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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Networks XFP10GCBANDT50ZR
Product Type: XFP Transceiver Module
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Product Description

The XFP-10G-CBAND-T50-ZR is a Juniper compatible XFP module with a 1 x 10GBase-ZR interface, supporting a tunable TX wavelength of 50GHz step within the ITU-T DWDM Grid 50 GHz and 100 GHz C-Band. It offers a minimum optical budget of 22 dB and can achieve a maximum distance of 80km, with a supported data rate range of 8.5-11.32 Gbps. Designed for high-performance networking, this module features double LC connectors, receiver sensitivity of -23 dBm, and is hot pluggable SFP+ MSA compliant, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with existing network infrastructure.

Key Feature for the XFP10GCBANDT50ZR

  • What is the supported data rate range for the XFP?
    The supported data rate range is 8.5 to 11.32 Gbps.
  • How far can the 10GBase-ZR signal travel using this device?
    The maximum distance supported is 80km.
  • What type of connectors are used with this XFP module?
    It uses double LC connectors.
  • Is the optical budget sufficient for long-distance applications?
    Yes, with a minimum optical budget of 22 dB, it is suitable for long-distance applications.
  • What wavelengths can the XFP transmit and receive?
    TX Wavelength is tunable within a 50GHz step on the ITU 50Ghz Grid: C-Band (Ch17-61), and RX Wavelength covers ITU-T DWDM Grid 50 GHz C-Band, ITU-T DWWM Grid 100 GHz C-Band.
  • Can this XFP module be used in environments with varying temperatures?
    Yes, it operates within a temperature range of 0°C to 70°C and has a storage temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.
  • What are the power requirements for this module?
    It requires a +3.3V single power supply.
  • What is the receiver sensitivity of the XFP module?
    The receiver sensitivity is -23 dBm.
  • Is this module interoperable with other 10GBASE modules?
    Yes, it offers optical interoperability with 10GBASE XENPAK, X2, and XFP interfaces on the same link.
  • What is the dispersion tolerance of the module?
    The dispersion tolerance is 1600 ps/nm.

Product Review

The Juniper XFP-10G-CBAND-T50-ZR provides a flexible solution for long-distance 10G networking with its tunable 50GHz step TX wavelength and support for both ITU-T DWDM 50 GHz and 100 GHz C-Band, ensuring compatibility across diverse network infrastructures. Its notable optical budget of 22 dB and maximum distance support of up to 80km make it ideal for extended network deployments without compromising signal quality. However, the requirement for precise tuning and potential compatibility issues with non-standardized equipment could limit its application in more specialized or older network environments.


The Juniper XFP-10G-CBAND-T50-ZR is a high-performance, tunable transceiver module designed for 10Gbps network applications over fiber optic cables. This module is specifically engineered to support long-distance communication up to 80 kilometers, making it an ideal choice for service providers and enterprises requiring extended reach and high-speed data transmission capabilities. At the core of its specifications, the module features a single 10GBase-ZR interface with an SC/PC duplex connector, ensuring reliable and high-quality connectivity. It operates on a tunable 50GHz step TX wavelength within the ITU-T DWDM Grid C-Band, allowing for flexible deployment across various optical channels. The RX wavelength is compatible with both 50 GHz and 100 GHz ITU-T DWDM Grid C-Band frequencies, offering versatility in receiving signals. The optical performance of the Juniper XFP-10G-CBAND-T50-ZR is optimized for long-distance transmission, with a minimum optical budget of 22 dB and support for data rates ranging from 8.5 to 11.32 Gbps. This wide range of supported data rates ensures compatibility with various types of network traffic, enhancing the module's adaptability to different networking needs. Connectivity is facilitated through double LC connectors, known for their compactness and reliability in high-density applications. The module's transmitting power ranges from -1 dB to 3 dB, while it boasts a receiver sensitivity of -23 dBm. It can handle receiver overload up to -8 dBm, demonstrating its ability to perform in environments with high signal strength without compromising on data integrity. One of the key features of this transceiver is its dispersion tolerance of up to 1600 ps/nm, ensuring signal quality and reliability over extended distances by mitigating the effects of dispersion. It operates on a +3.3V single power supply, highlighting its efficiency and compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment. Additionally, the module is hot-pluggable, supporting easy installation and removal without disrupting the network.
  • Supports interoperability with 10GBASE XENPAK, X2, and XFP interfaces, allowing for seamless integration into existing networks.
  • Designed for use with fiber optic cables, specifically for 10GBase-ZR applications, ensuring high-speed data transmission over long distances.
  • Operates within a temperature range of 0°C to 70°C, with storage temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, offering reliability in a wide range of environmental conditions.
By combining advanced optical technology with flexible tunability and high-speed data transmission capabilities, the Juniper XFP-10G-CBAND-T50-ZR transceiver module is a powerful solution for networks requiring extended reach and high performance. Its technical specifications and design reflect a commitment to providing high-quality, reliable network connections, making it an essential component for modern, high-speed networking infrastructure.


Item NumberJuniper XFP-10G-CBAND-T50-ZR
Product CategoryXFP
Port CountSingle 10GBase-ZR Interface
Interface TypeSC/PC Duplex 10GBase-ZR Network Connection
Emission WavelengthAdjustable 50GHz Increments
Reception Wavelength50 GHz and 100 GHz ITU-T DWDM C-Band Grids
Optical Budget Minimum22 dB
ReachUp to 80 km
Data Rate Range8.5 Gbps to 11.32 Gbps
Connection InterfaceDual LC Connectors
Transmit Wavelength SpectrumC-Band (Ch17-61) on ITU 50GHz Grid
Receive Wavelength Spectrum1260 nm to 1620 nm
Lowest Transmission Power-1 dBm
Highest Transmission Power3 dBm
Sensitivity of Receiver-23 dBm
Maximum Receiver Input-8 dBm
Chromatic Dispersion Tolerance1600 ps/nm
Electrical Power Requirements+3.3V Direct Current
CompatibilityCompliant with Hot Pluggable SFP+ MSA, 10GBASE XENPAK, X2, XFP
Transmission MediumFiber Optic 10GBase-ZR
Operational Temperature Range0°C to 70°C
Minimum Storage Temperature-40°C
Maximum Storage Temperature85°C

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