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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Networks CFP Transceiver Modules
Product Type: Transceiver
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Product Description

The CFP-100GBASE-SR10 transceiver is designed for short-range, high-bandwidth communications over multimode fiber (MMF), utilizing a MPO-24 connector and supporting a maximum data rate of 103.1 Gbps. It operates on a wavelength range of 840 to 860 nm, with transmitter and receiver power levels optimized for a distance of up to 100 m on OM3 fiber. Key features include a 10x VCSEL transmitter, PIN receiver, support for Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) chip, and Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) support, with a power consumption of ≤ 7W and operational temperature range from 0° C to 70° C.

Key Feature for the CFP-100GBASE-SR10

  • What is the signaling rate per lane for the transceiver?
  • The signaling rate per lane is 100 Gbps.

  • What wavelength range does the transmitter operate within?
  • The transmitter operates within the 840 to 860 nm wavelength range.

  • What is the minimum output power for each transmitter lane?
  • The minimum transmitter output power for each lane is –7.6 dBm.

  • How does the receiver handle input power for each lane?
  • The receiver can handle input power from –9.5 dBm to 2.4 dBm for each lane.

  • What type of fiber optic cable is required for this transceiver?
  • This transceiver requires MMF (Multi-Mode Fiber) cable of OM3 grade.

  • What is the maximum distance supported by the transceiver?
  • The maximum supported distance is 100 meters.

  • What is the maximum power consumption of the device?
  • The maximum power consumption is 16 W.

  • What are the operating temperature limits for the transceiver?
  • The operating temperature can range from 0° C to 70° C.

  • What connector type is used with this transceiver?
  • The transceiver uses an MPO-24 connector.

  • Does the transceiver support DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring)?
  • Yes, DOM support is included.

Product Review

The Juniper CFP-100GBASE-SR10 transceiver offers a maximum data rate of 103.1 Gbps, utilizing a 10x VCSEL transmitter and PIN receiver over MMF with an MPO-24 connector, ensuring compatibility with high-speed networks. However, its operational power consumption can reach up to 16W, which may be higher than some alternatives, potentially impacting energy efficiency in large-scale deployments. Additionally, it supports a distance of up to 100m on OM3 fiber, making it suitable for short-range applications, but limiting for extended network configurations.


The Juniper CFP-100GBASE-SR10 is a high-performance transceiver designed for high-speed data transmission over multimode fiber (MMF), leveraging the latest in optical technology to provide reliable connectivity for networking hardware. This transceiver operates within a signaling rate of 100 Gbps, ensuring fast data transfer that accommodates the needs of modern data centers and high-bandwidth applications. At the core of its specifications, the transmitter of the Juniper CFP-100GBASE-SR10 operates within wavelengths ranging from 840 to 860 nm. It demonstrates a versatile output power per lane, with a minimum of -7.6 dBm and peaking at 2.4 dBm. This range ensures compatibility and optimal performance across various network configurations. The receiver complements this with an input power range per lane that starts at a minimum of -9.5 dBm, extending up to a maximum of 2.4 dBm, which allows for flexibility in signal strength and integrity. The transceiver is designed for use with MMF, specifically with an OM3 fiber grade, which is critical for achieving the optimal distance of 100 meters. This makes it suitable for intra-data center connectivity, providing a balance between distance and data rate. The device supports a maximum data rate of 103.1 Gbps, facilitated by a CDR (Clock and Data Recovery) chip, which ensures timely and accurate data transmission by minimizing jitter and signal distortions. Power efficiency is a key aspect of the Juniper CFP-100GBASE-SR10, with a maximum power consumption of 16 W, though typically operating at or below 7W. This efficiency contributes to reduced operational costs and supports the sustainability goals of modern IT infrastructures. Operational reliability is assured through a wide range of operating temperatures, from 0° C to 70° C, and storage temperatures from -40° C to 85° C. Such specifications ensure that the transceiver can perform under varied environmental conditions without compromising on efficiency or longevity. The hardware incorporates a MPO-24 connector, facilitating easy and secure connections. It relies on 10x VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) optical components for transmitting signals and employs a PIN receiver type for signal detection, ensuring high sensitivity and reliability. Additionally, the device supports Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM), enabling real-time monitoring of performance parameters such as temperature, supply voltages, laser bias current, transmit optical power, and receive optical power. Key features include:
  • Support for 103.1 Gbps max data rate, ensuring high-speed data transmission.
  • DOM support, allowing for enhanced monitoring and maintenance capabilities.
  • Designed for MMF with an OM3 fiber grade, optimal for 100 m transmission distances.
The Juniper CFP-100GBASE-SR10 is equipped with receiver overload protection for each lane, peaking at 3.4 dB, safeguarding the device against potential damage from high-power signals. This transceiver is an ideal solution for enterprises and service providers looking to upgrade their network infrastructure with a high-speed, reliable, and efficient networking component.


Part NumberCFP-100GBASE-SR10
Per Lane Data Rate100 Gbps
Laser Wavelength Range840 to 860 nm
Min. Output Power Per Lane-7.6 dBm
Max. Output Power Per Lane2.4 dBm
Min. Receiver Sensitivity Per Lane-9.5 dBm to -9.1 dBm
Max. Receiver Input Power Per Lane2.4 dBm
Supported Cable TypeMMF
Recommended Fiber TypeOM3
Operational Distance100 m
Peak Power Use16 W
Lowest Operating Temperature0° C
Highest Operating Temperature70° C
Minimum Storage Temperature-40° C
Maximum Storage Temperature85° C
Module Form FactorCFP
Connection InterfaceMPO-24
Laser Source10x VCSEL
Digital Optical MonitoringYes
Maximum Throughput103.1 Gbps
CDR SupportYes
Energy Consumption≤ 7W
Laser TypeVCSEL Laser
Detection MethodPIN
Max. Receiver Capacity3.4 dBm

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