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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper MX Series Series
Product Type: Power Supply
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Product Description

The PWR-MX80-DC-S is a Power Module designed for compatibility with network hardware. It features a 500-Watts Power Supply interface and operates within a voltage range of -40 to -72 volts. This unit is engineered as a Plug-in Module for easy integration.

FAQs for the PWR-MX80-DC-S

  • What is the interface specification of the power module?
    The power module comes with a 500-Watts power supply interface.
  • Can the power module be used with any network hardware?
    Yes, the power module is compatible with a wide range of network hardware.
  • What form factor does the power module have?
    The power module is designed as a plug-in module.
  • What voltage does the power module provide?
    The power module provides a voltage range of -40 to -72 volts.
  • Is the power module easy to install?
    Yes, due to its plug-in module form factor, installation is straightforward.
  • What is the power capacity of the power module?
    The power module has a capacity of 500 Watts.
  • Can the power module operate in varied voltage conditions?
    Yes, it operates efficiently across a voltage range of -40 to -72 volts.
  • How does the power module enhance network hardware performance?
    By providing stable and sufficient power, it ensures optimal performance of network hardware.
  • Is there a specific type of network hardware that the power module is most compatible with?
    It is designed for universal compatibility with various types of network hardware.
  • What makes the power module a necessary addition to a network setup?
    Its ability to deliver a consistent power supply enhances the reliability and efficiency of network operations.

Product Review

The Juniper PWR-MX80-DC-S power module provides a reliable 500-watt power supply, suitable for various network hardware, ensuring efficient operation. Its compatibility with a voltage range of -40 to -72 volts offers flexibility in deployment across different power environments. However, as a plug-in module, its installation and integration with existing systems may require careful planning to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.


The Juniper PWR-MX80-DC-S power module is designed to meet the rigorous power requirements of network hardware. This plug-in module offers a seamless integration with compatible networking devices, ensuring a reliable power supply for uninterrupted network performance. With its 500-Watts power supply, the module is capable of supporting a wide range of network devices, making it an essential component for maintaining network infrastructure. Key to its design is the interface that accommodates a voltage range of -40 to -72 volts, providing flexibility and compatibility with various DC power environments. This feature ensures that the power module can be deployed in diverse settings, from data centers to remote network sites, without the need for additional power conditioning equipment. The wide voltage range also aids in protecting network hardware against potential power fluctuations that could impact performance. The PWR-MX80-DC-S is specifically tailored for network hardware, highlighting its role in optimizing the performance and reliability of network systems. Its compatibility with Juniper network devices underscores its importance in creating a cohesive and efficient networking environment. The module's design emphasizes ease of installation and maintenance, ensuring that network operations can be supported with minimal downtime.
  • 500-Watts power supply, ensuring ample power for network devices.
  • Voltage range of -40 to -72 volts, accommodating various DC power environments.
  • Designed for compatibility with Juniper network hardware, enhancing system reliability.
Furthermore, the form factor of the PWR-MX80-DC-S as a plug-in module simplifies the process of upgrading or replacing power supplies. Its design allows for quick integration into existing network setups, minimizing the impact on network operations during maintenance or upgrades. The module's efficient power conversion capabilities ensure that it provides the necessary power to network devices while maintaining energy efficiency, reducing operational costs over time. In conclusion, the Juniper PWR-MX80-DC-S power module is a critical component for ensuring the continuous operation of network hardware. Its design and specifications cater to the needs of modern networks, offering reliability, compatibility, and efficiency. Whether deployed in data centers or remote network sites, this power module provides the necessary support to keep network infrastructure operational, ensuring that businesses can rely on their network systems for communication and data transfer.


Item Number Juniper PWR-MX80-DC-S
Component Category DC Power Unit
Power Output 500W Power Unit
Installation Type Insertable Module
Operational Voltage Range -40 to -72 V
Designed For Networking Devices

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