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by EMC
Product Line: EMC ED-DCX-4S-B
Product Type: Storage Area Network (SAN) Switch
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Product Description

The EMC ED-DCX-4S-B is a high-performance Storage Area Network (SAN) switch designed to meet the demands of large-scale data centers. This switch provides exceptional reliability and availability, as well as industry-leading performance and scalability, making it ideal for mission-critical storage applications. With support for up to 192 ports, the ED-DCX-4S-B is a highly flexible solution that can easily accommodate a wide range of storage and network configurations.

Key Feature for the ED-DCX-4S-B

1. 192 ports in a single chassis, with support for 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, or 16 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity
2. Up to 4 Tbps of non-blocking throughput
3. Advanced traffic management features, including Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic prioritization
4. Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and cooling fans for high availability
5. Advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities for quick problem resolution
6. Compatible with EMC PowerPath and EMC Secure Remote Support for added functionality and support

Product Review

The EMC ED-DCX-4S-B is a Fibre Channel director switch with a maximum of 384 ports available, making it an excellent choice for large data centers. It features high-speed connections with low latency, and includes support for advanced features such as encryption and fabric-based Quality of Service (QoS). The switch also offers redundancy features such as hot-swappable components and non-disruptive firmware upgrades, ensuring maximum uptime for mission-critical applications.


The ED-DCX-4S-B is a hardware device designed for network storage and data management. It boasts an impressive set of hardware specifications that make it a highly capable and versatile device for enterprise-level users. At the heart of the ED-DCX-4S-B is a powerful Intel Xeon E5-2640v4 processor that operates at a clock speed of 2.4 GHz. This processor is a high-performance unit that offers 10 cores and 20 threads, making it ideal for handling complex workloads and data-intensive tasks. The device is equipped with 64GB of DDR4 RAM that operates at a speed of 2400 MHz. This amount of memory is more than sufficient to handle most enterprise-level applications and workloads, and the high-speed DDR4 technology ensures that data is processed quickly and efficiently. For storage, the ED-DCX-4S-B features a four-bay hot-swappable drive enclosure that supports both 3.5" and 2.5" drives. This allows for a maximum capacity of up to 64TB of storage using 16TB drives, providing ample space for data storage and backup. The device also features a number of connectivity options, including four Gigabit Ethernet ports, two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and two USB 3.0 ports. This allows for easy integration into existing network infrastructures and enables high-speed data transfer between devices. Overall, the ED-DCX-4S-B is a highly capable and powerful hardware device that offers enterprise-level users a wide range of features and capabilities. Its powerful processor, ample memory, and flexible storage options make it an ideal choice for data-intensive applications and workloads.

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