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by Extreme
Product Line: Extreme WS-AP3805I Access Point
Product Type: Access Point
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Product Description

The WS-AP3805I Extreme features 4 internal single band antenna assemblies for consistent wireless connectivity. It supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) for convenient power supply through the RJ45 Ethernet port, and also accommodates an external 12V DC power supply for flexible power options. Included are comprehensive mounting options with a wall mount bracket and ceiling mounting kit, featuring T-rail mounting hardware with clips, spacers, and screws, as well as drywall anchors for secure installation.

Key Feature for the WS-AP3805I

  • What is included in the T-rail Mounting Hardware for the WS-AP3805?
    The T-rail Mounting Hardware includes (2) 15/16” clips, (2) 9/16” clips, (2) spacers, and mounting screws.
  • How can the WS-AP3805 be powered?
    It can be powered through the Power over Ethernet (PoE) via the RJ45 Ethernet port or by an external 12V DC power supply.
  • Are antennas included with the WS-AP3805, and if so, what type?
    Yes, the WS-AP3805 comes with 4 internal single band antenna assemblies.
  • What options are available for mounting the WS-AP3805?
    Options include a wall mount bracket for easy mounting and a ceiling mounting kit for drop ceiling installation.
  • What hardware is provided for wall mounting the WS-AP3805?
    The hardware includes a mounting bracket, (2) drywall anchors, and mounting screws.
  • Can the WS-AP3805 be mounted on a T-rail ceiling system?
    Yes, it can be mounted on a T-rail ceiling system using the provided T-rail mounting hardware.
  • Is an external power source required for the WS-AP3805?
    No, it can be powered via PoE. An external 12V DC power supply is optional.
  • What components are included for ceiling mounting?
    A ceiling mounting kit is provided, which includes a mounting bracket and necessary hardware.
  • How many antennas does the WS-AP3805 have, and what is their type?
    It has 4 internal single band antennas.
  • Does the WS-AP3805 come with any mounting options?
    Yes, it comes with both wall and ceiling mounting options, including all necessary hardware.

Product Review

The Extreme WS-AP3805I offers flexible mounting options, including wall and ceiling kits, accommodating various installation environments. However, its reliance on a single-band antenna assembly could limit performance in high-density areas where dual-band support is preferable. Additionally, while the inclusion of Power over Ethernet (PoE) adds convenience by reducing cable clutter, the necessity for an external DC power supply for non-PoE installations might be a drawback for some setups.


The Extreme WS-AP3805I is a compact, yet powerful access point designed for efficient deployment in various settings, including office environments, schools, and small businesses. It features a sophisticated internal antenna design and versatile mounting options, ensuring optimal coverage and performance in both wall and ceiling installations. One of the key hardware specifications of the WS-AP3805I is its internal antenna system, which consists of four single-band antenna assemblies. This design facilitates focused signal coverage, enhancing the efficiency and reach of wireless connectivity within the intended area. Mounting hardware is a crucial aspect of the WS-AP3805I, offering a range of options for different installation environments. The package includes: - T-rail mounting hardware with two 15/16” clips and two 9/16” clips, along with two spacers and mounting screws. These components allow for secure attachment to most standard drop ceilings, providing a stable base for the access point. - A wall/ceiling mounting bracket accompanied by two drywall anchors and mounting screws. This bracket supports installations on solid surfaces, ensuring the access point can be positioned for optimal performance regardless of the facility layout. Power supply options for the WS-AP3805I are versatile, supporting both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and an external 12V DC power supply. The RJ45 Ethernet port located on the top of the device facilitates PoE, allowing for a streamlined installation process by eliminating the need for separate power cabling. Alternatively, the access point can be powered by an external DC power supply plugged into an AC source, offering flexibility in deployment scenarios where PoE may not be available. The inclusion of both a wall mount bracket and a ceiling mounting kit with the WS-AP3805I underscores its adaptability to various installation environments. Whether mounted on a wall for targeted coverage or suspended from a ceiling for broader area connectivity, the device's hardware is engineered for easy setup and reliable performance. In summary, the Extreme WS-AP3805I stands out for its internal antenna configuration, comprehensive mounting hardware options, and flexible power supply choices. Its design is tailored to support efficient wireless network deployments across a range of indoor environments, ensuring users experience seamless connectivity and robust network performance.


Part Number WS-AP3805I
Manufacturer Extreme
Antenna Configuration Four integrated single-band antennas
T-Rail Mounting Components (2) clips for 15/16” T-rails, (2) clips for 9/16” T-rails, (2) spacers, and screws
Wall/Ceiling Mounting Options Included bracket for wall or ceiling installation
Bracket Installation Accessories (2) Anchors for drywall, installation screws
Power Input Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) through top RJ45 (LAN) port
Alternative Power Supports 12V DC input from external power supply connected to AC power
Wall Mounting Feature Includes a bracket for easy wall installation
Ceiling Mounting Option Comes with a kit for drop ceiling installation

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