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by Extreme
Product Line: Extreme VSP7400 Series
Product Type: switch
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Product Description

The VSP7400-48Y-8C-AC-F Extreme is equipped with 48 x SFP28 1Gb/10Gb/25Gb ports and 8 x QSFP28 40Gb/100Gb ports, enhancing connectivity and network flexibility. It supports dual power supply options with a 750W AC or DC internal power supply, ensuring reliable operation with 1 + 1 redundancy and efficient cooling through a six-module fan tray with 5 + 1 redundancy. Designed for optimal performance, it operates within a temperature range of 0°C to 45°C, accommodating up to 95% non-condensing relative humidity and altitudes up to 3000 meters, with power consumption ranging from 167W to 469W depending on operational conditions.

FAQs for the VSP7400-48Y-8C-AC-F

  • What are the port configurations available on this networking hardware?
    It includes 48 x SFP28 1Gb/10Gb/25Gb ports and 8 x QSFP28 40Gb/100Gb ports, along with 1 x Serial console port RJ-45 and 1 x 10/100/1000BASE-T out-of-band management port.
  • How does the device accommodate storage?
    The device features a Micro-USB Type A storage port for external storage solutions.
  • What are the physical dimensions and weight of the device?
    The device measures 44.0 cm in width, 53.2 cm in depth, and 4.3 cm in height. It weighs 7.42 kg without a power supply unit (PSU) and 9.07 kg with a single PSU.
  • What power supply options are available?
    Options include an internal 750W AC or DC power supply, with up to 2 PSUs for 1 + 1 redundancy. It also supports Front-Back and Back-Front airflow options.
  • Can you detail the fan tray specifications?
    The device is equipped with 6 fan modules, offering 5 + 1 redundancy to ensure continuous operation.
  • What are the device's operating conditions?
    It operates within 0°C to 45°C temperature range, 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing), and at altitudes up to 3000 meters.
  • What is the minimum heat dissipation and power consumption at idle?
    At idle with no ports linked, the minimum heat dissipation is 553 BTU/hr, and the power consumption is 167 Watts.
  • What are the maximum heat dissipation and power consumption under full load?
    With 100% fan usage, 30 ports linked, and full traffic, the maximum heat dissipation is 1600 BTU/hr and power consumption reaches 469 Watts.
  • What storage solutions are compatible with the Micro-USB Type A port?
    The port supports standard USB storage devices for firmware updates, configuration backups, and logging.
  • How does the device manage cooling?
    Cooling is managed through a combination of 6 fan modules with redundancy and selectable airflow options (Front-Back or Back-Front), adapting to different rack setups.

Product Review

The Extreme VSP7400-48Y-8C-AC-F offers a versatile range of connectivity options with its 48 SFP28 and 8 QSFP28 ports, catering to high-density networking needs and future-proofing for 10Gb, 25Gb, and up to 100Gb networking requirements. However, its power consumption and heat dissipation under full load, peaking at 469W and 1600 BTU/hr respectively, might be a concern for environments aiming for energy efficiency. Additionally, the switch provides flexibility in power supply and cooling options, supporting dual power supplies for redundancy and both front-back and back-front airflow, accommodating different rack setups.


The Extreme VSP7400-48Y-8C-AC-F is a highly capable networking switch designed for data centers and high-end enterprise applications, delivering exceptional performance and flexibility. With a focus on its hardware specifications, this product stands out for its connectivity options, power efficiency, and design optimized for reliable operation in a range of environments. Connectivity is at the core of the VSP7400-48Y-8C-AC-F, featuring 48 SFP28 ports that support 1Gb, 10Gb, and 25Gb speeds, providing a versatile foundation for high-speed network configurations. Additionally, it offers 8 QSFP28 ports capable of 40Gb and 100Gb, enabling ultra-high bandwidth connections ideal for demanding data center environments. The inclusion of a Serial console port RJ-45 and a 10/100/1000BASE-T out-of-band management port facilitates straightforward setup and management. A Micro-USB Type A storage port further enhances its configuration and firmware update capabilities.
  • 48 x SFP28 1Gb/10Gb/25Gb ports
  • 8 x QSFP28 40Gb/100Gb ports
  • 1 + 1 power supply redundancy
Measuring 44.0 cm in width, 53.2 cm in depth, and 4.3 cm in height, its compact design allows for efficient use of rack space without sacrificing performance. The switch's weight varies from 7.42 kg without a power supply unit (PSU) to 9.07 kg with a single PSU installed, reflecting its solid construction and built-in components. Power supply options are versatile, with internal 750W AC and DC power supplies available, and it supports up to two PSUs for 1 + 1 redundancy, ensuring continuous operation. The system's design accommodates both front-back and back-front airflow options, catering to different rack configurations and cooling strategies. Its six fan modules, including a redundancy option, maintain optimal operating temperatures under varying loads. Operating within a broad range of environmental conditions, the VSP7400-48Y-8C-AC-F is built to function between 0°C and 45°C, with a relative humidity range from 5% to 95% non-condensing, and at altitudes up to 3000 meters. This resilience ensures reliable performance across diverse deployment scenarios. Energy efficiency is addressed with its minimum and maximum power consumption and heat dissipation metrics. At idle with no ports linked, it consumes 167 watts and dissipates 553 BTU/hr. Under full load with 100% fans and 30 ports at 100% traffic, consumption reaches 469 watts with a heat dissipation of 1600 BTU/hr, demonstrating its ability to manage energy use effectively even at peak operation. The Extreme VSP7400-48Y-8C-AC-F is engineered for organizations that require high-performance, reliable networking hardware capable of supporting complex, high-speed network architectures. With its comprehensive connectivity options, power efficiency, and resilient design, it is well-suited to meet the demands of modern data centers and enterprise networks.


Part NumberExtreme VSP7400-48Y-8C-AC-F
Ports48 x 1Gb/10Gb/25Gb SFP28, 8 x 40Gb/100Gb QSFP28
Console Interface1 x RJ-45 Serial
Management Port1 x 10/100/1000BASE-T
Storage InterfaceMicro-USB Type A
Width44.0 cm (17.3 in)
Depth53.2 cm (20.9 in)
Height4.3 cm (1.7 in)
Weight (without PSU)7.42 kg (16.4 lb)
Weight (with PSU)9.07 kg (20.0 lb)
AC Power SupplyInternal 750W, up to 2 units
DC Power SupplyInternal 750W, up to 2 units
Airflow ConfigurationFront-Back and Back-Front
Redundancy1 + 1
Fan Modules6 (5 + 1 redundancy)
Operating Temperature Low0°C (32°F)
Operating Temperature High45°C (113°F)
Humidity Range5% to 95%, non-condensing
Altitude Limit0 to 3000 meters
Idle Heat Dissipation553 BTU/hr
Idle Power Consumption167 W
Max Heat Dissipation1600 BTU/hr (100% fans, 30 ports, full traffic)
Max Power Consumption469 W (100% fans, 30 ports, full traffic)

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