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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Meraki 410 Series
Product Type: Ethernet Aggregation Switch
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Product Description

The MS410-32-HW Cisco switch features 32 1GbE SFP ports and 4 10GbE SFP+ ports, supporting speeds of 1000 Mbps and 1000/10000 Mbps respectively. It offers a switching capacity of 144 Gbps and a stacking bandwidth of 160 Gbps, with two 40G hardware stack ports for enhanced performance. Designed for rack mounting in a 1 RU space, this switch includes a dedicated management interface, supports 802.1x authentication, L3 switching, and automatic firmware upgrades, making it suitable for high-demand networking environments.

FAQs for the MS410-32-HW

  • What is the number of 1GbE SFP ports available?
    Answer: The device has 32 1GbE SFP ports.
  • How does the SFP+ port speed compare to the SFP port speed?
    Answer: SFP+ ports support speeds of 1000/10000 Mbps, while SFP ports support a speed of 1000 Mbps.
  • Are there any dedicated ports for hardware stacking?
    Answer: Yes, there are 2 hardware stack ports of the 40G type.
  • What is the switching capacity of the switch?
    Answer: The switching capacity is 144 Gbps.
  • Does the device support hot swapping for any components?
    Answer: Yes, the device supports hot swap for power supplies and fans.
  • What is the power consumption under idle and maximum load?
    Answer: Under idle load, the power consumption is 50 W, and under maximum load, it is 85 W.
  • Is the device equipped with a dedicated management interface?
    Answer: Yes, there is 1 dedicated management interface.
  • Can the switch perform Layer 3 switching?
    Answer: Yes, the switch is capable of Layer 3 switching.
  • What are the operating temperature limits for the device?
    Answer: The minimum operating temperature is 0 °C, and the maximum is 45 °C.
  • Does the switch support automatic firmware upgrades?
    Answer: Yes, the switch supports automatic firmware upgrades.

Product Review

The CISCO MS410-32-HW offers a well-balanced mix of 32 1GbE SFP ports and 4 10GbE SFP+ ports, catering to diverse networking demands with a total switching capacity of 144 Gbps and a stacking bandwidth of 160 Gbps, making it suitable for high-performance environments. However, its power consumption, with an idle power load of 50 W and a maximum of 85 W, may be a concern for energy-conscious deployments. Additional features like hot-swap support for power supplies and fans, along with automatic firmware upgrades, enhance its operational reliability and ease of maintenance, despite its relatively high power requirements.


The CISCO MS410-32-HW is a high-capacity, layer 3 switch designed for efficient network operation and management. It offers a versatile combination of hardware specifications tailored for scalability, performance, and reliability in enterprise environments. At the heart of its design are 32 1GbE SFP ports and 4 10GbE SFP+ ports, accommodating a wide range of uplink and downlink requirements. The SFP ports operate at 1000 Mbps, while the SFP+ ports offer flexibility with speeds of 1000/10000 Mbps, ensuring high-speed connectivity and efficient data transfer across the network. This switch also features two hardware stack ports with a 40G type, facilitating seamless integration and scalability within a stacked configuration. The dedicated management interface enhances operational efficiency, allowing for straightforward setup and monitoring. With a switching capacity of 144 Gbps and a stacking bandwidth of 160 Gbps, the CISCO MS410-32-HW ensures robust performance under various network loads.
  • Rack-mountable in a 1 RU form factor, it measures 1.74 inches in height, 17.33 inches in width, and 19 inches in depth, making it a compact solution for any server room or data center rack.
  • It weighs 12.6 lbs and operates within a power budget of 250 WAC, with an idle power load of 50 W and a maximum power load of 85 W, balancing performance with energy efficiency.
  • The switch is engineered to operate reliably in a wide range of environmental conditions, with an operating temperature range from 0 °C to 45 °C and humidity tolerance from 5% to 95%, non-condensing.
Additionally, the CISCO MS410-32-HW supports hot swap functionality for power supplies and fans, ensuring minimal downtime and maintenance ease. Enhanced security features such as 802.1x authentication safeguard network access and data integrity. The device also facilitates automatic firmware upgrades, ensuring the system remains up-to-date with the latest features and security patches without manual intervention. In summary, the CISCO MS410-32-HW is engineered to meet the demands of modern network infrastructures, offering a blend of speed, scalability, and reliability. Its comprehensive feature set makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their network performance and operational efficiency.


Model Number CISCO MS410-32-HW
Manufacturer CISCO
1GbE SFP Ports Count 32
10GbE SFP+ Ports Quantity 4
Speed of SFP Ports 1 Gbps
Speed of SFP+ Ports 1/10 Gbps
Stack Port Count 2
Type of Stack Ports 40G
Interface for Management 1
Switching Capacity 144 Gbps
Bandwidth for Stacking 160 Gbps
Installation Type Rack 1 RU
Unit Height 1.74 inches
Unit Width 17.33 inches
Unit Depth 19 inches
Unit Weight 12.6 pounds
Electrical Power Requirement 250 WAC
Operational Temperature Range Low 0 °C
Operational Temperature Range High 45 °C
Consumption at Idle 50 W
Peak Power Consumption 85 W
Humidity Level Low 5%
Humidity Level High 95%
Support for Hot Swapping Yes, for Power Supplies and Fans
Support for 802.1x Authentication Yes
Capability for Layer 3 Switching Yes
Firmware Updates Automatically Yes

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