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by Foundry
Product Line: Foundry Networks NI-X-ACPWR
Product Type: Network Switch
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Product Description

The NI-X-ACPWR Foundry is compatible with 16-, 8- and 4-slot MLXe and 16- and 8-Slot XMR/MLX AC, designed to ensure reliable power delivery. It features a 1200W power supply with a power input range of 100-240V 50-60Hz 16A and delivers a power output of 1200W 12V 100A. The unit has a weight of 10 Pounds, with a maximum input voltage of 240 Volts and a minimum input voltage of 100 Volts.

Key Feature for the NI-X-ACPWR

  • What is the input voltage range for the 1200W power supply compatible with 16-, 8-, and 4-slot MLXe and 16- and 8-Slot XMR/MLX AC?
    The input voltage range for the 1200W power supply is 100-240V at 50-60Hz 16A.
  • How much does the power supply unit for the MLXe and XMR/MLX series weigh?
    The power supply unit weighs 10 pounds.
  • Can the 1200W power supply be used with both the 16-slot and 8-slot XMR/MLX routers?
    Yes, the 1200W power supply is compatible with both the 16-slot and 8-slot XMR/MLX routers.
  • What is the power output specification of the 1200W power supply designed for MLXe and XMR/MLX series?
    The power output of the 1200W power supply is 1200W 12V 100A.
  • What are the minimum and maximum input voltages supported by the 1200W power supply?
    The minimum input voltage is 100 Volts, and the maximum input voltage is 240 Volts.
  • Is the 1200W power supply unit designed for high-efficiency operation across its supported voltage range?
    Yes, the 1200W power supply operates efficiently across its supported voltage range of 100-240V.
  • How does the 16A specification of the 1200W power supply affect its compatibility with standard electrical outlets?
    The 16A specification requires that the electrical outlet and circuit can safely support the amperage draw, which is standard in many commercial and industrial settings.
  • What slots configuration does the 1200W power supply support in the MLXe series?
    The 1200W power supply supports the 16-, 8-, and 4-slot configurations in the MLXe series.
  • Is there a specific power output per slot for the supported MLXe and XMR/MLX configurations?
    The specific power output per slot depends on the overall power requirements of the installed modules, with the total not to exceed 1200W 12V 100A.
  • What precautions should be taken when installing the 1200W power supply in a network environment?
    Ensure the electrical infrastructure supports the 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 16A requirements, and the installation follows all safety guidelines and local regulations.

Product Review

The Foundry NI-X-ACPWR power supply supports a wide range of input voltages (100-240V), ensuring compatibility with various global power standards, which is beneficial for multi-national network deployments. Its 1200W output capacity is sufficient for powering 16-, 8-, and 4-slot MLXe, as well as 16- and 8-Slot XMR/MLX systems, catering to high-demand network environments. However, the unit's 10-pound weight might be a consideration for network engineers managing densely populated racks, where weight and space are at a premium.


The Foundry NI-X-ACPWR is a critical component designed to power the most demanding networking hardware, specifically engineered for compatibility with 16-, 8-, and 4-slot MLXe, as well as 16- and 8-Slot XMR/MLX chassis. This power supply unit (PSU) ensures that your network infrastructure operates efficiently, with a substantial power output capacity of 1200W. It effectively meets the energy demands of high-performance networking equipment, ensuring reliability and stability across the system. This model is designed to operate within a wide range of input voltages, from 100 to 240 volts, accommodating varying electrical standards worldwide and making it a versatile choice for global enterprises. The power input specification highlights its adaptability, accepting 100-240V at 50-60Hz with a 16A current. This flexibility ensures that the power supply can function effectively under different power conditions, which is critical for maintaining network uptime and reliability. The 1200W power output is delivered at 12V with a 100A current, providing a stable and sufficient power supply to support the operation of the networking hardware without risk of power shortages or instability. This feature is particularly important for networks that handle large volumes of data and require constant, uninterrupted power to maintain performance and connectivity. Weighing in at 10 pounds, the Foundry NI-X-ACPWR is built with a focus on durability and ease of installation. Its design is optimized for easy integration into existing network setups, ensuring a smooth setup process without the need for extensive modifications. Key specifications include:
  • Power Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 16A, accommodating a wide range of electrical standards.
  • Power Output: 1200W, 12V, 100A, providing ample power for demanding networking applications.
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 240 Volts, Minimum Input Voltage: 100 Volts, offering flexibility in varying power conditions.
The Foundry NI-X-ACPWR is an essential component for businesses looking to maintain optimal performance and reliability in their network infrastructure. Its high power output and wide voltage range make it suitable for a variety of networking environments, ensuring that your hardware has the power it needs to operate efficiently. Whether you are upgrading an existing system or setting up a new network, this power supply unit offers the performance and reliability needed to support your networking requirements.


Component ID Foundry NI-X-ACPWR
Compatibility MLXe 16-, 8-, 4-slot and XMR/MLX 16-, 8-slot models
Power Capacity 1200W AC supply
Input Voltage Range 100V to 240V AC, 50-60Hz, up to 16A
Output Power Specification 1200W at 12V DC, 100A
Product Weight 10 lbs
Input Voltage Limits Minimum: 100V AC, Maximum: 240V AC

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