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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Chassis
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Product Description

The WS-C4510R-E Cisco chassis features 10 slots, including 8 line card slots and 2 supervisor engine slots designated for numbers 5 and 6, supporting Supervisor Engines 8-E, 7-E, and 6-E. It offers power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities with a maximum of 1500 W for slots 1 and 2 and 750 W for slots 3, 4, and 7-10, alongside bandwidth scalability up to 48 Gbps per line card slot. The unit, requiring 14 rack units (RU) for installation, incorporates 2 power supply bays (AC and DC supported), 2 fan-tray bays, and ensures cooling with a fan tray airflow from right to left and power supply fan airflow from front to back.

FAQs for the WS-C4510R-E

  • What are the dimensions of this networking hardware?
    The dimensions are Height: 61.84 cm, Width: 43.9 cm, and Depth: 31.70 cm, fitting in a 14 rack unit (RU) space.
  • How many line card slots does the device have?
    There are 8 line card slots available.
  • Can you detail the power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities?
    Slots 1 and 2 support up to 1500 W of PoE, while slots 3, 4, and 7-10 support up to 750 W each.
  • What supervisor engines are compatible with this device?
    The device supports the 8-E, 7-E, and 6-E supervisor engines.
  • What is the bandwidth scalability per line card slot?
    Each line card slot can scale up to 48 Gbps of bandwidth.
  • How many power supply bays are there?
    There are 2 power supply bays.
  • Is AC and DC power supply supported?
    Yes, both AC and DC power supplies are supported.
  • How does the fan tray and power supply fan airflow work?
    Fan tray airflow is designed from right to left, while power supply fan airflow is from front to back.
  • What are the specific slots for the supervisor engine?
    The supervisor engine slots are numbered 5 and 6.
  • How many fan-tray bays does the device include?
    There are 2 fan-tray bays.

Product Review

The Cisco WS-C4510R-E offers a high level of expandability with 10 slots, including 8 line card slots and 2 for supervisor engines, supporting a range of supervisor engines (8-E, 7-E, and 6-E), which is beneficial for scalable network deployments. However, its power distribution varies across slots, offering maximum PoE of 1500W for slots 1 and 2, but only 750W for slots 3, 4, and 7-10, which might limit power allocation flexibility for high-power devices. Additionally, its considerable size of 14 rack units and specific airflow direction (right to left for the fan tray and front to back for the power supply) requires careful consideration of rack space and cooling configurations in data center environments.


The Cisco WS-C4510R-E is a modular switch engineered for high scalability, performance, and power efficiency, designed to meet the rigorous demands of enterprise and data center environments. It features a 10-slot chassis, providing ample room for expansion and customization, catering to a wide range of networking needs. The chassis accommodates 8 line card slots and 2 dedicated slots for supervisor engines, specifically designed to house the Supervisor Engines 8-E, 7-E, and 6-E. These slots are strategically located in positions 5 and 6 within the chassis to optimize airflow and accessibility. One of the standout characteristics of the Cisco WS-C4510R-E is its power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, which varies across the slots to accommodate different power needs. Specifically, slots 1 and 2 can each deliver up to 1500 W of PoE power, while slots 3, 4, and 7 through 10 are capable of providing up to 750 W per slot. This flexibility allows for efficient distribution of power to devices requiring varying levels of energy, supporting a wide range of applications and services. In terms of performance, the Cisco WS-C4510R-E shines with its bandwidth scalability. Each line card slot is capable of supporting up to 48 Gbps, ensuring high-speed data transfer and efficient handling of network traffic. This feature is essential for maintaining optimal performance in environments with heavy data loads. The switch is also designed with redundancy and reliability in mind, offering 2 power supply bays that support both AC and DC power supplies. This dual support ensures uninterrupted operation and provides options for backup power, enhancing the system's overall resilience. Furthermore, the chassis includes 2 fan-tray bays, with the fan tray and power supply fan featuring different airflow directions—right to left for the fan tray and front to back for the power supply fan—to optimize cooling and ensure stable operation under various conditions.
  • Height: 61.84 cm, allowing for a 14 RU (rack unit) footprint in a standard rack setup.
  • Width: 43.9 cm and Depth: 31.70 cm, designed for compatibility with standard data center infrastructure.
  • Number of Power Supply Bays: 2, accommodating both AC and DC power supplies for operational flexibility.
The physical dimensions of the Cisco WS-C4510R-E contribute to its ease of integration into existing racks and cabinets, with a height of 61.84 cm, a width of 43.9 cm, and a depth of 31.70 cm. This design, requiring 14 rack units for mounting, ensures that the switch can be easily accommodated in a variety of data center environments without requiring significant space adjustments. In summary, the Cisco WS-C4510R-E stands out as a scalable, high-performance networking solution. Its extensive support for various supervisor engines, flexible PoE options across its slots, and scalable bandwidth capabilities make it a versatile choice for enterprises seeking to build or expand their network infrastructure. Coupled with its reliable power supply options and efficient cooling design, this switch is engineered to meet the demands of modern data centers and enterprise networks.


Model Number WS-C4510R-E
Manufacturer Cisco
Total Expansion Slots 10
Interface Card Slots 8
Slots for Supervisor Engine 2
Positions for Supervisor Engines Slots 5 & 6
Compatible Supervisor Engines 8-E, 7-E, 6-E
Max Power over Ethernet (PoE) for Slots 1 & 2 1500 W
Max Power over Ethernet (PoE) for Slots 3, 4, 7-10 750 W
Data Rate per Interface Card Slot Up to 48 Gbps
Power Supply Units Supported 2
Supports AC Power Supply Yes
Supports DC Power Supply Yes
Fan Tray Slots 2
Dimensions (H x W x D) 61.84 cm x 43.9 cm x 31.70 cm
Rack Unit Height 14 RU
Cooling for Fan Tray Right to Left
Cooling for Power Supply Front to Back

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