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Product Line: Mellanox Technologies MSB7790-ES2F
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Mellanox Technologies MSB7790-ES2F is a high-performance InfiniBand switch designed for high-speed networking applications. It features 36 QSFP ports for connecting devices, with advanced features for network management, scalability, and reliability.

Key Feature for the MSB7790-ES2F

1. 36 QSFP ports with up to 200 Gb/s per port
2. Switching capacity of up to 7.2 Tb/s
3. Low-latency design for high-performance computing and storage environments
4. Support for InfiniBand and Ethernet protocols
5. Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) for traffic prioritization
6. Redundant power supply for high availability

Product Review

Mellanox Technologies MSB7790-ES2F stands out due to its impressive hardware features, such as two 400 GB/s ports that support up to 200 Gb/s speeds and 40 Gb/s rates. This makes the product unique and capable of fast data transfer speeds that will benefit users who require large scale data transfers. Additionally, the product utilizes Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technology, allowing it to reduce latency significantly. This feature can be particularly advantageous for applications that require real-time processing. Finally, the MSB7790-ES2F's power-efficient design adds to its overall value and makes it an ideal choice for consumers in the market for high speed data transfer solutions.


Mellanox Technologies MSB7790-ES2F is an advanced, ultra-high-performance Ethernet switch designed for the most demanding network applications. It’s an ideal choice for large-scale data centers and hyperscale networks that require the speed, flexibility and scalability of an Ethernet switch. The MSB7790-ES2F is the latest addition to Mellanox's energy-efficient portfolio of Ethernet switches, offering a variety of features that make it one of the most robust switches on the market. The MSB7790-ES2F switch features up to 288 ports of 10/25/50/100/400 GbE ports in a single 1U form factor for high density, versatility and scalability. This switch enables efficient switching of large amounts of data at low latency and supports up to 10 million packet per second performance for packet forwarding. It also provides advanced features such as virtualization, Quality of Service (QoS), CoS and Multi-tenant capabilities for cloud deployments. Additionally, the MSB7790-ES2F has been designed to provide effective cooling, featuring CoolingLift Technology which minimizes air turbulence while simultaneously boosting cooling efficiency up to 96%. In terms of power consumption and energy efficiency, the MSB7790-ES2F switch utilizes an 80 Plus Gold certified power supply with up to 94.6% power efficiency rating. This means it requires less energy to deliver optimum performance, reducing power costs and allowing data centers to realize substantial savings on long-term electric bills. Finally, the Mellanox MSB7790-ES2F switch is designed with flexibility in mind, and can be scaled from 1U Form Factor up to 16U as per customer requirement. Its overall build quality and robustness makes it suitable for installation in all types of environments, including challenging, high temperature applications. Overall, the Mellanox MSB7790-ES2F switch offers excellent performance and reliability for large data center networks that require high capacity Ethernet switches. The combination of advanced features such as virtualization support, up to 288 ports in a single 1U form factor, 94.6% power efficiency rating and scalability makes it perfect for all sizes of network deployments requiring fast, reliable and energy efficient switching capability.

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