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by Extreme
Product Line: Extreme 8000 Series
Product Type: Ethernet Switch
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Product Description

The EC84000X2-E6 Extreme is equipped with a field-replaceable 800 watt DC power supply, and supports up to 4 VSP 8400 Series Ethernet Switch Modules, featuring a versatile range of ports including up to 8 x 100GBASE-QSFP28, up to 24 x 40GBASE-QSFP+, and up to 96 x 10GBASE-T Ports. It boasts a switch fabric architecture of 2.56Tbps Full-Duplex and a frame forwarding rate of 1,428Mpps per Switch, with Jumbo Frame support up to 9,600 Bytes. Additionally, it offers MACsec support for enhanced security on 10 Gigabit and Channelized 40 Gigabit ports, capable of handling up to 506 IP Interfaces and supporting up to 7,744 IP Routes.

FAQs for the EC84000X2-E6

  • What is the power capacity of the included DC power supply in the VSP 8400 Series Ethernet Switch?
    The included DC power supply has an 800 watt capacity.
  • How many Ethernet Switch Modules can the VSP 8400 Series support?
    It can support up to 4 VSP 8400 Series Ethernet Switch Modules.
  • Is a rack mount kit included with the VSP 8400 Series Ethernet Switch?
    No, the Slide Rack Mount Kit is sold separately.
  • What is the maximum number of 100G ports available on the VSP 8400 Series?
    Up to 8 x 100GBASE-QSFP28 Ports are available.
  • How many fan modules are included with the VSP 8400 Series Ethernet Switch?
    The system includes four Fan Modules.
  • What types of ports does the VSP 8400 Series support for 10 Gigabit connections?
    It supports up to 96 x 10GBASE-SFP+ Ports and up to 96 x 10GBASE-T Ports.
  • Does the VSP 8400 Series Ethernet Switch support Jumbo Frames?
    Yes, it supports Jumbo Frames up to 9,600 Bytes (802.1Q Tagged).
  • What is the switch fabric architecture capacity of the VSP 8400 Series?
    The switch fabric architecture capacity is 2.56Tbps Full-Duplex.
  • Can the VSP 8400 Series Ethernet Switch support MACsec?
    Yes, it supports MACsec for 10 Gigabit and Channelized 40 Gigabit ports.
  • How many IP Routes can be configured on the VSP 8400 Series Ethernet Switch?
    Up to 7,744 IP Routes can be configured.

Product Review

The Extreme EC84000X2-E6 stands out for its high-capacity networking capabilities, offering up to 8 x 100G, 24 x 40G, 96 x 10G, and 96 x 1G ports, alongside a 2.56Tbps full-duplex switch fabric architecture, ensuring high throughput and scalability for demanding data center environments. However, the necessity to purchase the Slide Rack Mount Kit separately could be seen as a downside for those seeking an all-inclusive package. Additionally, the inclusion of a single 800W DC power supply, while field-replaceable, may present a limitation in redundancy for critical network infrastructure requiring higher availability.


The Extreme EC84000X2-E6 is a high-performance networking hardware solution designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and enterprise networks. This device is engineered to support a wide range of network architectures, offering flexibility and scalability for growing network infrastructure needs. At the core of the EC84000X2-E6 is its support for various Ethernet Switch Modules, with the capability of handling up to 4 VSP 8400 Series modules. This feature allows for a customizable approach to network design, enabling businesses to tailor their network performance and connectivity according to specific requirements. The hardware specifications of the EC84000X2-E6 are impressive, starting with an 800 watt DC power supply that ensures reliable operation. This power supply is field-replaceable, minimizing downtime and maintenance challenges. The inclusion of four fan modules further enhances the device's operational reliability by providing efficient cooling under heavy workloads. Connectivity options on the EC84000X2-E6 are extensive, offering a wide variety of port configurations to suit different networking needs: - Up to 8 x 100GBASE-QSFP28 Ports - Up to 24 x 40GBASE-QSFP+ Ports - Up to 96 x 10GBASE-SFP+ Ports - Up to 96 x 10GBASE-T Ports - Up to 96 x 1000BASE-SFP Ports - Up to 96 x 1000BASE-T Ports This range of port configurations ensures that the EC84000X2-E6 can handle everything from high-speed data center interconnects to general office connectivity. The device's 100G capability highlights its readiness for next-generation networking speeds, positioning it as a future-proof investment for organizations planning to scale their operations. The switch fabric architecture of the EC84000X2-E6 boasts a 2.56Tbps full-duplex capacity, ensuring smooth and efficient data handling even under the most demanding conditions. A frame forwarding rate of 1,428Mpps per switch underscores the device's ability to manage large volumes of data packets without performance degradation. Other notable features of the EC84000X2-E6 include: - Jumbo Frame support of up to 9,600 Bytes for enhanced data transmission efficiency. - MACsec support on 10 Gigabit and Channelized 40 Gigabit ports, providing advanced security for data in transit. - A wide array of IP and interface support capabilities, including up to 506 IP interfaces, 64 CLIP interfaces, and extensive support for IP-configured tunnels, routes, IGMP interfaces, and MLD interfaces. The EC84000X2-E6 also comes with a base software license, offering essential networking functionalities out of the box. However, the slide rack mount kit is sold separately, allowing for customization based on installation preferences. In summary, the Extreme EC84000X2-E6 represents a comprehensive solution for modern networking challenges, offering scalability, flexibility, and a wide range of connectivity options. Its robust specifications make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to build or upgrade their network infrastructure with a future-ready device.


Part NumberEC84000X2-E6
Power Supply800W DC, field-replaceable
100G CompatibilityYes
Supported Ethernet Switch ModulesUp to 4 from the VSP 8400 Series
Included ComponentsOne 800W DC Power Supply, Four Fan Modules, Base Software License
Rack Mount KitAvailable separately
QSFP28 PortsMaximum 8 x 100GBASE
QSFP+ PortsMaximum 24 x 40GBASE
SFP+ PortsMaximum 96 x 10GBASE
10GBASE-T PortsMaximum 96
1000BASE-SFP PortsMaximum 96
1000BASE-T PortsMaximum 96
40 Gigabit Port ChannelizationSupported
Switch Fabric Capacity2.56 Terabits per second, Full-Duplex
Frame Forwarding Rate1,428 Million packets per second, per Switch
Jumbo FramesSupports up to 9,600 Bytes, 802.1Q Tagged
MACsec SupportAvailable for 10 Gigabit and Channelized 40 Gigabit ports
IP InterfacesMaximum 506
CLIP Interfaces64
Configured IP TunnelsMaximum 506
IP RoutesMaximum 7,744
IGMP Interfaces4,059
MLD Interfaces4,059

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