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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Wireless Service Module
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Product Description

The WS-SVC-WISM2-1-K9 CISCO supports up to 1000 Access Points and can handle up to 15,000 clients, suitable for high-density environments. It features a 1000 Mbps Ethernet internal service port and redundancy port, along with a RS232 Male/RJ-45 Connector, Mini-USB console port for management. Operating on Controller Software version or later, it offers a web-based management interface via HTTP/HTTPS, ensuring efficient network management and monitoring.

FAQs for the WS-SVC-WISM2-1-K9

  • What is the maximum number of access points supported by License 100 AP Support?
    The License 100 AP Support supports up to 1000 access points.
  • How many clients can be accommodated?
    The device can accommodate up to 15,000 clients.
  • What are the specifications of the service port?
    The service port features a 1000 Mbps Ethernet Internal connection.
  • Can you detail the redundancy and console port specifications?
    The redundancy port offers a 1000 Mbps Ethernet Internal connection, while the console port includes an RS232 Male/RJ-45 Connector and a Mini-USB.
  • What types of status indicators are available on this device?
    Status indicators include Power, System, Alarm, Console, and USB.
  • What are the physical dimensions and weight of the device?
    The device measures 1.6 in. in width, 15.3 in. in depth, 16.3 in. in height, and weighs 11 lbs.
  • What are the operating and storage temperature ranges?
    The operating temperature range is 0 °C to 40 °C, and the storage temperature range is -40 °C to 75 °C.
  • What is the device's humidity tolerance during operation and storage?
    During operation, the relative humidity tolerance ranges from 10% to 95% (Noncondensing), and up to 95% for storage.
  • What is the power input and heat dissipation of the device?
    The device requires 225 W of input power and dissipates 768 BTU/Hour of heat.
  • Is the device CE certified and what software version does it require?
    Yes, the device is CE certified and requires Controller Software version or later.

Product Review

The CISCO WS-SVC-WISM2-1-K9 supports up to 1000 access points and 15,000 clients, offering significant scalability for large network environments. However, it requires a considerable power input of 225W and generates 768 BTU/hour in heat dissipation, necessitating efficient cooling solutions in densely packed data centers. Its dual 1000 Mbps Ethernet ports for service and redundancy ensure high availability and performance, but the system operates within a limited temperature range of 0°C to 40°C, which may restrict deployment in environments with extreme temperatures.


The CISCO WS-SVC-WISM2-1-K9 is a high-capacity wireless network controller designed to support enterprise-level networks. This device provides centralized control, management, and troubleshooting for up to 1000 access points and 15,000 clients, making it suitable for large-scale deployments. It includes a license that supports 100 access points out of the box, offering scalability for growing network demands. Equipped with a service port and a redundancy port, both operating at 1000 Mbps Ethernet internal speed, this controller ensures reliable connectivity and network uptime. The integration of a console port, which features both RS232 male/RJ-45 connector and Mini-USB, facilitates flexible and convenient device management. The hardware specifications highlight the device's compactness and environmental resilience. With dimensions of 1.6 inches in width, 15.3 inches in depth, and 16.3 inches in height, and weighing 11 lbs, it is designed to fit in standard server racks efficiently. Operating temperature ranges from 0 °C to 40 °C, with storage temperatures spanning from -40 °C to 75 °C. This wide range ensures the device's reliability in various environmental conditions. Humidity levels for operation are set between 10% (non-condensing) to 95% (non-condensing), with storage humidity going up to 95%, ensuring the device's durability in different climates. Power consumption is specified at 225 W, with a heat dissipation rate of 768 BTU/hour under test conditions of 104°F (40°C) with full traffic. Such specifications indicate the device's efficiency in managing power and thermal output, essential for maintaining performance in densely packed data centers.
  • CE Certification confirms compliance with European safety, health, and environmental protection standards.
  • Controller software version or later ensures compatibility with the latest network protocols and security standards.
  • Management interfaces include web-based options (HTTP/HTTPS), offering versatile and user-friendly device configuration and monitoring.
Status indicators on the device include Power, System, Alarm, Console, and USB, providing immediate visual feedback on the device's operational status. These indicators are critical for quickly diagnosing issues and monitoring the system's health. In summary, the CISCO WS-SVC-WISM2-1-K9 is built for large-scale wireless network environments requiring high performance, scalability, and reliability. Its comprehensive feature set, combined with robust environmental specifications, makes it an ideal choice for organizations looking to manage extensive wireless networks efficiently.


Producer CISCO
License Capacity Support for 100 Access Points
Max Access Points Supported 1000
Client Capacity Up to 15,000 clients
Maintenance Interface Speed 1 Gbps Ethernet, Internal
Backup Interface Speed 1 Gbps Ethernet, Internal
Management Connection Types RS232 Male/RJ-45, Mini-USB
Indicator Lights Indicators for Power, System, Alarm, Console, USB
Unit Width 1.6 inches
Unit Depth 15.3 inches
Unit Height 16.3 inches
Unit Weight 11 pounds
Operating Temperature Range (Low) 0°C
Operating Temperature Range (High) 40°C
Storage Temperature Range (Low) -40°C
Storage Temperature Range (High) 75°C
Operational Humidity Range (Low) 10% (Non-condensing)
Operational Humidity Range (High) 95% (Non-condensing)
Humidity During Storage Up to 95%
Power Requirement 225 Watts
Heat Output 768 BTU/Hour
Testing Scenario Full Traffic at 104°F (40°C)
Compliance Certification CE
Firmware Version Version or newer
Configuration Interfaces HTTP/HTTPS Web-based

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