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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Networks SSG Series
Product Type: Firewall
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Product Description

The SSG-550M-SH Juniper features 1 GB DRAM, 4x 1 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 network ports, and supports up to 256,000 concurrent sessions. It delivers firewall performance at 1 Gbps and AES256+SHA-1 VPN performance at 500 Mbps, with 1 AC power supply and 6 module slots for expansion. Additionally, it accommodates 1,000 concurrent VPN tunnels, supports 4,000 security policies, and is designed for 2-RU rack mount installation.

Key Feature for the SSG-550M-SH

  • What is the total number of network ports available on the device?
    There are 4 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 network ports.
  • How many concurrent sessions can the device handle?
    The device supports up to 256,000 concurrent sessions.
  • What power supply configuration does the device come with?
    It comes with 1 AC Power Supply.
  • What is the maximum number of security policies supported?
    The device supports up to 4,000 security policies.
  • Does the device include rack mount hardware?
    Yes, rack mount hardware is included and the device occupies 2-RU in a rack.
  • What is the firewall performance rating of the device?
    The firewall performance is rated at 1 Gbps (IMIX).
  • How many expansion slots does the device have, and how many are free?
    The device has a total of 6 expansion slots, all of which are free.
  • What VoIP protocols are supported by the device?
    The device supports H.323, MGCP, SCCP, and SIP protocols.
  • What encryption standards does the device support?
    The device supports DES, 3DES (168-bit), and AES encryption standards.
  • How much DRAM is installed in the device?
    The device is equipped with 1GB of DRAM.

Product Review

The Juniper SSG-550M-SH offers solid firewall performance at 1 Gbps and supports a high number of concurrent sessions, up to 256,000, making it suitable for medium to large-sized network environments. However, it comes with only 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and lacks pre-installed PIM cards, which may limit connectivity options and expansion out of the box for more complex setups. The device's ability to handle up to 1,000 VPN tunnels and its support for a wide range of VoIP protocols, alongside the inclusion of rack mount hardware, enhances its versatility in various network configurations.


The Juniper SSG-550M-SH is a high-performance security appliance designed for medium to large enterprise networks. This device integrates multiple security functions and networking capabilities in a single platform, offering efficient and reliable network protection and connectivity. With its hardware specifications, the SSG-550M-SH delivers robust performance for firewall, VPN, and security policy management. At its core, the SSG-550M-SH features 1 GB of DRAM, ensuring smooth operation even under heavy network loads. This memory capacity supports the device's ability to handle up to 256,000 concurrent sessions, making it suitable for environments with high traffic demands. The appliance is equipped with a 1 AC power supply and comes with rack mount hardware, allowing for easy installation in a standard 2-RU space. For connectivity, the SSG-550M-SH offers four 1 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 network ports, enabling high-speed network connections. Additionally, it includes one serial console management port for local system administration. The device's modular design includes six expansion slots, all of which are available for use, enhancing the system's flexibility and scalability. The security capabilities of the SSG-550M-SH are extensive. It supports advanced encryption standards, including DES, 3DES (168-bit), and AES, for secure data transmission. The appliance's VPN performance is notable, with AES256+SHA-1 throughput of 500 Mpps, and it can support up to 1,000 concurrent VPN tunnels and 300 VPN tunnel interfaces. This makes the SSG-550M-SH an ideal solution for organizations with extensive remote access and site-to-site VPN requirements. In terms of firewall performance, the SSG-550M-SH delivers 1 Gbps throughput under IMIX conditions, providing effective network protection against threats. It supports a wide range of firewall protection features, including network attack detection and distributed denial of service (DDoS) defense, ensuring comprehensive security coverage.
  • Support for VoIP protocols, including H.323, MGCP, SCCP, and SIP, ensures compatibility with a variety of voice communication systems.
  • Capacity for up to 4,000 security policies, enabling detailed access control and security enforcement.
  • Physical Interface Module (PIM) Slots: 6, offering flexibility for network expansion and configuration.
The Juniper SSG-550M-SH is designed for scalability, supporting an unlimited number of user connections and up to 1,500 authenticated users (internal database). It can manage up to 60 security zones and 20,000 static routes, providing extensive network segmentation and routing capabilities. With its weight of approximately 25 lb and internal hot-plug power supply, the SSG-550M-SH combines reliability and ease of maintenance in a compact form factor. Overall, the Juniper SSG-550M-SH is a versatile and powerful networking device, suitable for organizations looking to secure their networks while maintaining high performance and reliability. Its comprehensive feature set and expandability make it a worthy investment for securing enterprise networks.


Part NumberSSG-550M-SH
PIM Card Slots0
Power Supply TypeAC
Ethernet Ports4x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
Management Interface1x RS-232 Serial Port
Available Module Slots6
VPN Throughput (AES256+SHA-1)500 Mbps
Max Concurrent Sessions256,000
Firewall Throughput (IMIX)1 Gbps
Installed DRAM1GB
Session Capacity128,000
Max Security Policies4,000
Mounting2U Rack-mountable Hardware Included
Supported VoIP ProtocolsH.323, MGCP, SCCP, SIP
Expansion Capabilities6 Slots (All Available)
Operational Interfaces1x RJ-45 (Management), 4x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Internal Power SupplyYes, Hot-pluggable
Weight25 pounds
Network Protocols Supported10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet
Supported Ethernet TechnologyGigabit Ethernet
Encryption AlgorithmsDES, 3DES (168-bit), AES
Number of Ethernet Ports4
Firewall DefensesNetwork Attack Detection, DDoS Protection
Physical Interface Module (PIM) Availability6 Slots (4 versatile + 2 dedicated)

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