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Product Line: Mellanox MSX6512
Product Type: Networking switch
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Product Description

The MSX6512 Mellanox is a high-capacity, 24.2Tb/s, 216-port FDR/FDR10/QDR chassis switch designed for efficient networking with ultra low switching latency and a sub 1us port latency. It features a 9U modular chassis, 4 hot-swappable fans, and 4 power supplies in an N+N configuration, ensuring reliable operation and redundancy. Additionally, it supports QSFP+ connectors and is compliant with IBTA 1.21 and 1.3, featuring a 4x48K entry linear forwarding table for enhanced data handling.

Key Feature for the MSX6512

  • What is the aggregate switching capacity of the 24.2Tb/s, 216-port chassis switch?
    The aggregate switching capacity is 24.2Tb/s.
  • How many power supplies does the chassis switch include, and what is their configuration?
    It includes 4 power supplies in an N+N configuration.
  • What type of connectors does the switch use?
    The switch uses QSFP+ connectors, compliant with SFF-8436 and INF-8438i.
  • Is the chassis switch compliant with any IBTA standards?
    Yes, it is compliant with IBTA 1.21 and 1.3 standards.
  • What are the key features of the switch's cooling system?
    Key features include 4 fans, hot-swappable fan trays, and auto-heat sensing fans.
  • What is the port speed supported by the 216 FDR ports?
    The port speed supported is 56Gb/s.
  • What is the size of the chassis switch and how is it designed for installation?
    The chassis switch is a 9U modular chassis, designed for rack installation.
  • How is the switch's redundancy achieved?
    Redundancy is achieved through N+N power supply slots and hot-swappable units at 220VAC only.
  • What are the environmental operating conditions of the switch?
    Operating conditions include a temperature range of 10°C to 45°C and humidity of 10-90% non-condensing.
  • What is the latency performance of the switch?
    The switch features ultra-low switching latency, below 1 microsecond.

Product Review

The Mellanox MSX6512 offers an impressive 24.2Tb/s aggregate switching capacity and 216 FDR (56Gb/s) ports, making it suitable for high-performance computing environments. However, its 9U form factor and requirement for 220VAC for N+N slot redundancy may limit its deployment in smaller or less equipped data centers. Additionally, while the switch features ultra-low sub 1us port latency and hot-swappable components enhancing reliability and maintenance, the operating temperature range and humidity specifications require careful environmental control for optimal performance.


The Mellanox MSX6512 is a high-capacity, high-performance chassis switch designed to meet the demands of large-scale, high-bandwidth computing environments. This switch offers an impressive 24.2Tb/s aggregate switching capacity with 216 ports, supporting FDR (56Gb/s), FDR10, and QDR speeds. Engineered for efficiency and speed, it provides ultra-low switching latency, making it ideal for applications where every microsecond counts. At the core of the MSX6512's design is its 9U modular chassis, which accommodates 216 FDR ports. This significant port density makes it a scalable solution for growing network demands. The switch's architecture is built to ensure reliability and serviceability with features like hot-swappable units and N+N slots for power supply redundancy, operational only at 220VAC. The inclusion of four fans and four power supplies in an N+N configuration underscores its commitment to continuous, uninterrupted operation. The hardware specifications of the MSX6512 are notable for their compliance with IBTA 1.21 and 1.3 standards, ensuring interoperability and reliability in InfiniBand networks. The switch boasts a 4x48K entry linear forwarding table, enhancing its ability to manage large volumes of data efficiently. Connectivity is facilitated through QSFP+ connectors, adhering to SFF-8436 and INF-8438i compliance, which guarantees compatibility with a broad range of network cables and equipment. Key features include: - 216 FDR (56Gb/s) ports in a 9U switch for extensive connectivity. - 24.2Tb/s aggregate switching capacity, enabling high-speed data transfer across the network. - Ultra-low switching latency, crucial for performance-sensitive applications. The MSX6512's operational parameters are designed for flexibility and durability. The switch can function within a wide input range of 90-264VAC and is suited for environments with a single phase AC frequency of 47-63Hz. It operates optimally within a temperature range of 10 °C to 45°C and can withstand humidity levels of 10-90% non-condensing, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions. Enhancements for thermal management include hot-swappable fan trays equipped with auto-heat sensing fans. This intelligent cooling system adjusts fan speed based on the unit's internal temperature, contributing to the switch's overall energy efficiency and longevity. Designed with attention to environmental compliance, the MSX6512 meets RoHS-6 standards, reflecting Mellanox's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products. Additionally, the switch supports fiber media adapters, expanding its compatibility and flexibility in connecting different network media types. In summary, the Mellanox MSX6512 stands out as a powerful solution for complex, high-demand networking environments. Its combination of high port density, superb switching capacity, low latency, and robust redundancy features make it a compelling choice for data centers, enterprise networks, and high-performance computing applications seeking to maximize throughput and minimize performance bottlenecks.


Part NumberMSX6512
Total Switching Capacity24.2 Terabits/sec
Port Count216 FDR (56Gb/s) ports
Type of SwitchFDR/FDR10/QDR modular chassis
Chassis Size9U
Fan Units4 included
Power Supplies4 (N+N redundancy)
Aggregate Bandwidth24.2Tb/s
Switching LatencyExceptionally low
Redundancy ConfigurationN+N Power Supply
IBTA ComplianceVersions 1.21 & 1.3
Forwarding Table Size192K entries (4x48K)
Connector TypeQSFP+
Compliance Standards for ConnectorsSFF-8436, INF-8438i
Hot Swappable ComponentsYes, with N+N slots (220VAC only)
Voltage Input90-264VAC
Frequency47-63Hz, single phase
Minimum Operating Temperature10°C
Maximum Operating Temperature45°C
Humidity Range10-90% non-condensing
Fan TraysHot-swappable
Fan ControlTemperature responsive
Port-to-Port LatencyBelow 1 microsecond
Media Adapter TypeFiber

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