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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Networks Power and Cable Accessories
Product Type: Power Cable
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Product Description

The CBL-M-PWR-RA-TWLK-US Juniper features a NEMA L6-20P connector on one end and a IEC 320 EN 60320 C19 connector on the other, designed for compatibility with a variety of devices. It operates at a voltage rating of 250 V AC, a frequency of 60 Hz, and supports a current rating of 20 A. The power cord extends to 8.20 ft, providing ample length for setup flexibility.

Key Feature for the CBL-M-PWR-RA-TWLK-US

  • What type of connectors does this power cord have?
    The power cord features a NEMA L6-20P connector on the first end and an IEC 320 EN 60320 C19 connector on the second end.
  • Can the cord with part number NEMA L6-20P to IEC 320 EN 60320 C19 be used with devices requiring 250 V AC?
    Yes, this power cord is rated for 250 V AC, making it suitable for devices that require this voltage.
  • Is this power cord appropriate for equipment that operates at 60 Hz?
    Yes, the power cord is designed for equipment that operates at a frequency of 60 Hz.
  • What is the current rating of the NEMA L6-20P to IEC 320 EN 60320 C19 power cord?
    The power cord has a current rating of 20 A.
  • How long is the power cord?
    The cord length is 8.20 ft.
  • Is the NEMA L6-20P to IEC 320 EN 60320 C19 suitable for high-power applications?
    Yes, with a voltage rating of 250 V AC and a current rating of 20 A, it is suitable for high-power applications.
  • Can this power cord be used in residential settings?
    While it is compatible with equipment requiring its specific connections and ratings, its use in residential settings depends on the compatibility with residential equipment and power sources.
  • What is the maximum power capacity of the NEMA L6-20P to IEC 320 EN 60320 C19 cord?
    The maximum power capacity is determined by its voltage and current ratings, which are 250 V AC and 20 A, respectively.
  • Is the power cord flexible for easy installation?
    Yes, the cord's length of 8.20 ft allows for flexibility and ease of installation in various setups.
  • Does the NEMA L6-20P to IEC 320 EN 60320 C19 power cord come with any certifications?
    For certification details, please refer to the product specifications or contact the manufacturer directly as certifications vary by product.

Product Review

The Juniper CBL-M-PWR-RA-TWLK-US power cable, with its NEMA L6-20P to IEC 320 EN 60320 C19 connectors, supports a voltage rating of 250V AC at 60Hz, ensuring compatibility with high-power network equipment. Its 20A current rating and 8.20 ft length provide flexibility for various rack configurations without compromising power delivery. However, the specific connector types may limit its applicability to certain geographical regions or equipment, necessitating adapters or alternative solutions for broader compatibility.


The Juniper CBL-M-PWR-RA-TWLK-US is a specialized power cable designed to facilitate the connection and power supply for a wide range of networking hardware. This cable is essential for ensuring that your network equipment receives a stable and secure power connection, thus maintaining operational efficiency and reliability. It is particularly suited for connecting high-power devices in data centers, server rooms, and for networking hardware requiring a dependable power source. At the core of its design, the Juniper CBL-M-PWR-RA-TWLK-US features a connector on the first end that is a NEMA L6-20P. This type of connector is widely recognized for its reliability and safety in handling high-power connections. It's specifically designed to fit into corresponding NEMA L6-20R receptacles, which are commonly found in environments where powerful equipment is standard. This ensures that the cable can be seamlessly integrated into existing setups without the need for additional adapters or modifications. The second end of the cable boasts an IEC 320 EN 60320 C19 connector. This connector is standard for connecting to a variety of devices, including servers, routers, and power distribution units (PDUs) among others. Its universal design makes it a versatile choice for a broad range of applications in the networking realm.
  • Voltage Rating: 250 V AC - This high voltage rating indicates the cable's capability to handle the demands of power-intensive networking hardware without compromising performance or safety.
  • Frequency: 60 Hz - The specified frequency ensures compatibility with the standard electrical supply in the United States, providing a smooth and uninterrupted power supply to connected devices.
  • Current Rating: 20 A - With a current rating of 20 Amperes, the cable can support devices that require a substantial amount of power, making it suitable for high-performance networking equipment.
Another critical specification of this cable is its length - 8.20 feet. This length offers flexibility in connecting devices that are not in close proximity to power sources, thereby reducing the constraints placed by shorter cables and eliminating the need for extension cords in many setups. The Juniper CBL-M-PWR-RA-TWLK-US is crafted with durability in mind, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of continuous operation in demanding environments. Its construction adheres to high-quality standards, providing assurance of its longevity and reliability. In summary, the Juniper CBL-M-PWR-RA-TWLK-US is an indispensable component for networking infrastructure that requires a reliable and high-quality power connection. Its specific connectors, high voltage and current ratings, and appropriate length make it an excellent choice for powering a wide array of networking hardware. Whether it's for a data center, server room, or any other setting where network reliability is crucial, this power cable delivers the necessary performance to keep your network running smoothly.


Item Number Juniper CBL-M-PWR-RA-TWLK-US
Manufacturer Juniper
First End Connector Type NEMA L6-20P
Second End Connector Type IEC 320 EN 60320 C19
Rated Voltage 250 V Alternating Current
Operating Frequency 60 Hertz
Current Capacity 20 Amperes
Cable Length 8.20 feet

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