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Product Line: Mellanox SX1710 Ethernet Switch
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The SX1710 Mellanox Technologies switch offers high-density connectivity with 36 40/56GbE ports in a 1RU form factor, and the capability to expand up to 64 10GbE ports, optimizing space and reducing cable complexity in data centers. It delivers low latency performance, with 220nsec for 40GbE and 270nsec for 10GbE, ensuring efficient data transfer. The device is designed for resilience and efficient management, featuring a dual-core x86 CPU, 16GB SSD, 4GB DIMM, and supports both IPv4 and IPv6 management, while maintaining low power consumption with a typical 82.35W and a maximum of 300W with optical cables.

Key Feature for the SX1710

  • What is the maximum power consumption with passive cables for the device?
    The maximum power consumption with passive cables is 208W.
  • How does the device support management over network protocols?
    It supports management over IPv4/IPv6.
  • What are the latency specifications for 40GbE and 10GbE ports?
    The latency is 220nsec for 40GbE and 270nsec for 10GbE.
  • Can the device be managed using DHCP/Zeroconf?
    Yes, it supports DHCP/Zeroconf for management.
  • What are the dimensions of the device?
    The dimensions are 1.716” (H) x 16.85” (W) x 27” (D) or 43.6mm (H) x 428mm (W) x 685.8 mm (D).
  • What type of CPU does the control plane utilize?
    The control plane utilizes a dual-core x86 CPU.
  • What is the typical power consumption according to ATIS?
    Typical power consumption according to ATIS is 82.35W.
  • Does the device offer a serial console port?
    Yes, it includes a serial console port.
  • What is the device's weight?
    The device weighs 21.98 lbs (9.991 kgs).
  • How does the device accommodate different network speeds?
    It supports 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, and 56GbE speeds.

Product Review

The Mellanox Technologies SX1710 switch offers high-density connectivity with 36 ports for 40/56GbE in a single rack unit, supporting up to 64 10GbE ports, providing a scalable solution for growing data center needs. It boasts the lowest latency in its class, with 220 nanoseconds for 40GbE and 270 nanoseconds for 10GbE, enhancing network performance for critical applications. However, its power consumption can reach up to 300W with optical cables, presenting a potential increase in operational costs for high-traffic environments.


The Mellanox Technologies SX1710 switch is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern data centers, providing a high-density and efficient networking solution. This product is designed to support a wide array of networking requirements with its diverse range of ports and connectivity options. It features 36 ports that can operate at 40/56GbE in a compact 1RU form factor. For environments requiring a higher quantity of connections at lower speeds, the switch can be configured to support up to 64 10GbE ports. This flexibility allows organizations to tailor the network to their specific needs without compromising on space or power. - High-density configuration: 36 40/56GbE ports or up to 64 10GbE ports in a 1RU form factor. - Low latency: 220nsec for 40GbE and 270nsec for 10GbE. - Efficient power consumption: Typical power usage at 82.35W, with a maximum of 208W using passive cables and 300W with optical cables. In terms of performance, the SX1710 delivers with lowest latency figures, clocking in at 220nsec for 40GbE and 270nsec for 10GbE. Such speeds ensure minimal delay in data transmission, a critical requirement for applications where timing is paramount. Power efficiency is another key aspect of this switch. It has a typical power consumption of 82.35W according to ATIS standards. Depending on the type of cables used, its power requirement can go up to 208W for passive cables and 300W for optical cables. The switch operates within a power input range of 100 - 127 VAC or 200-240VAC, accommodating various power supplies and ensuring easy integration into different data center environments. The SX1710 also focuses on operational reliability and management flexibility. It features a dual-core x86 CPU, 16GB SSD for storage, and 4GB DIMM for memory, ensuring smooth control plane operation. Management options are comprehensive, with support for both IPv4 and IPv6, a 100/1000 management port, and a serial console port for direct access. The switch supports OpenFlow 1.0 for software-defined networking applications and includes features like DHCP/Zeroconf for easy network configuration. Dual software image support allows for straightforward updates and maintenance, minimizing downtime. Physical specifications include a height of 1.716 inches, a width of 16.85 inches, and a depth of 27 inches, with a weight of 21.98 lbs. This compact size allows for efficient use of rack space in dense data center environments. Connectivity options are extensive, with support for QSFP, SFP+ optics, QSA adapters, and QSFP breakout cables, enabling a wide range of network topologies and cable types. Additional features such as 802.1S Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol, port mirroring, and high-density configurations with up to 4x fewer cables than traditional setups, make the SX1710 an ideal choice for organized and efficient data centers. Its capacity to operate at various speeds, from 1GbE to 56GbE, alongside the support for both short and long-range optics, provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability. This switch is designed to address the needs of growing businesses, facilitating easy expansion and upgrades as network demands evolve.


Part Number Mellanox Technologies SX1710
Port Configuration 36 ports of 40/56GbE in single RU, expandable to 64 10GbE ports
Latency Performance 220 nanoseconds for 40GbE, 270 nanoseconds for 10GbE
Energy Efficiency Minimum power usage
High Availability Features Dual-core x86 CPU, 16GB solid-state drive, 4GB RAM
Management Interfaces 100/1000 Ethernet port, Serial console interface
Software Compatibility Supports OpenFlow 1.0, DHCP, Zeroconf, Management via both IPv4 and IPv6
Software Redundancy Support for dual software images
Power Consumption (Typical) 82.35 Watts as per ATIS standard
Power Consumption (Max with passive cables) 208 Watts
Power Consumption (Max with optical cables) 300 Watts
Electrical Input Specifications 100-127 VAC, 200-240VAC, 50-60Hz, single-phase AC, 3.5A/2.9A
Physical Dimensions 1.716 inches height x 16.85 inches width x 27 inches depth (43.6mm x 428mm x 685.8mm)
Unit Weight 21.98 pounds (9.991 kilograms)
Optical Compatibility Supports QSFP, SFP+ for both short and long-range connections
Adapter Support QSFP to SFP+ adapter (QSA)
Cable Options QSFP breakout cables for 40GbE to 4x10GbE, both DAC and Optical
Network Speeds Supported 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, 56GbE
Protocol Support 802.1S Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
Data Center Optimization Reduced cabling with high-density 40/56GbE ports
Network Monitoring Port mirroring for traffic analysis

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