supports both AC and DC power options, offering flexibility in power supply choices.
  • What is the latency range for the Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect?
    The latency range for the Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect is 4 - 6 ns, providing deterministic latency for critical applications.
  • Can the 7130-96 model be configured for both rear to front and front to rear cooling?
    Yes, the 7130-96 model can be configured for either rear to front or front to rear cooling, accommodating different rack setups.
  • What type of management interface is available on the Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect?
    The Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect features an X86-64 Linux management interface, allowing for versatile management options.
  • Are the PSUs and fans in the 7130-48G3 model user-replaceable?
    Yes, the PSUs and fans in the 7130-48G3 model are dual redundant and hot swappable, making them easily replaceable without system downtime.
  • What makes the Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect suitable for high-frequency trading (HFT) applications?
    Its nanosecond-level L1 forwarding, deterministic latency, and non-blocking architecture make the Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect ideal for high-frequency trading (HFT) applications.
  • How does the 7130-16G3 support signal integrity?
    The 7130-16G3 supports signal integrity through its design that ensures protocol-agnostic connectivity and Layer 1+ packet stats, providing clear and accurate data transmission.

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7130-48KC-F offers high-density connectivity with 48 ports supporting speeds from 100M to 10GbE, catering to diverse networking requirements. Its non-blocking architecture and nanosecond-level Layer 1 forwarding ensure minimal latency and deterministic performance, critical for high-frequency trading and real-time applications. However, the complexity of dynamic patching and the advanced feature set may present a steep learning curve for network teams not familiar with Arista's ecosystem.


The Arista DCS-7130-48KC-F is part of the Arista 7130 Series G3 Connect, a line of Layer-1 switches designed for high-performance computing environments. This model features 48 ports that support speeds of 100M, 1GbE, and 10GbE, catering to a wide range of network demands. The device is engineered for non-blocking and nanosecond-level Layer 1 forwarding, ensuring high-speed data transmission with minimal delay. Its deterministic nature guarantees consistent performance, an essential attribute for financial trading platforms and other latency-sensitive applications. A significant feature of the DCS-7130-48KC-F is its media conversion capability, allowing seamless integration of different media types within the same network infrastructure. This flexibility is further enhanced by dynamic patching and link management functionalities, enabling users to adjust network configurations on the fly without compromising on efficiency or performance. The switch also supports port mirroring and telemetry, providing valuable insights into network performance and facilitating proactive management of network health. The Arista DCS-7130-48KC-F offers detailed Layer 1+ statistics for every link. This feature is invaluable for diagnosing network issues and optimizing performance, ensuring that network administrators have access to comprehensive data about every connection. The switch is housed in a 1 or 2 rack unit (RU) chassis, making it a compact solution for data centers where space is at a premium. It also features dual redundant, hot-swappable power supply units (PSUs) and fans, ensuring uninterrupted operation and easy maintenance. The device supports both AC and DC power options and offers flexibility in cooling orientations with rear to front or front to rear airflow, accommodating different data center layouts. Key hardware specifications of the Arista DCS-7130-48KC-F include: -
  • 4 - 6 ns deterministic latency, ensuring swift data processing and transmission.
  • A crosspoint switch architecture, providing high flexibility in data routing and enhancing signal integrity.
  • X86-64 Linux management, offering a robust and flexible platform for configuration and control.
This switch is protocol agnostic, meaning it can handle a variety of protocols without the need for specific configurations, further simplifying network design and management. The emphasis on signal integrity ensures that the Arista DCS-7130-48KC-F can support long-distance connections without degrading data quality, making it a reliable choice for expansive network architectures. In summary, the Arista DCS-7130-48KC-F combines high port density with exceptional performance features, including nanosecond-level forwarding, deterministic operation, and comprehensive telemetry. Its design considerations, such as dual redundant components and flexible cooling options, make it a resilient and versatile choice for data centers. With support for a broad range of speeds and advanced network management features, this switch is equipped to handle the demanding requirements of modern network environments, delivering high availability, performance, and flexibility.


Part NumberDCS-7130-48KC-F
Product LineArista 7130 Series G3 Connect
Model48 Layer-1 Switch
Configuration OptionsConfigurable fans & power supply units (PSUs)
Model Variants7130-16G3: 16 ports, 7130-48G3: 48 ports, 7130-96: 96 ports, each supporting 100M/1GbE/10GbE
Switch CapabilityNon-blocking architecture
Forwarding SpeedL1 forwarding at nanosecond precision
Operation ModeDeterministic performance
FunctionalitySupports media conversion and port mirroring
Network MonitoringAdvanced telemetry features
Link ManagementDynamic patching and link administration
StatisticsDetailed Layer 1+ metrics for each connection
Form FactorAvailable in 1 or 2 rack unit (RU) sizes
Power SupplyDual, hot swappable PSUs with redundancy
Cooling SystemDual, hot swappable fan units with redundancy
Power OptionsSupport for both AC and DC power inputs
Cooling DirectionOptional rear to front or front to rear airflow
Latency4 - 6 ns latency, ensuring deterministic operations
Switch TypeCrosspoint switch for versatile network configurations
CompatibilityProtocol agnostic for wide-ranging use cases
Packet StatisticsLayer 1+ packet analytics
Signal QualityOptimized signal integrity for reliable connections
Management InterfaceX86-64 Linux-based management platform

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