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by Hp
Product Line: Hp 7900 Series
Product Type: Expansion Module
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Product Description

The JG683B HP is a 12-port 40GbE QSFP+ FX Module, designed for high-speed data transfer with a maximum data transfer rate of 40 Gbit/s and a 9.6 Tbps switch fabric. It supports 40GBase-X network technology and optical fiber media, ensuring efficient and scalable networking solutions. This module features a maximum frame size of 12288 bytes, with dimensions of 4" in height, 13" in width, and 21.9" in depth, weighing approximately 7.28 lb.

FAQs for the JG683B

  • What is the data transfer rate of the 12-port 40GbE QSFP+ FX Module?
    The maximum data transfer rate is 40 Gbit/s.
  • How many expansion slots are available in the module?
    There are a total of 12 QSFP+ expansion slots.
  • What types of media does the module support?
    It supports optical fiber media.
  • Can you specify the dimensions of the 12-port 40GbE QSFP+ FX Module?
    The module measures 4 inches in height, 13 inches in width, and 21.9 inches in depth.
  • What is the weight of the module?
    The module weighs approximately 7.28 lb.
  • What network technology is supported by this module?
    It supports 40GBase-X network technology.
  • What is the maximum frame size the module can handle?
    It can handle a maximum frame size of 12288 bytes.
  • What Ethernet technology does the module use?
    The module uses 40 Gigabit Ethernet technology.
  • How does the switch fabric capacity of the module contribute to its performance?
    The module features a 9.6 Tbps switch fabric, enhancing its performance by facilitating high-speed data processing and transfer.
  • Is the expansion slot type specific to any technology?
    Yes, the expansion slot type is QSFP+, which is specific to the technology used in this module.

Product Review

The HP JG683B 12-port 40GbE QSFP+ FX Module excels in delivering high-speed connectivity with a maximum data transfer rate of 40 Gbit/s and a switch fabric capacity of 9.6 Tbps, catering to dense network environments requiring substantial bandwidth. However, its reliance on optical fiber may limit deployment flexibility in environments not equipped with the necessary infrastructure. Additionally, the module's substantial physical dimensions and weight necessitate adequate rack space and robust support when integrated into network systems.


The HP JG683B is a high-performance networking module designed to enhance the capabilities of HP switches with advanced 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. This module is tailored for enterprises requiring high bandwidth and throughput for data-intensive applications. The HP JG683B is equipped with 12 ports that support 40GbE QSFP+ connections, enabling efficient and fast data transmission across the network. With Ethernet technology that supports a 40 Gigabit Ethernet interface, this module is ideal for organizations that demand high-speed networking to support their operational needs. The media type supported by the HP JG683B is optical fiber, which is known for its ability to transmit data over long distances with minimal loss, making it a suitable option for large-scale networks and data centers. The network technology utilized by this module is 40GBase-X, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network infrastructures and enhancing the overall network performance. The module features 12 total expansion slots, all of which are QSFP+ type. These slots are designed to accommodate QSFP+ transceivers, enabling the module to provide a versatile and scalable solution for expanding network capacity. The maximum data transfer rate supported by this module is 40 Gbit/s, ensuring that it can handle heavy data flows efficiently without bottlenecking the network. - Maximum Data Transfer Rate: 40 Gbit/s - Expansion Slot Type: QSFP+ - Maximum Frame Size: 12288 bytes Dimensionally, the HP JG683B measures 4 inches in height, 13 inches in width, and 21.9 inches in depth, with an approximate weight of 7.28 lb. Its size and weight make it a manageable addition to network setups, ensuring that it can be integrated without requiring significant space adjustments. One of the key features of the HP JG683B is its support for a switch fabric up to 9.6 Tbps, which significantly enhances the switching capacity of the network system it is integrated with. This high switch fabric capacity ensures that data can be processed and forwarded at an exceptionally high rate, which is crucial for maintaining network performance during peak loads. Moreover, the module supports a maximum frame size of 12288 bytes, which is beneficial for optimizing network efficiency and reducing the need for packet fragmentation. In summary, the HP JG683B is a powerful module that offers 12 ports of 40GbE QSFP+ connectivity, making it an excellent choice for businesses that require high-speed, high-capacity networking solutions. Its support for optical fiber media, compatibility with 40GBase-X network technology, and high data transfer rates make it a versatile and efficient option for enhancing network performance. Additionally, the substantial switch fabric capacity and support for large frame sizes further ensure that the network can handle large volumes of data with ease, making the HP JG683B an essential component for modern data centers and enterprise networks.


Part Number HP JG683B
Manufacturer HP
Type 40GbE QSFP+ FX Module with 12 Ports
Ethernet Capability 40 Gigabit Ethernet
Supported Media Optical Fiber
Network Standard 40GBase-X
Total Expansion Slots 12
Slot Type QSFP+
Dimensions (H x W x D) 4" x 13" x 21.9"
Approximate Weight 7.28 pounds
Data Transfer Rate 40 Gbps
Switch Fabric Capacity 9.6 Terabits per second
Maximum Frame Size 12288 bytes

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