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by Aruba
Product Line: Aruba 7200 Series
Product Type: Controller
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Product Description

The Aruba 7210-US is a high-performance controller designed to support large-scale wireless networks. It offers advanced features such as multi-gigabit Ethernet, integrated security, and seamless integration with Aruba's ClearPass Policy Manager. The controller is designed to be highly scalable, making it easy to support large numbers of users and devices.

Key Feature for the 7210-US

1. Supports up to 32,000 wireless clients and 2,048 access points
2. Integrated firewall, VPN, and IPSec services
3. Multi-gigabit Ethernet support for high-speed connections
4. Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features for optimized traffic management
5. Support for Aruba's ClearPass Policy Manager for advanced security and access control
6. Redundant power supply units for high availability

Product Review

The Aruba 7210-US is a wireless LAN controller designed for large-scale enterprise deployments, capable of supporting up to 2048 access points and 64,000 simultaneous clients. It features a powerful processor, high-speed interfaces, and advanced security features, making it ideal for managing complex wireless networks. The controller also offers centralized management and monitoring capabilities, allowing network administrators to easily configure, troubleshoot, and optimize their wireless infrastructure.


The Aruba 7210-US is a high-performance controller designed for midsize to large-scale enterprise networks. It features a powerful 8-core processor, 16GB memory, and 64GB storage, allowing it to support up to 256 access points and 16,000 concurrent users. This controller also supports advanced security features such as firewall policies, role-based access control, and network segmentation to ensure network protection and compliance. The Aruba 7210-US controller offers flexible and scalable deployment options, including centralized, distributed, and cloud-managed deployment, making it ideal for organizations with varying network infrastructures. It also supports a wide range of wired and wireless protocols, including 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and 10/100/1000 Ethernet, providing a future-proof solution for businesses looking to upgrade their networks. In terms of management, the Aruba 7210-US controller offers a user-friendly interface, enabling network administrators to easily configure, monitor, and manage the network from a centralized location. The controller also provides detailed analytics and reporting, allowing for better network optimization and troubleshooting. Overall, the Aruba 7210-US controller is a reliable and robust solution that delivers high performance, advanced security, and flexible deployment options for midsize to large-scale enterprise networks.

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