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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper EX Series Switches
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Juniper EX4500-40F-VC1-BF is a high-performance Ethernet switch that delivers high scalability, availability, and performance for data center and campus networks. It provides 40 fixed 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) small form-factor pluggable plus (SFP+) ports and four expansion slots for up to 64 10GbE or 16 40GbE ports.

Key Feature for the EX4500-40F-VC1-BF

1. Switching capacity: 1.92 Tbps
2. Forwarding rate: 1.44 Bpps
3. VLANs: 4096
4. MAC addresses: 128,000
5. Redundant power supplies: Yes
6. Hot-swappable fans: Yes

Product Review

The Juniper EX4500-40F-VC1-BF is a powerful switch, with 40 ports and 10Gbps speed. It stands out from other products in this category because of its Virtual Chassis technology, which allows it to operate as multiple interconnected switches combined into one logical device. This feature offers a variety of benefits for users, including improved scalability, resiliency and infrastructure efficiency. Furthermore, its unique design means it consumes less power than similar devices, making it an attractive option for organizations looking to reduce their energy costs.


The Juniper EX4500-40F-VC1-BF delivers powerful Ethernet switching capabilities to your enterprise IT environment. With up to forty 10GbE ports, this versatile switch is designed to provide maximum throughput and flexibility in today's interconnected data center. This product is built on a proven Junos OS platform, providing reliable security and deployment of Layer 2/3 services across multi-chip and multi-site deployments. This feature-rich platform is designed to meet the needs of any virtualized or cloud-based environment, as well as large Enterprise customers who require a cost-effective solution for their application deployment. The main component of the Juniper EX4500-40F-VC1-BF is the physical switch itself. The switch includes forty 10Gb Ethernet network ports, along with two 1/10GBASE-T copper interfaces. It also includes support for ten 100GBASE-BX4 optical transceivers. Furthermore, it provides up to 2TB of onboard flash storage, allowing for efficient scalability options as well as low latency data handling. All of this means that the switch is extremely capable when it comes to handling large amounts of data without lagging or dropping packets. Performance is further enabled by the latest hardware design features included in the Juniper EX4500-40F-VC1-BF. The router can support up to 120 Gbps of traffic at full line rate, with forwarding rates of up to 1 Tbps across all ports. Additionally, hardware redundancy is provided by dual power supplies and comprehensive fan cooling design solutions. This allows for proper thermal management even under extreme load conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation regardless of environmental conditions. The Juniper EX4500-40F-VC1-BF also offers comprehensive Layer 2/3 networking management tools and routing protocols to effectively manage various types of traffic flows across the network. IPv4, IPv6, MLDv2, VRRP, PIM, and OSPF are all supported protocols which allow for control over quality of service (QoS) and data flow management. Security is also enhanced through extensive filtering support for traffic shaping options along with built in threat detection systems for increased security and compliance with regulatory requirements as needed. The Juniper EX4500-40F-VC1-BF offers a powerful solution for data center deployments both small and large with its variety of scaling options, versatile feature set, and robust performance specifications. Large organizations and enterprises can benefit from the cost effective approach it takes while still providing reliable security and performance standards necessary in today’s cloud and virtualized environments

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