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Product Line: Palo Alto PA-3060
Product Type: Firewall
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Product Description

The Palo Alto PA-3060 is a high-performance network security firewall designed for medium to large enterprises. It provides advanced threat protection against cyber attacks and prevents unauthorized access to corporate networks.

Key Feature for the PA-3060

1. Firewall throughput: 40 Gbps 
2. Threat prevention throughput: 9 Gbps 
3. Concurrent sessions: 4 million 
4. Security zones: 300 
5. Virtual routers: 254 
6. Ethernet interfaces: 20 (1 GbE), 4 (10 GbE)

Product Review

The Palo Alto PA-3060 is a high-performance firewall designed for mid-sized enterprises. It boasts an impressive hardware configuration, including a dual-core CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a maximum firewall throughput of 20 Gbps. What sets the PA-3060 apart from other firewalls is its ability to handle large volumes of encrypted traffic without sacrificing performance.


The Palo Alto PA-3060 is a powerful, enterprise-grade security and networking appliance that can help businesses of all sizes protect their networks from all types of cyber threats. It contains extremely efficient hardware, packed into a small 1U form factor and comes with a wealth of features including advanced application inspection, IPSec/SSL encryption, and connection management. The hardware core of the Palo Alto PA-3060 consists of a quad-core CPU running at 3 GHz to 2.2 GHz with 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of managed storage. This performance allows it to provide up to 12 Gbps of firewall throughput, 10 Gbps of IPS throughput, and 6 Gbps of threat prevention throughput for optimal performance. The PA-3060 also offers up to sixteen 10 GbE ports and eight 1 GbE ports for wide network availability. In addition to its impressive specs, the Palo Alto PA-3060 also comes with an array of advanced security features. It supports network segmentation with up to 16 virtual systems providing multiple layers of security protection. The PA-3060 also features WildFire malware prevention technology to protect endpoints from advanced threats, and multi-threat security services for comprehensive protection from distributed attacks. For larger enterprises, Palo Alto's Panorama feature allows managers to centrally manage up to hundreds of PA devices and scales up to 48 million sessions per day. Furthermore, the PA-3060 offers integrated source code analysis, container sandboxing, and application programming language support such as Java, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails, making it an ideal solution for web applications requiring higher levels of security. Overall, the Palo Alto PA-3060 is an ideal solution for businesses needing top-level security paired with industry-leading performance. Its powerful hardware provides plenty of horsepower to handle the most rigorous security requirements while providing high network availability with its multiple 10 GbE ports and eight 1 GbE ports. With its wild fire malware prevention technology and other layer security options combined with its rich software feature set, this appliance will ensure your business stays secure from all types of cyber threats for years to come.

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