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Product Line: Networking
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The JD368B HP module features 2 SFP+ ports, designed to support 10 Gigabit speeds, enhancing connectivity and network performance. It comes equipped with 2 transceivers, ensuring reliable data transmission across the network. Compatible with the 5500, 5120, 5830 series switches, this module seamlessly integrates into existing network infrastructures.

Key Feature for the JD368B

  • What is the port speed of the SFP+ networking hardware?
    The port speed of the SFP+ networking hardware is 10 Gigabit.
  • How many ports does the hardware with part number 5500 have?
    The hardware with part number 5500 has 2 ports.
  • Can I use the SFP+ hardware with 5120 series switches?
    Yes, the SFP+ hardware is compatible with 5120 series switches.
  • What type of port does the device with part number 5830 include?
    The device with part number 5830 includes SFP+ type ports.
  • How many transceivers can be installed in the SFP+ networking hardware?
    The SFP+ networking hardware can accommodate 2 transceivers.
  • Is the hardware with part number 5500 compatible with 10 Gigabit networks?
    Yes, the hardware with part number 5500 supports 10 Gigabit network speeds.
  • What series switches can use the SFP+ networking hardware?
    The SFP+ networking hardware can be used with 5500, 5120, and 5830 series switches.
  • How many SFP+ ports are available on the device with part number 5120?
    The device with part number 5120 has 2 SFP+ ports.
  • What is the maximum port speed supported by the hardware for 5830 series switches?
    The hardware supports a maximum port speed of 10 Gigabit for 5830 series switches.
  • Are transceivers included with the SFP+ ports on the hardware with part number 5830?
    Yes, 2 transceivers are included with the SFP+ ports on the hardware with part number 5830.

Product Review

The HP JD368B module, with its dual SFP+ ports supporting 10 Gigabit speeds, is designed for seamless integration into 5500, 5120, and 5830 series switches, enhancing network bandwidth capabilities. However, its limitation to only two ports may restrict expansion options for larger network infrastructures. Additionally, the inclusion of two transceivers simplifies initial setup and connectivity, streamlining network upgrades.


The HP JD368B is a high-performance module designed to enhance the capabilities of networks by providing additional connectivity options. This module is equipped with two SFP+ ports, enabling a 10 Gigabit connection speed that is essential for handling high-bandwidth applications and large data transfers efficiently. The inclusion of two transceivers ensures that the module can be easily integrated into existing network setups, facilitating immediate improvements in data throughput and network performance. Constructed to be compatible with a range of HP switches, including the 5500, 5120, and 5830 series, the HP JD368B ensures seamless integration into diverse network environments. This compatibility is crucial for IT administrators looking to upgrade their networks without the need for extensive modifications or replacements of current hardware. The module's design focuses on ease of installation and minimal downtime, ensuring that networks can quickly benefit from enhanced capabilities. Key specifications of the HP JD368B include: -
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Port Type: SFP+
  • Port Speed: 10 Gigabit
These features underscore the module's ability to support high-speed network connections, making it an ideal choice for organizations that require efficient data handling capabilities. The dual SFP+ ports offer flexibility in connection types, allowing for the use of direct attach cables or fiber optic connections to meet the specific needs of the network. This adaptability ensures that the module can support a wide range of networking requirements, from basic data transfers to high-demand applications like streaming media or large-scale data backups. Furthermore, the HP JD368B's support for two transceivers enhances its utility by providing redundancy and ensuring a reliable connection. This feature is particularly beneficial in critical network environments where downtime can have significant repercussions. By facilitating a stable and secure connection, the module plays a crucial role in maintaining network integrity and performance. In summary, the HP JD368B is a versatile and efficient networking module that offers significant benefits for networks needing high-speed connectivity and reliable performance. Its compatibility with multiple HP switch series, coupled with its straightforward installation process, makes it an appealing choice for network administrators seeking to expand their network's capabilities with minimal disruption. Whether used in corporate data centers, educational institutions, or other settings requiring robust network performance, the HP JD368B stands out as a valuable addition to any networking environment, providing a cost-effective solution to meet the demands of modern data communications.


Item Code HP JD368B
Ports Quantity 2
Interface Type SFP+
Connection Speed 10 Gbps
Compatible with Models 5500, 5120, 5830 Series

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