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Product Line: Hp 5800 Series
Product Type: Expansion Module
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Product Description

The JC091A HP is a 4-port 10GbE SFP+ Module designed for high-speed networking, featuring a data transfer rate of 10 Gbps and 10 Gigabit Ethernet data link protocol. It is equipped with 1024 MB SDRAM and 512 MB flash memory, supporting a routing table size of 16000 entries (IPv4) and a MAC address table size of 32000 entries. This module offers a routing/switching capacity of 208 Gb/s, throughput of 155 million pps, and operates within a temperature range of 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C).

FAQs for the JC091A

  • What is the form factor of the 4-port 10GbE SFP+ Module?
    The form factor is a plug-in module.
  • How many expansion slots does the module have?
    It has 4 SFP+ expansion slots, all of which are free.
  • What type of cabling is supported by this module?
    The module supports Ethernet 10gbase-x cabling.
  • What is the data transfer rate of the 4-port 10GbE SFP+ Module?
    The data transfer rate is 10 Gbps.
  • Can you detail the module's compatibility with slots?
    It is compatible with 1 expansion slot.
  • What are the memory specifications of the module?
    The module has 1024 MB SDRAM and 512 MB flash memory.
  • What is the maximum heat dissipation of the module?
    Maximum heat dissipation is 2968 BTU/hr (3131.24 kJ/hr).
  • Describe the operating conditions for the module.
    Operating temperature ranges from 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C) with a relative humidity of 10% to 90%.
  • What is the acoustic noise level at low and high-speed fan settings?
    Acoustic noise levels are 50.5 dB at low speed and 57.9 dB at high speed.
  • What routing and switching capacities does the module support?
    The routing and switching capacity is 208 Gb/s, with a routing table size of 16000 entries for IPv4.

Product Review

The HP JC091A 4-port 10GbE SFP+ Module offers high-speed 10 Gbps connectivity and a significant data transfer rate, enhancing network performance and efficiency. However, its high power consumption, with maximum heat dissipation at 2968 BTU/hr, may be a concern for energy-conscious deployments. Additionally, the acoustic noise level can be relatively high, reaching up to 57.9 dB with high-speed fan operation, potentially impacting environments where noise levels are a critical factor.


The HP JC091A is a high-performance networking module designed to enhance connectivity and data transfer speeds within enterprise networks. This module features four 10GbE SFP+ ports, offering a significant bandwidth increase for data-intensive applications and services. It is engineered for seamless integration into existing network infrastructures, emphasizing speed, efficiency, and scalability. With a plug-in module form factor, the HP JC091A ensures easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment. Its wired connectivity technology is specifically tailored for Ethernet 10gbase-x standards, ensuring reliable and high-speed data transmission over 10 Gigabit Ethernet links. The module supports a data transfer rate of 10 Gbps, which facilitates rapid movement of large data volumes across the network, minimizing latency and maximizing throughput. The hardware specifications of the HP JC091A include expansion slots that accommodate four SFP+ modules, providing flexibility and scalability in network design. It is designed to fit into a single expansion slot, making it a compact yet powerful solution for expanding network capabilities without the need for extensive hardware upgrades. - Data Link Protocol: 10 Gigabit Ethernet - Data Transfer Rate: 10 Gbps - Expansion Slots: 4 (4) x SFP+ In terms of memory and processing capabilities, the module is equipped with 1024 MB of SDRAM and 512 MB of flash memory, supporting advanced networking features and applications. Additionally, a 4 MB packet buffer ensures efficient handling of data packets, reducing congestion and improving overall network performance. The HP JC091A boasts a latency of 4.02 µs, ensuring fast data processing and minimal delay in data transmission. The module's performance is further underscored by its throughput of 155 million packets per second (pps) and a routing/switching capacity of 208 Gb/s, making it suitable for high-demand network environments. It supports a routing table size of 16000 entries for IPv4 and a MAC address table size of 32000 entries, enabling efficient routing and data packet distribution across the network. Designed for durability and reliability, the HP JC091A operates within a temperature range of 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C) and a relative humidity range of 10% to 90%. Its power consumption is optimized for efficiency, with a maximum heat dissipation of 2968 BTU/hr (3131.24 kJ/hr). The module also features acoustic design considerations, with noise levels ranging from 50.5 dB in low-speed fan mode to 57.9 dB in high-speed fan mode, ensuring quiet operation in various environments. In summary, the HP JC091A 4-port 10GbE SFP+ Module is a compact, high-performance networking solution designed for enterprise environments requiring high-speed data transmission and advanced networking capabilities. Its specifications and features make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their network infrastructure with reliable, scalable, and efficient networking hardware.


Part NumberHP JC091A
Interface Quantity4
Interface Type10GbE SFP+
Module TypePlug-in
Connection TechnologyWired
Wiring Standard10GBase-X Ethernet
Network Protocol10 Gigabit Ethernet
Maximum Data Rate10 Gbps
Available Expansion Slots4 (all free) SFP+
Slot Compatibility1 Expansion Slot
Chassis Size2 Rack Units
Memory (SDRAM)1024 MB
Storage (Flash)512 MB
Buffer Size4 MB
Network Latency4.02 µs
Packets per Second155 million
Switching Capacity208 Gbps
IPv4 Routing Entries16000
MAC Address Entries32000
Power Frequency50/60 Hz
Heat Output2968 BTU/hr
Operational Temperature Range0°C to 45°C
Humidity Range During Operation10% to 90%
Noise Level (Low/High Speed Fan)50.5 dB / 57.9 dB

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