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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ONS 15300 Series
Product Type: Chassis
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Product Description

The 15310-MA-SA CISCO features a 6-slot configuration within a rack unit adaptable for both 19 in. and 23 in. setups, ensuring compatibility with varying rack standards. It supports a power range from -48 VDC nominal with an operating range of 0.5 to -56.7 and accommodates power consumption between 2.5 amps minimum and 6.75 amps maximum at nominal voltage. The device is equipped with 2 SFP optical ports, supports up to 168 DS-1 Tx/Rx, 24 DS-3 and EC-1 Tx/Rx, and offers a high-capacity cross-connect of 480 x 480 STS-1 and 2128 x 2128 VT1.5, alongside a 1 x XFP slot for expanded connectivity options.

FAQs for the 15310-MA-SA

  • What is the form factor of the networking hardware?
    The form factor is RU (19 in. or 23 in.).
  • How many slots does the device have?
    The device has 6 slots.
  • What is the power requirement for the device?
    The power requirement is -48 VDC nominal with an operating range of 0.5 to -56.7 VDC.
  • What are the minimum and maximum amperage requirements at nominal voltage?
    The minimum amperage requirement is 2.5 amps, and the maximum is 6.75 amps at nominal voltage.
  • How many DS-1, DS-3, and EC-1 connections can the device support?
    The device supports up to 168 DS-1, 6 DS-3, and 24 EC-1 Tx/Rx maximum.
  • What is the maximum synchronous transport signal level 1 (STS-1) and VT1.5 cross-connect capacity?
    The maximum STS-1 cross-connect capacity is 480 x 480, and the VT1.5 capacity is 2128 x 2128.
  • How many optical ports are available on the device?
    There are 2 SFP optical ports available.
  • What is the dimension and weight range of the device?
    The dimensions are 10.5 H (6 RU) in. height, 10.67 in. width, and 12 in. depth. The weight ranges from 21 to 34 lbs.
  • Does the device support linear 1+1 Automatic Protection Switching (APS)?
    Yes, the device supports linear 1+1 APS.
  • What types of slots are available for expansion?
    The device includes 1 x XFP slot for expansion.

Product Review

The CISCO 15310-MA-SA offers a compact form factor, fitting into both 19 in. and 23 in. racks, and supports a diverse range of power inputs, making it suitable for various deployment scenarios. However, its power consumption can reach up to 6.75 amps at nominal voltage, which may be a consideration for energy-conscious environments. With six slots, two SFP optical ports, and one XFP slot, it provides ample connectivity options for DS-1, DS-3, EC-1, and optical networking, but the device's maximum capacity might limit scalability in larger network infrastructures.


The CISCO 15310-MA-SA is a specialized piece of networking hardware designed to cater to the demanding needs of modern telecommunications. This device stands out for its compact and efficient design, tailored specifically for both 19 in. and 23 in. rack units (RU), ensuring versatility in deployment across various infrastructural setups. At the heart of its design, the CISCO 15310-MA-SA features six slots that accommodate a range of modules, enhancing its functionality and adaptability to different networking requirements. The power specifications of this device are meticulously engineered to operate within a range of -48 VDC nominal to -56.7 VDC, with an operational current range from 2.5 amps minimum to 6.75 amps maximum at nominal voltage, ensuring reliability and efficiency in power consumption. In terms of connectivity, the CISCO 15310-MA-SA offers extensive support for a variety of transmission standards, including: - A maximum of 6 Tx/Rx for DS-3 and EC-1 interfaces, ensuring robust data transmission capabilities. - Up to 168 Tx/Rx for DS-1 interfaces, providing ample capacity for high-density connectivity requirements. - Support for 24 Tx/Rx maximum for DS-3 and EC-1 interfaces, further enhancing its versatility. Moreover, the device boasts an impressive cross-connect capacity of 480 x 480 synchronous transport signal level 1 (STS-1) and 2128 x 2128 VT1.5, ensuring high-performance data routing and switching capabilities. This is complemented by two SFP optical ports and one XFP slot, offering flexible options for fiber optic connectivity and expanding its utility in various network architectures. The CISCO 15310-MA-SA also features linear 1+1 automatic protection switching (APS), providing a reliable failover mechanism that ensures continuous operation and minimal downtime in the event of a circuit failure. This is a critical feature for maintaining uninterrupted service in telecommunications networks. Physically, the device is designed with practicality in mind, with dimensions of 10.5 H (6 RU) in height, 10.67 in. width, and 12 in. depth. Depending on the configuration and modules installed, its weight can range from 21 to 34 lbs, making it relatively easy to handle and install. In summary, the CISCO 15310-MA-SA is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern telecommunications networks, offering: -
  • High-capacity connectivity with support for multiple transmission standards.
  • Flexible optical and electrical port options for varied network architectures.
  • Efficient power usage and reliable operation with built-in protection mechanisms.
This combination of features makes it a valuable asset for any organization looking to deploy a reliable, high-performance networking solution.


Part Number CISCO 15310-MA-SA
Slot Capacity 6
Enclosure Type Rack Unit (fits 19 in. or 23 in. racks)
Standard Power Supply -48 VDC nominal
Power Range -40.5 to -56.7 VDC
Power Consumption Minimum 2.5 amps, up to 6.75 amps at nominal voltage
DS-3/EC-1 Interfaces Up to 6 transmit/receive
DS-1 Interfaces Up to 168 transmit/receive
STS-1 Cross-Connect Capacity 480 x 480
VT1.5 Cross-Connect Capacity 2128 x 2128
Fiber Ports 2 Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP)
Height 10.5 inches (6 rack units)
Width 10.67 inches
Depth 12 inches
Weight Range 21 to 34 pounds
Protection Linear 1+1 Automatic Protection Switching (APS)
STS-1 Cross-Connect 480 x 480
VT Cross-Connect 2128 x 2128 VT
Expansion Slots 1 x 10 Gigabit Small Form-Factor Pluggable (XFP)

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