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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper MX Series Series
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The MX240-AC Juniper is a networking hardware device featuring a 4 Slot Base Chassis equipped with 2 AC Power Supplies and 1 SCB, designed for high-density configurations with a 5 rack unit height allowing up to 9 systems per rack. It supports 2 MPCs with a per slot capacity of 480 Gbps, achieving a system throughput of 1.92 Tbps, and offers a variety of Ethernet port configurations including up to 80 Maximum 1GbE, 80 Maximum 10GbE, 24 Maximum 40GbE, and 8 Maximum 100GbE ports. This model accommodates both front or center mounting, operates within a temperature range of 32°-104°F (0°- 40°C), and has a typical power draw of 1860 W, making it suitable for a wide range of data center environments.

FAQs for the MX240-AC

  • What is the system throughput capability of the 4 Slot Base Chassis?
    The system throughput capability is 1.92 Terabits per second (Tbps).
  • How many Rack units does the chassis occupy?
    The chassis occupies 5 Rack units.
  • Can the 4 Slot Base Chassis support 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connections?
    Yes, it supports up to 8 100GbE connections.
  • What is the maximum operating altitude for the chassis?
    The maximum operating altitude is 10,000 feet (3048 meters).
  • How many power supplies does the chassis come with?
    It comes with 2 AC power supplies.
  • What are the dimensions of the chassis?
    The dimensions are 17.45 inches in width, 8.71 inches in height, and 24.5 inches in depth (44.3 x 22.1 x 62.2 cm).
  • Is it possible to mount the chassis in the center of a rack?
    Yes, it can be mounted at the front or center of a rack.
  • What is the typical power draw for the chassis?
    The typical power draw is 1860 Watts (W) for AC power input.
  • How does air flow through the chassis for cooling?
    Air flows from side to side for cooling.
  • What is the per slot capacity for MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPCs)?
    The per slot capacity for MPCs is 480 Gbps.

Product Review

The Juniper MX240-AC offers significant throughput capabilities, with a system capacity of 1.92 Tbps and support for up to 80 10GbE connections, catering to high-density networking environments. However, its large form factor, requiring five rack units and a weight of 130 lbs when fully loaded, might pose challenges for space-constrained data centers. Additionally, the power draw of 1860 W underlines the need for efficient cooling and power management strategies in deployments.


The Juniper MX240-AC is a networking device designed for high efficiency and scalability, aimed at supporting a broad array of networking applications. The hardware specifications of the MX240-AC delineate it as a powerful tool for enterprises and service providers seeking to bolster their network infrastructure. At the core of the MX240-AC is a 4 slot base chassis, inclusive of 2 AC power supplies, which ensures redundancy and reliability for continuous operation. Accompanied by 1 Switch Control Board (SCB), the chassis facilitates centralized control and enhanced data plane performance. With its compact design, the device occupies 5 rack units, allowing up to 9 systems to be mounted per standard network equipment rack, optimizing space in data centers. The MX240-AC's capacity for modular interface cards (MICs) is defined by 2 slots for Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs), with each slot capable of handling up to 480 Gbps. This modular design enables customizable network configurations and easy scalability to meet evolving network demands. The system’s total throughput capability reaches up to 1.92 Terabits per second (Tbps), highlighting its capacity to manage large volumes of data efficiently. In terms of connectivity, the MX240-AC offers a diverse range of interface options: - Maximum 1GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) ports: 80 - Maximum 10GbE ports: 80 - Maximum 40GbE ports: 24 - Maximum 100GbE ports: 8 Additionally, it supports 10GbE and 100GbE DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) interfaces, with capacities of 16 and 4 ports respectively, enabling high-capacity, long-distance optical connections. The physical dimensions of the MX240-AC are 17.45 inches in width, 8.71 inches in height, and 24.5 inches in depth (44.3 x 22.1 x 62.2 cm), with a fully loaded weight of 130 pounds (59 kg) and an unloaded weight of 52 pounds (23.6 kg). This makes it a manageable size for most rack configurations. For power specifications, it operates on 100 to 240 V AC, with a typical power draw of 1860 W, ensuring efficient power usage. Designed with side-to-side air flow, the MX240-AC maintains optimal operating temperatures from 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C), with an operating humidity range from 5% to 90%, and can function at altitudes up to 10,000 feet (3048 m). These specifications ensure reliable performance across a wide range of environmental conditions. Key Highlights:
  • System throughput of 1.92 Tbps, ensuring high-capacity performance for data-intensive applications.
  • Supports a wide range of Ethernet interfaces, including 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE, alongside 10GbE and 100GbE DWDM, facilitating versatile network configurations.
  • Energy-efficient design with a typical power draw of 1860 W, optimizing operational costs.
In summary, the Juniper MX240-AC presents a compelling solution for organizations looking to deploy a high-performance, scalable, and energy-efficient networking platform. Its modular design, combined with broad interface support and compact form factor, makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of network environments.


Item Number MX240-AC
Producer Juniper
Framework Configuration 4-slot chassis, includes two AC power modules
Switch Control Board (SCB) 1
Height in Rack Units 5U
Maximum Units per Rack 9
Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) Slots 2
Bandwidth per Slot 480 Gbps
Total System Throughput 1.92 Tbps
Max 1GbE Ports 80
Max 10GbE Ports 80
Max 40GbE Ports 24
Max 100GbE Ports 8
10GbE DWDM Interfaces 16
100GbE DWDM Interfaces 4
Aggregate Capacity 1.92 Tbps
Installation Options Front or central mounting
Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.45 x 8.71 x 24.5 inches (44.3 x 22.1 x 62.2 cm)
Gross Weight 130 lb (59 kg)
Net Weight 52 lb (23.6 kg)
AC Power Range 100 to 240 V AC
Standard Power Consumption 1860 W
Cooling Mechanism Horizontal airflow
Temperature Range for Operation 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Humidity Range for Operation 5% to 90% non-condensing
Maximum Operating Elevation 10,000 feet (3048 meters)

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