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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper ACX Series
Product Type: ACX500-DC Router
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Product Description

The ACX500-DC Juniper is an indoor networking unit featuring 2x1GbE (SFP) and 4x1GbE (combo) ports with PoE+ support on 3 ports, housed in a 1 U form factor with passive cooling. It operates on a single DC power supply with a nominal voltage of -48 V, -60 V telco, or +24 VDC, and has a maximum power draw of 65 W + 80 W for PoE. Designed for durability, it supports an operating temperature range from -40° to 149° F and up to 95% RH non-condensing humidity, making it suitable for various environmental conditions.

Key Feature for the ACX500-DC

  • What are the dimensions of the ACX500 indoor unit?
    Dimensions of the ACX500 are 17.5" (W) x 1.75" (H) x 9.4" (D).
  • How many GbE (SFP) ports does the unit have?
    The unit has 2 GbE (SFP) ports.
  • Is PoE supported on all Ethernet ports of the ACX500?
    PoE+ is supported on 3 out of the 4 GbE (combo) ports.
  • What is the power supply specification for the ACX500-DC?
    The power supply accepts -48 V nominal, -60 V telco nominal, or +24 VDC nominal.
  • What cooling method is used in the ACX500?
    It uses passive cooling.
  • How much power does the ACX500 draw?
    It has a maximum power draw of 65 W plus up to 80 W for PoE.
  • Can the ACX500 be rack mounted?
    Yes, it has rack mounting options.
  • What is the weight of the fully configured ACX500-DC unit?
    The fully configured unit weighs 8.6 lb (3.9 kg).
  • What operating system does the ACX500 utilize?
    It runs on Junos OS.
  • What are the operating temperature limits of the ACX500?
    The operating temperature ranges from -40°F to 149°F.

Product Review

The Juniper ACX500-DC offers a compact, 1U form factor, making it suitable for space-constrained environments, with passive cooling and rack-mounting options enhancing its deployment flexibility. However, its connectivity is limited to 2x1GbE (SFP) and 4x1GbE (combo) ports, with PoE+ support on only 3 ports, potentially restricting its use in larger network setups requiring extensive port density or higher-speed connections. Its power options and environmental tolerance, supporting a wide range of DC power inputs and operating in extreme temperatures from -40° to 149°F, ensure reliability in diverse operational conditions.


The Juniper ACX500-DC is a compact networking device designed for efficient network infrastructure deployment in indoor environments. This model stands out for its blend of performance, connectivity options, and power efficiency, tailored for enterprises and service providers aiming for reliable network solutions. With its 1U size, the ACX500-DC is engineered for space-saving installations while ensuring straightforward integration into existing rack setups. At the heart of its design, the ACX500-DC features a variety of connectivity options to meet diverse networking needs. It is equipped with 2x1GbE (SFP) ports and an additional 4x1GbE (combo) ports. This configuration provides flexibility in network designs, allowing for both fiber and copper connections based on the deployment requirements. Notably, the device offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, with three of the combo ports enabled for PoE+, facilitating power delivery to connected devices such as IP cameras, access points, and IP phones, thereby reducing the need for additional power sources. Key hardware specifications of the ACX500-DC include: - Dimensions: With a width of 17.5 inches, a height of 1.75 inches, and a depth of 9.4 inches, the ACX500-DC's compact form factor is ideal for space-constrained installations. - Weight: Fully configured, the device weighs 8.6 lb (3.9 kg), making it manageable for single-person installations. - Power Supply: The unit operates on a single DC power source, with support for -48 V nominal, -60 V telco nominal, or +24 VDC nominal input. This versatility ensures compatibility with various power infrastructures. The ACX500-DC is designed to operate in challenging environmental conditions. It has an operating temperature range from -40° to 149° F, making it suitable for deployments in environments with extreme temperatures. Furthermore, it can withstand up to 95% non-condensing humidity, ensuring reliable performance in humid conditions. Energy efficiency is a key consideration in the design of the ACX500-DC. The device has a maximum power draw of 65 W, which increases to 145 W when accounting for the maximum PoE power output (80 W). This efficient power usage, combined with passive cooling, ensures operational cost savings and contributes to a lower total cost of ownership. For network management and configuration, the ACX500-DC runs on Juniper's Junos OS, offering a consistent, feature-rich operating environment. This operating system provides advanced networking features, security, and stability, enabling efficient network operation and management. In summary, the Juniper ACX500-DC is a versatile and efficient networking solution designed for indoor deployments. Its combination of connectivity options, environmental resilience, and efficient power use, all housed in a compact, rack-mountable unit, make it a suitable choice for a wide range of networking applications.


Specification Description
Model Juniper ACX500-DC
Type ACX500 indoor configuration, equipped with 2x1GbE (SFP) + 4x1GbE (combo), single DC power supply unit
Height (Rack Units) 1U
Cooling System Passive, with options for rack installation
Power over Ethernet Supports PoE, Junos OS compatible, 4x combo GbE with PoE+ on three ports
GbE Ports (SFP) 2
Size (Width) 17.5 inches
Size (Height) 1.75 inches
Size (Depth) 9.4 inches
Weight When Fully Equipped 8.6 pounds (3.9 kilograms)
DC Power Requirements -48 V nominal, -60 V telco, or +24 VDC
Maximum Power Consumption 65 W plus an additional 80 W for PoE
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°F
Maximum Operating Temperature 149°F
Maximum Humidity 95% RH, non-condensing

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