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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco MS390 Series
Product Type: stacking cable
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Product Description

The MA-CBL-120G-1M is a 1m Cisco Meraki 120G stack cable designed for high-speed data transmissions up to 120 Gigabit. It serves as an essential component for connecting MS390 series devices, ensuring seamless compatibility. This cable facilitates efficient network stacking, optimizing performance and scalability in complex network setups.

FAQs for the MA-CBL-120G-1M

  • What is the data rate of the Cisco Meraki 120G stack cable?
    The cable supports a data rate of 120 Gigabit.
  • Can I use the cable with any Cisco Meraki switch model?
    This cable is compatible specifically with the MS390 model.
  • What is the length of the cable?
    The cable measures 1 meter in length.
  • Is the assembly type for the stack cable unique to certain applications?
    Yes, it is an assembly type designed for stacking purposes within Cisco Meraki 120G configurations.
  • How does this cable benefit my network setup?
    By facilitating 120 Gigabit data rates, it enhances network performance and efficiency, especially in high-demand environments.
  • What should I verify before purchasing this cable for my network?
    Ensure your setup includes or is planning to include the MS390 switch, as compatibility is limited to this model.
  • Is there any specific installation process for the Cisco Meraki 120G stack cable?
    While installation is straightforward, referring to the Cisco Meraki setup guide for the MS390 is recommended for optimal performance.
  • Are there different lengths available for this type of cable?
    This specific cable is available in a 1m length, designed to meet common stacking requirements without excessive slack.
  • What makes the 120 Gigabit data rate significant?
    A 120 Gigabit rate enables high-speed data transmission, reducing transfer times and supporting bandwidth-intensive applications.
  • Can the cable be used in any environment?
    While versatile, it's best to use the cable in conditions that align with Cisco's recommendations for the MS390 switch to ensure longevity and reliability.

Product Review

The Cisco MA-CBL-120G-1M provides a high data transfer rate of 120 Gigabit, ensuring efficient data flow between devices in a network stack. Its 1m cable length offers flexibility in connecting hardware within close proximity without excess cable clutter. However, its compatibility is limited to the MS390 series, which may restrict its use in diverse network environments.


The Cisco MA-CBL-120G-1M is a high-speed stacking cable designed to facilitate rapid data transfer and connectivity enhancements in networking hardware. This product is specifically tailored for use with the Cisco Meraki MS390 series switches, ensuring a seamless and optimized integration for users looking to enhance their network's efficiency and throughput capabilities. With a length of 1 meter, this cable offers flexibility in hardware placement while maintaining a high-quality connection that does not compromise on speed or reliability. Crafted as a Cisco Meraki 120G stack cable, the MA-CBL-120G-1M is engineered to support data rates of up to 120 Gigabit. This high data rate capability is crucial for networks that handle large volumes of data or require high-speed data transfer between devices. Whether for enterprise-level applications, data centers, or complex networking scenarios, this cable ensures that data flows efficiently and reliably across connected devices. Compatibility with the MS390 series switches is a key feature of the Cisco MA-CBL-120G-1M, providing users with a straightforward solution to enhance their network infrastructure. This compatibility ensures that users can leverage the full capabilities of their MS390 switches, utilizing the 120G data rate for maximum performance. The integration between the cable and compatible devices is designed to be seamless, ensuring that network administrators can upgrade their systems without concerns about compatibility issues or performance bottlenecks. Key specifications of the Cisco MA-CBL-120G-1M include: - Cable Length: 1 meter, offering a balance between flexibility in device placement and maintaining a strong, reliable connection. - Assembly Type: Cisco Meraki 120G stack cable, designed specifically for high-speed data transfer and stacking applications. - Data Rate: Supports up to 120 Gigabit, ensuring that networks can handle intensive data transfer needs without latency or loss. This product is engineered with precision to ensure that it meets the high standards expected of Cisco hardware, providing users with a reliable solution for their networking requirements. The focus on compatibility with the MS390 series switches allows for a targeted approach to network upgrades, ensuring that users can achieve the best possible performance from their existing hardware by simply integrating this high-speed stacking cable. In summary, the Cisco MA-CBL-120G-1M is a specialized networking cable designed to support high-speed data transfers of up to 120 Gigabit, making it an ideal choice for networks that demand high throughput. With a 1-meter length, it offers flexibility in device placement without sacrificing performance. Its compatibility with Cisco Meraki MS390 series switches ensures that users can easily integrate this cable into their existing network infrastructure, providing a straightforward path to enhanced network performance and efficiency.


Item Number Cisco MA-CBL-120G-1M
Length 1 meter
Type 120G Cisco Meraki stacking cable
Transmission Speed 120 Gbps
Supported Models MS390

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