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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper PTX Series
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The Juniper PTX1K-72Q-AC is a high-performance router designed for service providers and data centers. It provides scalable and reliable routing capabilities with 72x QSFP+ ports and supports the Junos OS. This router delivers a high level of flexibility and versatility, making it ideal for large and complex networking environments. With its advanced features and capabilities, the Juniper PTX1K-72Q-AC is a top-performing router in its class.

Key Feature for the PTX1K-72Q-AC

1. 72x QSFP+ ports
2. Junos OS
3. High-performance routing
4. Scalable and reliable
5. Ideal for large and complex networking environments
6. Advanced features and capabilities

Product Review

The Juniper PTX1K-72Q-AC is a high-performance router that stands out for its impressive hardware features. Its key highlight is the 72 port QSFP28 interface, which enables high-density 100GbE connectivity in a single rack unit (RU) form factor. Additionally, the router boasts 3.6 Tbps throughput, making it a powerful tool for service providers and large enterprises. These features make the Juniper PTX1K-72Q-AC a unique and valuable product in the market, particularly for those looking for a high-speed and high-density router. With its 72 port QSFP28 interface, users can enjoy fast and efficient data transfer across multiple channels, making it ideal for use in data centers, cloud computing, and high-performance computing environments. Its 3.6 Tbps throughput also ensures that users can handle large amounts of traffic without experiencing any lag or downtime. Overall, the Juniper PTX1K-72Q-AC's impressive hardware features make it a valuable investment for service providers and large enterprises. With its high-density interface and high throughput, it is a powerful tool for managing large amounts of traffic, and its compact form factor makes it a great choice for those looking to optimize space in their data center or computing environment.


The Juniper PTX1K-72Q-AC is a powerful networking device designed for high-performance data centers and service provider networks. This product boasts a number of impressive hardware specifications that make it a reliable and efficient choice for networking professionals. At the heart of the PTX1K-72Q-AC is its packet forwarding engine, which features Juniper's custom-designed ExpressPlus chipset. This chipset allows the device to achieve high levels of packet processing performance, with the ability to handle up to 1.5 terabits per second of traffic throughput. This is made possible by the use of 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE interfaces, which can be configured to suit a wide range of networking scenarios. The PTX1K-72Q-AC also features a high-capacity switch fabric, with support for up to 72 line cards and a total of 48 Tbps of fabric capacity. This ensures that the device can handle even the most demanding networking workloads with ease. Other notable hardware features of the PTX1K-72Q-AC include its redundant power supplies, which ensure that the device remains operational in the event of a power outage, and its hot-swappable fan trays, which allow for easy maintenance and repair. Overall, the Juniper PTX1K-72Q-AC is an impressive networking device that boasts a range of high-performance hardware specifications. It is a reliable and efficient choice for data centers and service provider networks that require high levels of performance and scalability.

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