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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Fixed Optics Card
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Product Description

The 15454-192L-1-50.1 CISCO operates at a wavelength of 1550.12 nm and a frequency of 100 GHz, tailored for circuit-switched network types. It supports long-range communication utilizing fiber optic cable connectors for high-speed data transmission. This hardware is designed for efficient connectivity in extensive network infrastructures.

FAQs for the 15454-192L-1-50.1

  • What is the operating wavelength of the networking hardware?
    The operating wavelength is 1550.12 nm.
  • Can I use part number XYZ in a 100 GHz frequency network?
    Yes, part number XYZ is compatible with networks operating at 100 GHz frequency.
  • What type of network is this hardware designed for?
    This hardware is designed for circuit-switched networks.
  • Is the hardware suitable for long-range applications?
    Yes, it is designed for long-range applications.
  • What connectors are required for this networking hardware?
    Fiber optic cable connectors are required for connectivity.
  • What is the frequency of part number XYZ?
    Part number XYZ operates at a frequency of 100 GHz.
  • Is this hardware compatible with short-range network applications?
    While it is optimized for long-range applications, it can function in short-range scenarios with reduced efficiency.
  • Can part number XYZ be used with any type of fiber optic cable?
    It requires specific types of fiber optic cable connectors for optimal performance.
  • What network type does part number XYZ support?
    Part number XYZ supports circuit-switched networks.
  • Are there any specific environmental conditions required for the hardware's optimal operation?
    The hardware should be operated within its specified temperature and humidity ranges for best performance.

Product Review

The Cisco 15454-192L-1-50.1 supports a wavelength of 1550.12 nm and operates on a 100 GHz frequency, catering to long-range circuit-switched networks with high efficiency. It exclusively employs fiber optic cables for connectivity, ensuring high-speed data transmission and low signal degradation over distances. However, its reliance on circuit-switched network architecture may limit flexibility and scalability compared to packet-switched alternatives.


The CISCO 15454-192L-1-50.1 stands as a pivotal component in the realm of optical networking, offering a sophisticated solution for managing and transmitting data over long distances. This device is specifically engineered to cater to the demands of high-capacity networks, leveraging the power of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) to enhance the efficiency and reliability of data transmission. At the core of the CISCO 15454-192L-1-50.1's capabilities is its operation at a wavelength of 1550.12 nm, a choice that optimizes the transmission of data over fiber optic cables. This wavelength is within the low-loss window of optical fibers, ensuring minimal signal degradation over extended distances, which is crucial for maintaining high-quality communication links. The device operates at a frequency of 100 GHz, which allows for the dense packing of wavelengths within the fiber, maximizing the amount of data that can be transmitted. This high-frequency operation is key to achieving the high data throughput necessary for modern applications, from internet backbone connections to enterprise data center interconnects.
  • Network Type: Circuit Switched – This network configuration underscores the device's suitability for environments where dedicated paths for data transmission are preferred, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.
  • Range: Long – The CISCO 15454-192L-1-50.1 is designed for long-range applications, capable of maintaining signal integrity over vast distances. This makes it an ideal choice for service providers and large enterprises looking to extend their network coverage without compromising on data quality.
  • Connectors: Fiber Optic Cable – The use of fiber optic cables as connectors not only facilitates high-speed data transmission but also reduces susceptibility to electromagnetic interference, ensuring secure and stable connections.
The integration of these features allows the CISCO 15454-192L-1-50.1 to offer unparalleled performance in the transmission of data across long distances. Its use of a 1550.12 nm wavelength and operation at 100 GHz frequency contribute to its efficiency, making it a key asset in any high-capacity network infrastructure. Additionally, the choice of circuit-switched networking typology indicates a strategic focus on providing dedicated bandwidth and path for each connection, which is critical for applications requiring guaranteed service quality and minimal latency. The long-range capability of the CISCO 15454-192L-1-50.1 further ensures that service providers can expand their network reach without the need for frequent signal amplification, thus lowering the overall cost of network expansion. In conclusion, the CISCO 15454-192L-1-50.1 emerges as a sophisticated solution for long-distance optical networking. By combining a specific operational wavelength with high frequency and leveraging circuit-switched network architecture, it offers an effective means of data transmission over long distances with minimal loss of signal integrity. The use of fiber optic connectors further enhances this device's performance, making it a versatile and efficient choice for modern network infrastructure needs.


Item Code 15454-192L-1-50.1
Producer CISCO
Optical Wavelength 1550.12 nm
Channel Spacing 100 GHz
Infrastructure Type Circuit-Based
Distance Capability Extended
Connection Interface Optical Fiber

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