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Product Line: HP Networking Transceivers
Product Type: Transceiver
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Product Description

The J9152D HP is a multi-mode fiber transceiver featuring a 10 Gbps maximum data transfer rate and a 1310nm wavelength, designed for high-speed network connections. It utilizes an LC connector and supports a maximum transfer distance of 200 m (656 ft), with power consumption under 1W. Equipped with Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM), this compact device measures 0.5 in [1.4 cm] in length, 2.3 in [5.8 cm] in width, and 0.5 in [1.4 cm] in height, ensuring efficient performance monitoring and maintenance in network systems.

Key Feature for the J9152D

  • What is the maximum data transfer rate of the multi-mode fiber product?
    The maximum data transfer rate is 10 Gbps.
  • How long can the signal be transmitted using this product?
    The maximum transfer distance is 200 m (656 ft).
  • What type of connector is used with this fiber optic product?
    It uses an LC connector.
  • Does the product support Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM)?
    Yes, DDM is supported.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the product?
    The product measures 0.5 in [1.4 cm] in length, 2.3 in [5.8 cm] in width, and 0.5 in [1.4 cm] in height.
  • What is the weight of the fiber optic product?
    The product weighs 0.7 oz [21 g].
  • How much power does the device consume?
    Power consumption is less than 1W.
  • What wavelength does this networking hardware operate at?
    It operates at a wavelength of 1310nm.
  • Can you provide the packaging dimensions for the product?
    The package dimensions are 4.3 in [11.0 cm] in length, 3.7 in [9.4 cm] in width, and 1.3 in [3.4 cm] in height.
  • What is the total weight of the product including its packaging?
    The shipping (package) weight is 1.9 oz [54.0 g].

Product Review

The HP J9152D transceiver offers a 10 Gbps data transfer rate over multi-mode fiber with a maximum distance of 200 meters, suitable for medium-range networking needs. It features an LC connector type and supports Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM), enabling efficient network management and troubleshooting. However, its reliance on multi-mode fiber may limit its use in environments requiring longer distance coverage or higher bandwidth capabilities.


The HP J9152D is a high-performance transceiver designed for networking applications requiring high bandwidth and efficient data transfer. This transceiver utilizes multi-mode fiber technology, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of networking equipment. Its core features include a maximum data transfer rate of 10 Gbps, providing the speed necessary for demanding tasks such as data streaming, large file transfers, and high-speed communications. The device operates on a 1310nm wavelength, striking a balance between performance and cost-efficiency in fiber optic communications. At the heart of its connectivity capabilities, the HP J9152D employs an LC connector, a widely used interface in fiber optic networking for its reliability and ease of use. This transceiver is designed to support a maximum transfer distance of up to 200 meters (656 feet), making it suitable for use within large buildings or campus environments where extended reach is necessary without sacrificing signal quality. One of the key aspects of the HP J9152D is its power efficiency. With a power consumption of less than 1 watt, it minimizes energy use while maintaining optimal performance. This not only contributes to lower operating costs but also supports organizations in achieving their energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Furthermore, the inclusion of Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM) allows for real-time monitoring of the transceiver's operational parameters, including temperature, power supply voltage, laser bias current, and transmit and receive optical power. This feature aids in proactive maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring consistent and reliable network performance. The physical dimensions of the HP J9152D are compact, with a length of 0.5 inches [1.4 cm], a width of 2.3 inches [5.8 cm], and a height of 0.5 inches [1.4 cm], while the weight of the product is a mere 0.7 oz [21 g]. This compact size and lightweight design facilitate easy installation and integration into existing networking equipment without the need for extensive modifications or additional space. Packaging information highlights the attention to safe and secure delivery, with package dimensions of 4.3 inches [11.0 cm] in length, 3.7 inches [9.4 cm] in width, and 1.3 inches [3.4 cm] in height. The shipping weight is 1.9 oz [54.0 g], ensuring that the product is well-protected during transit, reducing the risk of damage. Key specifications include: -
  • Wavelength: 1310nm
  • Maximum Data Transfer Rate: 10 Gbps
  • Type: Multi Mode Fiber
In summary, the HP J9152D is a versatile and efficient solution for expanding or upgrading network capabilities. Its combination of high-speed data transfer, extended reach, low power consumption, and diagnostic monitoring features make it a valuable asset for any network infrastructure looking to enhance performance and reliability.


Item NumberHP J9152D
Light Wavelength1310nm
Peak Data Rate10 Gbps
Fiber ModeMulti Mode
Interface TypeLC Connector
Max Distance200 meters (656 feet)
Energy UseLess than 1W
DDM SupportAvailable
Length0.5 inches [1.4 cm]
Width2.3 inches [5.8 cm]
Height0.5 inches [1.4 cm]
Net Weight0.7 ounces [21 grams]
Box Length4.3 inches [11.0 cm]
Box Width3.7 inches [9.4 cm]
Box Height1.3 inches [3.4 cm]
Total Package Weight1.9 ounces [54 grams]

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