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Product Line: Mellanox MIS5035Q-1SFC
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The MIS5035Q-1SFC Mellanox InfiniBand Switch offers a high-performance networking solution with a 2.88Tb/s switching capacity and 36 QSFP ports, supporting speeds of up to 40Gb/s per port. It features a fully non-blocking architecture, ensuring efficient data flow and is designed for easy maintenance with hot plug operation and dual redundant slots. The switch operates within a 100 - 240VAC input range, accommodates environments with temperatures ranging from 0ºC to 45ºC, and supports up to 6 virtual subnets, enhancing network segmentation and management.

Key Feature for the MIS5035Q-1SFC

  • What is the switching capacity of the QDR InfiniBand Switch?
    The switching capacity is 2.88Tb/s.
  • How does airflow direction work in the PPC405EXR?
    Airflow direction is from the PSU side to the connector side.
  • What type of ports does the QDR InfiniBand Switch have?
    It has 36 QSFP ports.
  • Is the power supply unit (PSU) included with the PPC405EXR upgradeable?
    Yes, the switch includes 1 power supply unit, and the system is upgradeable to FabricIT Enterprise Fabric Manager with the purchase of a FabricIT-EFM License.
  • What are the data rate capabilities per port on the QDR InfiniBand Switch?
    Data rates can reach up to 40Gb/s per port.
  • Describe the architecture of the PPC405EXR.
    The architecture is fully non-blocking, ensuring efficient data flow.
  • What types of connectivity options are available on the QDR InfiniBand Switch?
    It includes RS232 Console (RJ45) and Ethernet (RJ45) connectivity options.
  • Can the power supply in the PPC405EXR handle international voltage standards?
    Yes, the input range is 100 - 240VAC, accommodating various international standards.
  • What is the operating temperature range for the QDR InfiniBand Switch?
    The operating temperature range is from 0ºC to 45ºC.
  • How many virtual subnets can the PPC405EXR support?
    It supports up to 6 virtual subnets.

Product Review

The Mellanox MIS5035Q-1SFC QDR InfiniBand Switch offers a high switching capacity of 2.88Tb/s and supports speeds up to 40Gb/s per port, ensuring efficient data transfer across networks. However, it is limited by having only one power supply, which could be a potential single point of failure, though it does support hot plug operation for improved maintenance. Additionally, while the switch includes chassis management and is upgradeable to FabricIT Enterprise Fabric Manager, this requires an additional purchase, potentially increasing the total cost of ownership.


The Mellanox MIS5035Q-1SFC is a high-performance QDR InfiniBand switch designed to facilitate efficient data transfer and communication within networks. It features a 2.88Tb/s switching capacity, ensuring ample bandwidth for demanding applications and environments. This switch comes equipped with 36 QSFP ports, each capable of delivering up to 40Gb/s per port, providing a solid foundation for high-speed connectivity and data throughput. At the heart of the Mellanox MIS5035Q-1SFC is its fully non-blocking architecture, which ensures that data packets flow freely and efficiently across the network without bottlenecks, enhancing overall network performance. This architecture is supported by a PowerPC 405EXR processor, which oversees the switch's operations and facilitates smooth and reliable performance. The switch's hardware specifications are designed to support a wide range of networking requirements: - Power is supplied through a single power supply unit (PSU), with an input range of 100 - 240VAC and a frequency of 50-60Hz, suitable for various electrical environments. The unit is designed for hot plug operation, allowing for maintenance or upgrades without disrupting network operations. - It offers dual redundant slots for enhanced reliability and uptime, ensuring that the network remains operational even in the event of a hardware failure. - Connectivity options include RS232 Console (RJ45) and Ethernet (RJ45), providing flexibility in management and integration into existing network infrastructures. - The switch is designed for standard depth racks and includes a rail kit for easy installation. - Chassis management is included, with an option to upgrade to FabricIT Enterprise Fabric Manager by purchasing a FabricIT-EFM License, adding advanced management and monitoring capabilities. Environmental and physical specifications include: - An operating temperature range from 0ºC to 45ºC and a non-operating temperature range from -40ºC to 70ºC, ensuring reliable performance in a variety of environmental conditions. - It is designed to operate at altitudes of up to 3,200m, allowing for deployment in various geographic locations. - The operating humidity range is 10%-85% noncondensing, accommodating different levels of environmental humidity without affecting performance. Additional features that highlight the Mellanox MIS5035Q-1SFC's capabilities are: -
  • PPC405EXR PSU side to connector side airflow, ensuring efficient cooling and reliable operation over extended periods.
  • Support for up to 6 virtual subnets, allowing for flexible network segmentation and enhanced security.
  • QSFP connectors, facilitating high-speed connections and providing the bandwidth necessary for demanding applications and data-intensive tasks.
In summary, the Mellanox MIS5035Q-1SFC QDR InfiniBand switch is engineered to meet the needs of high-performance computing environments, offering exceptional speed, reliability, and flexibility. Its comprehensive feature set and robust hardware specifications make it a suitable choice for organizations looking to enhance their network infrastructure's efficiency and throughput.


Part NumberMellanox MIS5035Q-1SFC
TypeQDR InfiniBand Switch
Switching Capacity2.88Tb/s
Airflow DirectionPSU to connector
Chassis DepthStandard
Mounting AccessoriesRail Kit Included
Port Quantity36 QSFP
Power UnitsSingle Power Supply
Management FeaturesChassis Management Included
Software UpgradeFabricIT-EFM License Available for Enhanced Management
Bandwidth per Port40Gb/s
Network ArchitectureNon-blocking
Console PortRS232 (RJ45 Interface)
Network InterfaceEthernet (RJ45)
Port TypeQSFP
Expansion SlotsDual Redundant
ServiceabilityHot Swappable
Power Requirements100 - 240VAC Input
AC Frequency50-60Hz, Single Phase
Operational Temp Range0ºC to 45ºC
Storage Temp Range-40ºC to 70ºC
Subnet ConfigurationSupports up to 6 Virtual Subnets
Maximum Altitude3,200m
Humidity Range (Operating)10%-85%, Non-condensing

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