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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Chas-BP-TX-S
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The CHAS-BP-TX-S TX Matrix Core Router Chassis is designed for high-capacity networking, featuring 9 total expansion slots for switch fabric cards. It is rack-mountable with dimensions of 44.5" in height, 17.4" in width, and 30.0" in depth, and it weighs approximately 480.00 lb. This chassis supports extensive network scalability and integration within data center environments.

Key Feature for the Chas-BP-TX-S

  • What is the form factor of the CHAS-BP-TX-S TX Matrix Core Router Chassis?
    The form factor is rack-mountable.
  • How many expansion slots does this model have?
    The CHAS-BP-TX-S has a total of 9 expansion slots.
  • What type of expansion slots are available in the CHAS-BP-TX-S?
    It includes switch fabric card expansion slots.
  • Can you specify the dimensions of the CHAS-BP-TX-S?
    It measures 44.5" in height, 17.4" in width, and 30.0" in depth.
  • What is the weight of the CHAS-BP-TX-S TX Matrix Core Router Chassis?
    The weight is approximately 480.00 lb.
  • Is the CHAS-BP-TX-S designed for any specific mounting configuration?
    Yes, it is designed for rack-mounting.
  • What is the purpose of the switch fabric card slots in the CHAS-BP-TX-S?
    They are used to expand the core router's capacity and performance by adding additional switch fabric cards.
  • How does the weight of the CHAS-BP-TX-S affect its installation?
    Due to its weight of 480.00 lb, proper support and planning are necessary for safe installation.
  • Are there any specific requirements for the rack used to mount the CHAS-BP-TX-S?
    The rack must be able to support the chassis's dimensions (44.5" H x 17.4" W x 30.0" D) and weight (480.00 lb).
  • What benefits do the expansion slots in the CHAS-BP-TX-S offer for network scalability?
    The 9 expansion slots allow for significant scalability and flexibility in network design and performance enhancements.

Product Review

The Juniper CHAS-BP-TX-S TX Matrix Core Router Chassis supports nine switch fabric card expansion slots, allowing for scalable network customization. Its rack-mountable form factor, with dimensions of 44.5" in height, 17.4" in width, and 30.0" in depth, requires significant rack space and planning for efficient data center layout. Weighing approximately 480 pounds, its installation and physical management may pose challenges, necessitating careful consideration of infrastructure and support.


The Juniper CHAS-BP-TX-S TX Matrix Core Router Chassis is a critical component designed for high-performance networking environments, offering scalability and flexibility. This rack-mountable chassis is specifically engineered to cater to the needs of large networks that demand high capacity and reliable data routing capabilities. With its dimensions of 44.5 inches in height, 17.4 inches in width, and 30.0 inches in depth, along with an approximate weight of 480.00 pounds, it is structured to fit into standard data center racks while providing ample room for internal components and airflow. At the heart of its design, the CHAS-BP-TX-S features a total of 9 expansion slots. These slots are tailored to accommodate Switch Fabric Cards, which are essential for enhancing the router's performance, efficiency, and scalability. The inclusion of these slots allows for significant flexibility in network design, permitting the integration of additional capabilities as network demands evolve. This adaptability ensures that the chassis can support a wide range of networking applications, from basic data routing to complex, high-demand scenarios requiring sophisticated data processing and distribution.
  • Form Factor: Rack-mountable, ensuring compatibility with standard data center configurations and facilitating easy installation and maintenance.
  • Expansion Slot Type: Dedicated to Switch Fabric Cards, enabling enhanced performance and scalability of network operations.
  • Total Expansion Slots: 9, providing ample capacity for network expansion and upgrades, thereby future-proofing investments in networking infrastructure.
The physical specifications of the CHAS-BP-TX-S contribute to its operational efficiency and durability. The chassis's size is carefully balanced to optimize space utilization in data centers, allowing for efficient cooling and maintenance access. Despite its substantial weight, the chassis's design ensures stability and robustness, crucial factors for equipment that forms the backbone of critical networking infrastructure. In terms of practical applications, the Juniper CHAS-BP-TX-S is suited for deployment in environments where reliability and high-capacity routing are paramount. Its design accommodates the needs of large-scale data centers, internet service providers, and enterprise networks that require the continuous, uninterrupted flow of large volumes of data. The flexibility offered by the expansion slots makes this chassis a future-ready solution, capable of adapting to the growing demands of modern networked environments. In summary, the Juniper CHAS-BP-TX-S TX Matrix Core Router Chassis stands out as a foundational piece for building high-capacity, reliable networking infrastructures. Its design emphasizes scalability, performance, and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to invest in a network backbone that will support their operations now and into the future. With its focus on accommodating Switch Fabric Cards through its 9 expansion slots, and its rack-mountable form factor, this chassis is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of today's data-driven world.


Part Number Juniper CHAS-BP-TX-S
Product Name TX Matrix Core Router Enclosure
Expansion Slots Total 9
Type of Expansion Slot Switch Fabric Card
Installation Type Designed for rack installation
Dimensions (H x W x D) 44.5" x 17.4" x 30.0"
Weight (Estimated) 480 lb

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