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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper EX4200 Ethernet Switches
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The EX4200-48T is a Juniper network switch featuring 48-port 10/100/1000BASE-T connectivity with 8 PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports, supporting a POE budget of 130 W and a total power supply rating of 320 W AC. It is designed for efficient space utilization, fitting within a 1 RU (Rack Unit) height, and offers a substantial packet switching capacity of 136 Gbps and a throughput of 101 Mpps (Million packets per second) at wire speed. For scalability, its backplane supports a 128 Gbps Virtual Chassis interconnect, allowing up to 10 units to be combined into a single logical device, enhancing its operational flexibility and network integration capabilities.

Key Feature for the EX4200-48T

  • What is the port configuration of the 48-port 10/100/1000BASE-T switch?
    The switch has 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, including 8 PoE ports.
  • How many units can be combined using the Virtual Chassis interconnect?
    Up to 10 units can be combined as a single logical device using the 128 Gbps Virtual Chassis interconnect.
  • What is the Power over Ethernet (PoE) budget for this device?
    The PoE budget is 130 W.
  • What are the dimensions of the switch?
    The dimensions are 17.41 x 1.72 x 16.43 inches (44.21 x 4.32 x 41.73 cm) for desktop installation. Rack-mount width is 17.5 inches (44.5 cm).
  • What is the maximum current inrush of the switch?
    The maximum current inrush is 50 amps.
  • How much does the system weigh?
    The system weighs 17.1 lb (7.8 kg).
  • What is the airflow specification?
    The airflow specification is 20.3 cubic feet per minute (cfm).
  • What is the packet switching capacity?
    The packet switching capacity is 136 Gbps.
  • What are the operating and storage temperature ranges?
    Operating temperature ranges from 32° F to 113° F, and storage temperature ranges from -40° F to 158° F.
  • What is the relative humidity range for operating conditions?
    The relative humidity range for operating conditions is 10% to 85% (noncondensing).

Product Review

The Juniper EX4200-48T offers a high-density configuration with 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, including 8 PoE ports, and a backplane capacity of 128 Gbps, allowing up to 10 units to be interconnected for scalable network designs. However, its power over Ethernet (PoE) budget is limited to 130 W, restricting the number of high-power devices it can support simultaneously. Additionally, the switch operates with significant acoustic noise at 51.6 dBA, which could be a consideration for environments where noise levels are a concern.


The Juniper EX4200-48T is a switch designed for high-performance networking, offering 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, including 8 ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability. This device is engineered to facilitate efficient network connectivity and power supply for connected devices. It comes with a 320W AC power supply unit (PSU) and is accompanied by a 50cm Virtual Chassis cable to enable easy integration with other units. Key hardware specifications of the EX4200-48T include a compact form factor of 1 rack unit (RU) height, providing a dense, space-efficient solution for network racks. The switch supports a PoE budget of 130W, sufficient for powering multiple PoE-enabled devices without the need for additional power sources. Despite its compact size, the unit boasts a substantial power supply rating of 320W AC, ensuring reliable operation under various load conditions. The networking capabilities of the EX4200-48T are enhanced by its backplane, which offers a 128Gbps Virtual Chassis interconnect. This feature allows up to 10 units to be combined, functioning as a single logical device, thereby simplifying network management and scalability. The switch is designed to handle a maximum current inrush of 50 amps, highlighting its robust power handling capabilities. Dimensions of the EX4200-48T are tailored for both desktop and rack-mount installations, with a width of 17.41 inches (44.21 cm), a height of 1.72 inches (4.32 cm), and a depth of 16.43 inches (41.73 cm) for the standard setup. When equipped with larger PSUs, the depth extends to 18.8 inches (47.8 cm). The system weight is 17.1 lb (7.8 kg), making it relatively lightweight for installation and maintenance. In terms of performance, the EX4200-48T delivers a packet switching capacity of 136Gbps and a throughput of 101 million packets per second (Mpps), ensuring wire-speed performance across all ports. The system's airflow is rated at 20.3 cubic feet per minute (cfm), with an acoustic noise level of 51.6 dBA, striking a balance between cooling efficiency and noise control.
  • GbE port density per system is 52, which includes 48 host ports and a four-port GbE uplink module.
  • Operating temperatures range from 32°F to 113°F, with storage temperatures spanning from -40°F to 158°F.
  • The device can operate at altitudes up to 10,000 ft and be stored at altitudes up to 16,000 ft, with relative humidity tolerance from 10% to 85% (non-condensing).
The Juniper EX4200-48T is engineered for environments demanding high-density, high-performance networking solutions, providing a versatile foundation for supporting a wide range of applications and devices. Whether deployed in a standalone configuration or as part of a larger Virtual Chassis setup, this switch offers the flexibility, power, and performance needed to support today's dynamic network requirements.


Part Number Juniper EX4200-48T
Manufacturer Juniper
Interface Configuration 48 x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet Ports (including 8 with Power over Ethernet capability)
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Ports 8
Unit Height 1 Rack Unit (RU)
Available PoE Power 130 Watts
Power Supply Capacity 320 Watts AC
Virtual Chassis Capability Up to 10 units using 128 Gbps backplane for unified management
Peak Current Draw 50 Amps
Physical Dimensions (WxHxD) 17.41 x 1.72 x 16.43 inches (44.21 x 4.32 x 41.73 cm)
Rack-Mount Width 17.5 inches (44.5 cm)
Depth with PSU Options Standard depth with 320W AC and 190W DC PSU; 18.8 inches (47.8 cm) with 600/930W AC PSU
Weight 17.1 pounds (7.8 kg)
Cooling Airflow 20.3 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
Ethernet Ports Total of 52 GbE ports (48 base ports + 4 uplink ports)
Switching Capacity 136 Gigabits per second (Gbps)
System Throughput 101 Million packets per second (Mpps) at wire speed
Sound Level 51.6 decibels (dBA)
Minimum Operating Temperature 32° Fahrenheit (°F)
Maximum Operating Temperature 113° Fahrenheit (°F)
Minimum Storage Temperature -40° Fahrenheit (°F)
Maximum Storage Temperature 158° Fahrenheit (°F)
Maximum Operating Altitude 10,000 feet (3,049 meters)
Maximum Non-Operating Altitude 16,000 feet (4,877 meters)
Humidity Range During Operation 10% to 85%, non-condensing

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