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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Series
Product Type: Routing Engine
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Product Description

The RE-S-X6-64G-S Juniper features a 6 Core 2.0 GHz CPU and is equipped with 64 GB of DDR4 RAM alongside 2x50 GB SSD for storage, ensuring efficient data processing and storage capabilities. It operates within a temperature range of 32°F to 115°F and a humidity range of 5% to 90%, suitable for various environmental conditions. Additionally, the device can function at an altitude of up to 10,000 ft (3048 m), offering flexibility in deployment locations.

FAQs for the RE-S-X6-64G-S

  • What is the default memory configuration of the 6 Core 2.0 GHz CPU networking hardware?
    It comes with 2x16 MB NOR flash storage and 64 GB of DDR4 RAM.
  • How is storage handled in this device?
    The device is equipped with 2x50 GB SSD for storage.
  • What are the operating temperature limits for this hardware?
    The minimum operating temperature is 32°F, and the maximum is 115°F.
  • Can you detail the operating humidity range for the 6 Core 2.0 GHz CPU?
    Yes, it operates within a humidity range of 5% to 90%.
  • What kind of processor does this networking hardware use?
    It utilizes a 2.0 GHz CPU with 6 cores.
  • How much memory is available for use?
    The hardware includes 64 GB of spare DDR4 RAM.
  • Is there a specified operating altitude for the device?
    Yes, it can operate at altitudes up to 10,000 ft (3048 m).
  • What is the capacity of the SSDs in the 6 Core 2.0 GHz CPU?
    There are two SSDs, each with a capacity of 50 GB.
  • How many cores does the processor have?
    The processor features 6 cores.
  • What are the flash storage specifications for this hardware?
    It is equipped with 2x16 MB of NOR flash storage.

Product Review

The Juniper RE-S-X6-64G-S, with its 6-core 2.0 GHz CPU and 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, offers substantial processing power and memory capacity for demanding network environments. The inclusion of 2x50 GB SSDs for storage enhances data retrieval speeds and overall system performance. However, its operational temperature range of 32°F to 115°F and humidity tolerance of 5% to 90% may limit deployment in extreme conditions, and the default memory configuration, relying on 2x16 MB NOR flash storage, might be seen as insufficient for certain advanced applications.


The Juniper RE-S-X6-64G-S is designed to cater to the high demands of modern network environments, offering a blend of performance, reliability, and scalability. At its core, this networking hardware is powered by a six-core CPU clocked at 2.0 GHz, ensuring efficient processing of complex tasks and supporting the needs of extensive data operations. This processor is aptly supported by 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, facilitating swift data access and smooth multitasking capabilities, making it suitable for handling large-scale network applications and services. Storage on the Juniper RE-S-X6-64G-S is managed through a dual configuration, consisting of 2x16 MB NOR flash storage for critical system files and configurations, alongside 2x50 GB SSDs for additional storage needs. This setup not only provides ample space for software, logs, and data but also enhances the device's overall performance and reliability by separating system and operational data storage. Key hardware specifications include: -
  • 6 Core 2.0 GHz CPU for powerful processing capabilities.
  • 64 GB DDR4 RAM for efficient multitasking and data handling.
  • Dual storage configuration with 2x16 MB NOR flash and 2x50 GB SSDs for optimized data management.
The Juniper RE-S-X6-64G-S is built to operate within a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance under various operational scenarios. It can function within a temperature range from 32°F to 115°F, accommodating various installation environments from cool data centers to warmer office settings. Humidity tolerance is also broad, with the device operating efficiently at humidity levels from 5% to 90%, without condensation. Furthermore, it is designed to operate at altitudes up to 10,000 ft (3048 m), allowing for deployment in a variety of geographical locations without compromising performance. This combination of hardware specifications and environmental adaptability makes the Juniper RE-S-X6-64G-S a versatile choice for network administrators looking for a device that can handle a wide range of networking tasks. From complex routing and switching operations to supporting advanced network services and applications, this hardware is equipped to meet the requirements of modern networks. Its storage capabilities ensure that software updates, logs, and data are efficiently managed, while the generous memory allocation allows for the smooth execution of multiple applications simultaneously. In summary, the Juniper RE-S-X6-64G-S stands out as a capable and reliable networking hardware option. Its powerful CPU, ample memory, and flexible storage options, combined with its ability to operate under a wide range of environmental conditions, make it a strong contender for organizations looking to bolster their network infrastructure with a device that offers both performance and durability.


Part NumberJuniper RE-S-X6-64G-S
ManufacturerJuniper Networks
CPU6-Core Processor, 2.0 GHz Speed
Memory Configuration64 GB DDR4 RAM (Expandable), Including Default Setup
Core Count6
Minimum Temperature for Operation0°C (32°F)
Maximum Temperature for Operation46°C (115°F)
Lowest Humidity for Operation5%
Highest Humidity for Operation90%
Operational Altitude LimitUp to 3048 meters (10,000 feet)
Storage Overview2x16 MB NOR Flash and Dual 50 GB SSDs for Storage

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