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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper MX Series Series
Product Type: Router Module
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Product Description

The MIC-3D-16CHE1-TI-CE Juniper is a plug-in module featuring 16x E1/T1 ports with internal and loop clocking capabilities, designed for precise time-sensitive operations. It supports DS1 channelization with 24 DS0 channels per T1 port and E1 channelization with 32 DS0 channels per E1 port, ensuring versatile connectivity options. With a power requirement of 2.21 A @ 12 V (26.55 W) and environmentally hardened for temperatures ranging from –40° F to 149° F, this module offers reliable performance under extreme conditions.

FAQs for the MIC-3D-16CHE1-TI-CE

  • What is the power requirement for the device?
    The device requires 2.21 A at 12 V, totaling 26.55 W.
  • How many DS0 channels does each E1 port support?
    Each E1 port supports 32 DS0 channels.
  • What type of connectors does this device use?
    The device uses RJ-48 connectors.
  • How is the per-port framing configured for the E1/T1 ports?
    Per-MIC E1/T1 framing is not supported; framing is configured per port.
  • What are the environmental hardening specs for this device?
    The device is hardened for environments from –40° F to 149° F.
  • How is the device's form factor described?
    The device is a plug-in module.
  • What type of clocking does the device support?
    The device supports internal and loop clocking.
  • How many ports does the device have and how are they numbered?
    The device has 16x E1/T1 ports. Top row ports are numbered 8 to 15 from left to right, and bottom row ports are numbered 0 to 7 from left to right.
  • What is the weight of the device?
    The device weighs 1.57 lb (0.71 kg).
  • How do the DS1 channelization and E1 channelization per port compare?
    DS1 channelization per port includes 1 DS1 channel and 24 DS0 channels, while E1 channelization per port includes 1 E1 channel and 32 DS0 channels.

Product Review

The Juniper MIC-3D-16CHE1-TI-CE module offers flexibility with its sixteen E1/T1 ports, supporting both DS1 and E1 interfaces with selectable granularity on a per-port basis, facilitating diverse network requirements. However, the lack of per-port framing limits customization options for network engineers, potentially affecting the module's adaptability in complex environments. Additionally, its environmental hardening for a wide temperature range and efficient power consumption make it suitable for varying operational conditions, although the module's weight and form factor require consideration in space-constrained installations.


The Juniper MIC-3D-16CHE1-TI-CE is a modular interface card designed for versatility and performance. This plug-in module enhances connectivity within networks, offering sixteen E1 or T1 ports for comprehensive communication solutions. It supports both DS1 and E1 interfaces, which can be selected on a per-port basis, ensuring flexible deployment options. Each port is capable of DS1 channelization, providing 1 DS1 channel and 24 DS0 channels, or E1 channelization, with 1 E1 channel and 32 DS0 channels, facilitating efficient data transmission and reception. This device is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of networking environments, with its ports enabling significant bandwidth and connectivity enhancements. The ports are thoughtfully arranged for easy access and management, with the top row featuring ports 8 to 15 and the bottom row ports 0 to 7. For seamless integration into various networks, the connectivity technology is wired, ensuring reliable and stable connections. The interface type is Modular Interface Card (MIC), which underscores its adaptability and ease of installation in compatible systems. Key hardware specifications include internal and loop clocking options, providing flexibility in network synchronization and timing. The power requirement is 2.21 A at 12 V, translating to a consumption of 26.55 W, which indicates its efficiency in operation. Weighing at 1.57 lb (0.71 kg), the device is lightweight yet durable, designed to withstand environmental conditions ranging from –40° F to 149° F, making it suitable for deployment in various physical environments.
  • Per-MIC E1/T1 framing: This feature ensures that each port can be individually configured for E1 or T1 framing, allowing for precise control over the type of communication standard used.
  • Full bit error rate test (BERT): The inclusion of a full BERT capability ensures the integrity of data transmission, allowing for the detection and troubleshooting of transmission errors.
  • OK/FAIL LED indicators: The module is equipped with bicolor LED indicators for quick and easy monitoring of its operational status. A green light indicates normal functionality, while a red light signifies a failure, simplifying maintenance and diagnostics.
Cabling and connectivity are facilitated through an RJ-48 connector, ensuring compatibility with standard networking cables and simplifying the installation process. The device does not support per-port framing, focusing instead on providing a consistent and unified framing approach across all ports. This design choice streamlines configuration and enhances overall system reliability. The DS1 and E1 interfaces' selectability on a per-port granularity offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing network administrators to tailor the interface to meet specific network requirements. This, combined with the device's environmental hardening, ensures that the Juniper MIC-3D-16CHE1-TI-CE remains a reliable choice for networks that demand high performance, flexibility, and resilience in challenging environments.


Item Number Juniper MIC-3D-16CHE1-TI-CE
Manufacturer Juniper
Port Quantity 16 E1/T1
Framing Per Interface Card E1/T1 specific framing
DS1 Channelization 1 DS1 channel, with 24 DS0 channels per port
E1 Channelization 1 E1 channel, with 32 DS0 channels per port
Clock Types Supports both internal and looped clocking
Electricity Consumption 26.55 Watts (2.21 A at 12 V)
Mass 0.71 kg (1.57 lb)
Port Labeling Top: Ports 8-15, Bottom: Ports 0-7, Left to Right
Network Interfaces 16 E1/T1 connections
Operating Temperature Low –40° F (Environmentally hardened)
Operating Temperature High 149° F (Environmentally hardened)
Module Type Plug-in module
Connection Type Wired
Bus Interface Modular Interface Card (MIC)
Per-port Framing Support Not available
Connector Type RJ-48
Error Testing Complete bit error rate testing (BERT) capability
Port Configuration Flexibility DS1 and E1 interface selection available per individual port
Status Indicator LED One bicolor LED; Green for normal operations, Red for malfunction

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