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Product Line: Juniper Networks SRX5K-SCBE
Product Type: control board
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Product Description

The Juniper Networks SRX5K-SCBE is a scalable control board designed for high-performance enterprise and service provider networks. It is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software components that enable it to provide high availability, scalability, and security. The SRX5K-SCBE features an advanced architecture that is optimized for high-speed packet processing and provides support for a wide range of networking protocols.

Key Feature for the SRX5K-SCBE

1. Provides high-performance forwarding and security services for up to 9 Tbps of throughput.
2. Offers hardware acceleration for IPv4/IPv6 routing, multicast, and security processing.
3. Supports up to 1.5 million firewall sessions and 150,000 NAT sessions.
4. Features high availability and redundant components, including power supplies, control boards, and cooling systems.
5. Supports Junos OS, which offers advanced routing and security features, as well as support for a wide range of networking protocols and APIs.
6. Offers support for virtualization and network slicing, enabling users to create virtual network environments for different applications and tenants.

Product Review

Juniper Networks SRX5K-SCBE is a powerful device with impressive hardware features. It provides high-density, high-speed 10G switching and up to 28 cores of on-board processing power, allowing for increased performance in networks of all sizes. This heavily customizable system also enables users to easily segment and subdivide traffic by policy without slowing down network performance. Consumers will benefit from the efficiency, speed and scalability of the Juniper Network SRX5K-SCBE.


The Juniper Networks SRX5K-SCBE is a high-performance modular routing platform designed for secure, cloud-managed enterprise networks. The SRX5K-SCBE provides up to 3.2Tbps of throughput with up to 220Gb per slot and combines advanced security, edge routing and resiliency for organizations with rapidly changing needs. For businesses that require the utmost in speed and reliability, the SRX5K-SCBE offers the most comprehensive set of features and capabilities available including next generation firewall (NGFW) technology, intrusion prevention system (IPS), anti-malware protection, network access control (NAC), unified threat management (UTM) and VPN services. The SRX5K-SCBE is built on the Juniper Networks Junos operating system and supports four simultaneous data plane processers on each module offering traffic acceleration and QoS mangement for greater performance than ever before. It offers up to 2GB of RAM per linecard which can be used for improved application processing or additional data selectors. With up to four 10G LAN or eight 3G uplinks available, the SRX5K-SCBE ensures maximum scalability when used in carrier-grade networks or multi-layer networks with high throughput demands. The SRX5K-SCBE comes with six application interface cards (AICs) that can be used to enable network segmentation as well as service chaining amongst adjacent services. This also allows the modular platform to become a more powerful NGFW offering enhanced security features such as user access control, demographic filtering and packet filtering including deep packet inspection (DPI). Advanced flow analysis intelligently inspects input traffic streams and responds quickly and effectively to any anomalous behavior or malicious attacks. The SRX5K-SCBE also implements software defined networking components that reduce total cost of ownership and speeds up service deployment to offer the best value for money. Together the central processor and linecards form the building blocks for secure cloud and gateway deployments requiring large bandwidth capacity or resiliency. Enhanced hardware based encryption accelerates data and application performance while allowing for greater scalability than traditional IPSec hardware. In addition, hardware based compression delivers an additional server offload benefiting both WAN and cloud managed networks. With its powerful hardware combination, the SRX5K-SCBE is an ideal solution for organizations looking for an enterprise grade routing platform offering uncompromising network security without compromising performance. Together with its advanced security technologies, the SRX5K-SCBE enables real time detection of potential threats while keeping traffic flowing at maximum speeds allowing users to experience unrivalled performance across their entire network infrastructure.

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